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Bullshido site?

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    Bullshido site?

    "WELCOME to the American Tang Soo Do Alliance (A.T.S.D.A.) Reno, Nevada. Dedicated to the continued learning and enhancement of American Tang Soo Do; as originally developed by Mr. Chuck Norris."

    First, do you think Chuck knows about this?

    Second, Did chUck really develop anything. Everything I have read by him and about him indicates he tuaght pretty much the TSD program he was taught in Korea.

    Maybe he teaches it a specific way. I got this out of the above's online guest book.

    " Hi!

    I am a Dan and a member of A.F.A.F. and U.F.A.F.
    I have studied the Chuck Norris system now for over 12 years. My chief instructor is Mr. Brian Smith, of Burnette Karate in Morrow Ga. I have trained under Mr. Richard Burnette, Mr Richard Tirshel, and several other chief instructors with the Chuck Norris System here in Ga. I am currently working toward my next degree and opening my own studio. I also hold rank in American Kenpo karate. 28 years total study in Martial Arts.
    I liked you site, keep up the good work! "


      I'll Buy into that VM.
      I have never seen it referred to has "the chuck norris system"