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    Andrew Lum

    This is a thread I found cruising through the net on another forum:

    It's a spiritual forum, but every once in a while martial arts get brought up. This thread arose out of a discussion about Andrew Lum, a martial artist who lives in Hawaii. A frequent poster within the thread, SSTTInstitute, a Dr. Minoru Hata, has said some various things within the thread regarding the superiority of the martial art taught within their lineage.

    The Lineage is called Lum Dai Yun, but also refers to some practices from Maoshan, which now resides in some other lineage now called "Sung Ho Tao" (not very clear)?

    Anyway, here is some of what he said (taken from that thread):

    (from page 1)
    I don't have the MMA Hawaii August issue. I know what is in the article. At this time MMA Hawaii is not publicly putting this on their website as it would make 'mixed martial arts' as we know it, completely obsolete. Mixed martial arts is a $billion$ dollar business so much of what we take for granted on this Tao Bums forum would be considered bad business for those who have invested so much money towards MMA in Hawaii.

    The article in "MMA Hawaii" was published out of respect for Andrew Lum and Patrick Moon regarding their contribution and guidance to the martial arts community through the Lum Dai Yun lineage
    (from page 4)
    pick up an issue of MMA Hawaii. Patrick Moon is the ranking Si-Jo at this time having a higher rank than Andrew Lum or myself. There are no videos, nor explanations of what this art can truly do.

    Buy a ticket and visit Patrick Moon, when you get to Hawaii I'll give you instructions how to meet him in class. It's been made clear that any demonstrations at this time will be given through Patrick Moon in which Maoshan has a new family, Sung Ho Tao. Because Patrick Moon's classes are free and at this time he is the top ranking master(Si-Jo), ask him personally for a demonstration I do mean this respectfully

    Now that Patrick Moon's Sung Ho Tao of Maoshan has gone public -see for yourself and don't take my word for it. There are many who have taken Si-Jo Moons challenge and no one has lasted more than a few seconds. So I am not asking you to take my word nor anyone elses word. Because of the danger of this art, it has not been available to the mass public. Patrick Moon is skilled enough to stop 1-8 people at one time without injuring you and without breaking a sweat. It's worth the trip to Hawaii because there may be a time when this art may not be available to the mass public. Patrick Moon has called me personally that these demonstrations and detailed explanation from those outside the community be done by only by Si-Jo Moon. In this way there is no chance of misunderstandings and doubts similar to what has happened in the Kunlun Community. If you also want to meet Andrew Lum during your stay, Patrick Moon will make the arrangements.

    Join our forum below if you are serious and I will assist you regarding this matter of meeting with Patrick Moon for personal demonstration Maoshan(Sung Ho Tao) in his class. You are not the first who have doubts outside our community and I'm sure you won't be the last. PM me on your 'Username' on the SSTT forum after you have joined and be prepared to buy a ticket destination to Honolulu, Hi. This goes for anyone else interested. If there are a group of you(50 or more) who are sincerely interested, Patrick Moon will be able to get you discount rates through a travel agent who is also within our community. Discount rates on hotel and airfare if (50 or more) are interested and you coordinate to travel to come all together. I'm sure more than yourself has doubts where you live and Hawaii is a beautiful vacation spot all year round. You should be able to find at least 50 MMA interested friends to join you for a discount trip to Hawaii
    Here's a link to their website:

    And here's a link to the forum where Dr. Hata said you could contact him to arrange a meeting:

    Anyway, some pretty impressive claims were made, as well as an open invitation to come and try it out for yourself. I'm a college student right now pretty strapped for cash, so a plane ticket to Hawaii just to meet one guy isn't quite within my means, but I figured somebody here might want to take him up on the offer, or at least give any more info.

    Has anyone seen the MMA Hawaii article? Anyone heard of Andrew Lum or Patrick Moon? Dr. Hata says they are "well respected within the martial arts community", but I don't know if that means "other old school traditional martial artists who aren't into real fighting anymore," or if he means "guys who run MMA gyms." If MMA Hawaii really printed an article about him... well, I guess we'd need to see the article.

