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Instructor Bobby Joe Blythe watches/films a student attacking a man in his school

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    I just sent an email to The Supervisor for the District of Dumfries saying "Hello,
    I am part of an online investigation of the man known as Kung Fu Guy, a man who was brutally beaten the dojo of Bobby Joe Blythe back in 1984. This man was under the assumption that he would be demonstrating the martial arts that his master "Jesus Christ" taught him so that he could share his knowledge. Mr.Blythe leads him to believe that they are really interested in this man who appears to be mentally ill and mocks him the entire time he is talking. He then has one of his students, Willie J Dennis come up and tells "Kung Fu Guy" to demonstrate on Willie. Kung Fu Guy tells everyone that there will be no physical contact and that is simply a demonstration. Willie then proceeds to kick him in the groin and continues to attack the man after he yielded several times. Eventually bashing his head 3 curb stomps to the head and neck. They then proceed to drag him out the back and throw him into a dumpster. The video of this that Bobby Joe Blythe posted on his youtube account bragging about it can be seen here: Instructor Bobby Joe Blythe watches/films a student attacking a man in his school - No BS MMA and Martial Arts. It shows the entire event unfold. Bobby and the police say that this man was was picked up out of the dumpster and arrested. Though no one seems to recall his name. We would like to view the mugshots of Dumfries from 1984 if at all possible. Because they say this man was a criminal who lived in a cabin in the woods and got arrested constantly on purpose so that he could have a roof over his head yet in the video his clothes are ironed and neat and he is clean shaven. We would all just like to put this to rest and make sure that this man lived through this like they claim he did. So, please contact me when you get this at my email address. And if you would like, please join the investigation over on the Bullshido forums. Thank you, very much."

    Hopefully these people I contacted can help us out. Thank you sambosteve for the research of these websites.


      Unfortunately with,%20VA/ PWC and Dumfries are not listed. It was definitely worth a shot looking though. Thank you again sambosteve.


        I will be on my computer for the rest of the night and tomorrow as well pretty much non-stop. I get email notification every time someone posts on this thread so, I will be checking in every time I get an email notification. I will also post if I get any contact from either the District Supervisor or VCOG. Please also feel free to email me anything you guys might find or have found that was not posted in the thread because it may help me when I look through the mugshots if they send me them.


          a couple links guys i gtg but i think someone was mockin us anyway someone see if anythin useful is there

          Bobby Joe Blythe lets a black belt beat a mentally challenged man - Page 3 - North Carolina News, Politics, Debate & much more...


            I did not save the video of news clips about the crash, wish I had

            I think the most serious accident was October 2003


            I think he may have been involved in another accident in 2006, although with less serious injuries

            If you search on google for crop duster crash blythe bobby the first result is a cache of the text from his original video, now long removed. It says "This was the BEST ONE. Looking at 9 possibly 10 surguries, but doing real well after this. When the stick hardware is wrong, it will...."

            So he was obviously seriously injured.


              Originally posted by Blink721 View Post
              Did you see the posts between me and sambosteve on page 157? I'm hoping to be able to identify this poor guy with the mugshots if they are still around.
              I also forgot to mention that I emailed Josh White the man that wrote the Washington Post article telling him who I contacted for the mugshots and asking if I get them and and can identify KFG if Josh will help us.


                Originally posted by Blink721 View Post
                I also forgot to mention that I emailed Josh White the man that wrote the Washington Post article telling him who I contacted for the mugshots and asking if I get them and and can identify KFG if Josh will help us.
                The Washington Post seems to have a very amicable relationship with Mr Kaplan

                There have been at least 3 articles written about him that effectively serve as advertisements for his company




                According to this article Kaplan has felony convictions for illegal wire tapping and also, well it's best you read the article

                If anyone here is considering emailing the Washington Post or posting a comment in response to one of their stories re BJB, I would suggest using a proxy and a hotmail / gmail address, just to be on the safe side.

                No harm in being overly cautious and better to be safe than sorry


                  Originally posted by Blink721 View Post
                  I'm extremely confused about that article you had me read. Am I in like any form of danger (not physically) or anything for emailing him?

                  All I know about him is the same as you

                  From the article I linked to and from one of the Washington Post articles it's clear that he is happy to use illegal and dangerous methods to achieve his aims.

                  from the last article "Kaplan said his company's "immoral, illegal, unethical, and dangerous" acts extended all across the country -- and abroad."

                  Personally I would not try to contact him directly


                    OK, That Kaplan stuff is interesting. But, guys, you are getting a bit paranoid with all the Kaplan stuff. We are not talking about watergate here. Ok, so he played some dirty tricks in his work as a PI. I would bet most PI's skirt the edge of the law. But, we are not looking at him, or his agency, or anything related to his activities (except to identify Blythe for who he was). It is a HUGE leap to think he is going to get involved with this because we are looking at a 25 year old crime at the hands of one of his former colleagues. He is not implicated in any of this. So unless we are really digging on some wild cover-up (which I doubt), he really should not care...and I suspect he prolly thinks we are all a bunch of silly wannabe's anyway.

                    Look, the reality is, that the main goal here at this point is to try and identify KFG (An unlikely task admittedly), but worth trying for...even if we end up with zip. In the end, this investigation will most likely simply expose Blythe and Dennis for what they did in the MOST Factual way possible...unlike all the speculative articles out there. Nothing more.

                    I doubt there was some big cover up 25 years ago. More likely, just a good old boys "brush under the rug" type situation, that because of the video has come to light. Yes, the main strem media can be a bunch of tools, but that does not rule out talking to them and getting their stories. It only makes our work more credible and offers us new perspectives, info, etc.

                    Hey, if we stumble upon some great bit of news about some incredible cover-up, great, but most likely, we will not. Stop being paranoid and letting your inner Tom Clancy get to you.

