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****i'n California regulations. (Knives and airsoft/airguns)

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    ****i'n California regulations. (Knives and airsoft/airguns)

    This blows ass. I can't buy a cool knife from a catalog and have it shipped to me.

    Oh yeah... and I can't get a M16A2 Airsoft because of matters like it either.

    Or silencers for airguns

    Fuck fuck fuck. I'd discuss more but I have to go do something right now...


    Yes, California sucks in that regard. What's to discuss?


      make silencers from potatoes :)


        I can get them.


        I know something you don't know

        nya na na na na naaah


          You know spanish?


            Something is obviously being left out because I've purchased knives from California retailers several times. And pretty much any store out there sells knives as well. So there is definitely some background to the story. They might have been selling illegal knives (balisong, auto. knives, etc.).


              I bought and had a sword shipped to me this xmas. I plan to buy another in the same manner. I wouldnt strap it to my back and walk around the mall with it, but I take it to train in the park. I can understand why airsoft guns are hard to buy. Has anyone tried to find a realistic looking toy gun in a CA store lately? cant find em. Airsoft you cannot tell w/out staring down the muzzle. By the time a cop would have the chance to see it from that angle... you'd be dead already.

              blades though... I dont get the problem.


                Does anyone know if it's true whether nunchaku were banned in NYC because they were a popular weapon for a prominent gang? Smells like an urban legend to me but you never know.

                EDIT: And by 'know' I mean 'has a credible source for'


                  Airsoft guns are supposed to have an orange tip on them... but a guy pulls out a Beretta, are you noticing the orange paint on the tip?


                    the urban legend I heard regarding nunchuks was based in San Fran...

                    story was that a monk used a pair to badly beat up some robbers and after that they were banned. I think that story is bull but that's just my opinion. Who knows, perhaps it was some bald asian gangster and the story got mixed up...

                    The bigger reason I suspect is the use of them in movies. Same as the Balisong.



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