    Hate to look like I am bumping my own thread, but the aforementioned Sifu Hata has resumed posting in the thread I have previously linked to.

    This time he has posted a link to a website featuring an article in which Andrew Lum and Patrick Moon (a high ranking student of Andrew Lum) are receiving awards for what he says is a "golden sash ceremony", and being recognized as long term members of the martial arts community.

    The article is here:

    Unfortunately the article is in Korean. Though the original poster has been asked to translate the article, I have no idea when (or if) he is going to. Anyone here that can read Korean able to verify that the article is what he says it is?


      YouTube - Kung Fu Lightning speed and multiple strikes

      There are two main components of SSTT Internal martial
      arts energy system: Speed and Penetrating Chi(x3)
      Power. In this demonstration, Sifu Hata uses less than 2%
      energy in order not to injure the student.

      Some may ask, "Why is he just standing
      there?" This is because when someone
      attacks in real time, it much more difficult
      to control the amount of Chi released in
      these multiple strikes. So, in order to
      protect the student(s), the demonstrations
      are done in a controlled way, not to injure
      the student.



        Originally posted by joecos View Post
        That's a rather sad video.

        But it's rather odd, given his background (take from here:

        U.S. Armed ForcesLAPD: veteran -Police Advisory Board
        LAPD: veteran -Special Problems Area Response Team
        • (LAPD - Los Angeles Police Department)

        NDLE: veteran -provisional liaison to the Chief of Police,
        SWAT(Special Weapons and Tactics) -Gang Unit
        • (NDLE - Navajo Department of Law Enforcement)

        Department of JusticeKarate/Kung Fu: 40+ years experience
        Though some positions are reserve or an advisory role, it's hard to believe that a larper would stick around that long.

        He's even got a profile on linkedIn here:

        Governor Pete Wilson-Letter of Appreciation
        Mayor Richard J. Riordan-Certificate of Appreciation
        Senator Diane E. Watson-Certificate of Recognition
        Yvonne Grathwaite Burke Supervisor, Second District-County of Los Angeles Commendation

        Nate Holden, Council member Tenth District-Certificate of Congratulations

        Certificate of Appreciation-Captain John P. Mutz
        Captain Lyman I. Doster; Los Angeles Police
        Department [LAPD] Wilshire 7th Division
        All of this, of course, is for Dr. Minoru Hata.

        I can't find that much on Andrew Lum, except for a blog post here and there:

        But that link only references him as a karate teacher, not the holder of a metaphysical martial arts lineage that Sifu Hata claims to know.


          I think that this may be more YMAS than Bullshido. Maybe.


            Originally posted by Lysol View Post
            I think that this may be more YMAS than Bullshido. Maybe.
            I mean, as comedic as some of the videos look, this guy is definitely making claims about martial abilities- like being able to "cut through" MMA guys like scissors through paper. From his website:

            Imagine trying to fight someone who has the power to "Zap" you with 10,000 volts of electric 'spirit' power.
            And from the thread:

            I don't have the MMA Hawaii August issue. I know what is in the article. At this time MMA Hawaii is not publicly putting this on their website as it would make 'mixed martial arts' as we know it, completely obsolete.
            (the article talks about his style)

            He's also got a bit of a record, which for me at least puts him a step above some other chi nuts, and on top of that he's claiming a lineage through Andrew Lum, which he claims is a very well respected figure in the martial arts community...

            Even before the August 2007 issue of MMA Hawaii, top martial artists in Hawaii all know who is Andrew Lum and Patrick Moon.
            (from the thread conversation in the original post)

            though the only article he's provided seems to be in Korean.

            Though Andrew Lum is in Hawaii, Sifu Hata teaches his "MMA" (metaphysical martial art) through the SSTT institute in LA:

            Where?Stoner Recreation Center Parking Lot
            1835 Stoner Avenue
            Los Angeles, CA 90025
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