                    For all the pessimists out there who say "it is over, let it be, this will do no good". Fine, then STFU and stay off the thread is you think it is a waste of time. We have heard that before. I, for one, see no problem with doing a story on a horrible assault that went uder the radar for so long...regardless of whether it was ever investigated or charged prior.

                    If Blink or littleold me are too worried about this, then I respect their decision to stop helping. But, let's not go overboard people. we are not talking about state secrets here. Just a horrid attack and a desire to expose the facts about it because they never were addressed prior.




                        I meant to reply to you earlier as I think there are some inaccuracies in your article

                        sorry I've just been so busy and there's so much to do

                        I was also really anxious that I'd deleted to dojo lecture with the claims about the police on it, almost didn't dare look, but I've just found it *phew*

                        basically think this bit needs to be revised

                        There the languished for several months in relative obscurity until August of 2009, when an unknown individual uploaded the video to their account with a sensational headline claiming that the video showed the beating and potential murder of a mentally challenged man at the hands of a black belt karate instructor in 1984.
                        In fact it was TKDtravel who posted a link to bjb's original youtube video here that broke the story (IMMIC).

                        It was after the link was posted here that various people started to upload the video onto youtube and other sites like liveleak

                        there may be other bits that need revising to be accurate, I'll take a quick look now, sorry, mea culpa, should have mentioned it before but so much to do

                        I think that securing support from Allhiphop is a great move though so props for that

                        also this bit (emphasis mine)
                        Mr. Blythe then tells the man to get the unconscious man's sash, potentially to be displayed as a trophy or evidence of defeat, to which Mr. Dennis proclaims "Yeah, get my sash"
                        I'm not sure if we have a definitive transcription, I'll check

                        Some people have suggested that Blythe is saying "get that stashed" (referring to putting the victim in the dumpster). I am not sure but I think we need clarification. Also the bit in bold it speculation I think and I would remove it IIWY especially as different people seem to hear different things re what BJB is saying.

                        I think that one the whole you've done well, and have obviously put a lot of work in. i hope you don't mind me making suggestions for revision
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                            The point I was making is that the original video was Blythes, not someone on the internet.

                            The original thread title here (TDKtravel's) was changed at a later date to reflect a less speculative perspective, the original thread was something like "Billy Joe Blythe films a student attacking a mentally challenged man" and soon after that the other videos started to appear with titles reflecting the thread title here.

                            Blythe's video was still up and was not removed for several days.

                            To suggest that this all arose because someone posted a copy on youtube is inaccurate, when in fact Blythe's own copy was still around and attracting countless furious messages.

                            If you want to clarify this just check the thread as I can remember posting to warn people to save videos as Blythe had logged into his account and would surely remove them.

                            Hope that makes sense.
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                              the article clearly states that the origin of the video was blythe's video upload


                                Originally posted by Blink721 View Post
                                I requested mugshots from

                                This is what I said "Is there anyway you can get me the mugshots from Dumfries Virginia from 1984? I was tasked with the job of identifying the man known as Kung Fu Guy from the online viral video of the brutal beating of what appears to be a mentally ill man. This beating took place in Dumfries on December 13th 1984. The man was curb stomped repeatedly and then dragged out of a Mr.Bobby Joe Blythe's dojo and thrown into a dumpster where the police say they pulled the man out and arrested him for crimes he did the previous day. The police told the media they remember that but do not remember his name. It is very important that the man is identified because it could help police put an end to this 25 year old act of violence. If you can do so or at least help in this investigation you can come onto and join the investigation or email me or contact me with the mugshots. I, along with the entire martial arts community would be very grateful if you could do this. Thank you."
                                I hate to be picky, especially as you are going out of your way to do this but if I can just make a suggestion.

                                Firstly, well done with your letter, it's pretty well written. Just two things jump out at me.

                                Firstly, I wonder if we can drop describing KFG as "mentally ill", or and especially "mentally disabled" as some people have been calling him!
                                You say in your letter, "brutal beating of what appears to be a mentally ill man". There really is nothing in that video which suggests he is mentally ill. It certainly doesn't "appear" to be a mentally ill man. The only reason to suspect that is the whole "Jesus is my master" bit, which was not only goaded from him by Monsignor Scumbag, BJB but also just sounds very much like many ultra-religious folk, especially in the deep south of the USA, speak, as we have discussed here.

                                I just don't think that tag is helpful at all and believe it could actually do some harm to the case, as well as, of course, not really having any basis in factuality.

                                Secondly and this is less important (I think) but maybe it is also unhelpful to use vicious street phraseology, such as "curb stomp". Again, that didn't happen (at least literally), it may be a phrase that whoever receives the message hasn't heard before and it sounds, to me at least, a little vulgar and dismissive.

                                Anyway. As I said, I'm really sorry to target these two things in your letter, of course it is too late now, anyway but maybe it could be taken in mind for any future communication.

                                Well done once more, mate! It's good to see people like yourself care enough to sacrifice your time on behalf of KFG, via this investigation.


                                EDIT: Just one more thing, quickly.
                                If anyone is writing an letter or email to someone for help and they are not completely confident in their writing skills, there really is no harm in sticking a rough draft of your piece up here [b]FIRST[b/], so we can run through it with you and maybe make some corrections, or clarify particular sentences.
                                It is, afterall, for the benefit of the case and may make sure there are no confused data clerks out there, wondering how someone has been violently abused for the past 25 years;)

                                EDIT: One more thing! Don't forget what happened with the metal pole! Remember, KFG cracking his head on it, letting a doink sound easily heard over the groups tussling and mumbling. I personally think it is important to - if not stress - describe him hitting his head on the pole, how hard he hit, how loud it was etc and then stress that the beating continued after hitting his head on the pole.
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