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Instructor Bobby Joe Blythe watches/films a student attacking a man in his school

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    Originally posted by ColdFire$ View Post
    sooo you dont find it normal for someone to point a gun at someone in their own house and throw them out? what plain of exsistance do you live on? the one with no guns? or the one where you let people do as they will in your house?
    I don't find it normal to point a gun at someone unless they are threatening to commit potentially life threatening bodily injury upon me or another person, or doing something that seriously raises this possibility like breaking into my house at night. Remember, your dad woke the guy up to eject him from the house. He was sleeping your dad's step daughter with whom he had a child. He had formally lived at this premises, and had the permission of one person to be there, against your dad's wishes. He wasn't some burgler who had broken in. Was your dad feeling at risk of physical harm to the point where he had to potentially shoot the guy? I don't think so.


      Originally posted by ColdFire$ View Post
      Ok this is my last post for the Evening. For the Record and Please read carefully, I am not trying to defend blythe or my father's actions. Or anyone elses' for that matter. People should be responsible for their own actions. And yes It was my choice to put a post on this thread. What im trying to get across is that my personal information which has absolutely nothing to do with this thread is on this site. The picture of me and my wife were not on Either blythe's page or my father's page. I leave this for the evening and a challenge for all you internet blood hounds, Find the information about the so called mentally ill kung fu master and lets have him tell his side of the story. Then ask him why he told the police he didnt want to press charges. I will stop by tomorrow .
      Can we move Coldfire$ posts to the discussion thread? Whether he's really Dennis's son or a troll, he's not adding in any way to the getting facts together and the constant "i'm not talking about it" then "he didn't want to press charges" type comments show he's either trolling, completely bought his dads version, or is just making shit up. The only thing he can possibly add is information on his dads version or names of people who were there. The former is unreliable even if he's telling the truth and the latter he's unwilling to do.

      I'd like to debate him all day but the last five pages of this thread have added nothing to what we can confirm and I think it'll continue to the point where it's a distraction. Or worse it may start tempting people to try to dig more on Dennis's son who it may not even be.


        Originally posted by ColdFire$ View Post
        sooo you dont find it normal for someone to point a gun at someone in their own house and throw them out? what plain of exsistance do you live on? the one with no guns? or the one where you let people do as they will in your house?
        It is highly abnormal to pull a gun on your son in law. Most people go their whole lives without pointing a gun at anybody. Your father clearly wasn't within his rights to do so, judging by the felony assault conviction on his record.

        I'm not saying this to be mean, but I think you're in way over your head right now. You aren't defending your father effectively. His actions are indefensible and speak for themselves.

        People are pumping you for information and you are playing along and it is just feeding this beast. The best thing you can do for yourself right now is to turn off the computer and step away from the situation for a little while.

        I sincerely hope that your father is held accountable for his actions, but I think it's time to let the professionals handle that.


          coldfire...if you are even who you say you are...

          The only concrete things we have at this point are:

          1. tape showing Dennis committing assault and possibly attempted murder, with Blythe setting up the entire scenario.

          2. Public records showing Dennis convicted of an entirely unrelated instance of felony assault.

          3. Sudden and thorough scrubbing of Blythe and Dennis' public presence from the internet.

          Everything else, including reports of what may or may not have happened to the victim...the victims character and background (or name for that matter)...and what (if any) other circumstances may have been involved in the situation are purely speculation on both sides here.

          If you are in fact related to Mr Dennis, then you undoubtedly have personal interest in seeing him vindicated or avoiding culpability for his actions. You will understand if anything you say is met with skepticism and doubt, especially considering the fact that no one seems to even know the name of the victim, much less where he ended up after the incident. Unfortunately some of the only hard evidence available is beyond condemning for Mr Dennis...there is no explaining away his actions in that video, or his processed felony assault charge. No amount of disinfo or shill posts will make hard, visible evidence go away.


            Other things aside, I think it is reasonable to remove the image of ColdFire and his wife from this thread, as it really has no bearing on the investigation, though you should note, ColdFire, the posting of this information was in response to a myspace message she sent to one of our forum members and we were trying to establish whether or not there was any basis to her claim that "they" (we assumed Blythe and your father) had already been arrested in response to the assault.

            The picture is irrelevant though, so anyone see any reason to not remove it and just leave the claim and the relationship to participants/witnesses up?


              Is it too much to ask to keep things civil with Coldfire? He is NOT responsible for his father's actions.

              I just want to know more about the Kung Fu guy. He may not have wanted to press charges because of prior convictions or previous arrests. Hell, he may have been a drug dealer and had some drugs on him. A previous poster said that the area was known for drug dealing, so why was he wandering around that area?

              Just a suggestion to Coldfire - if you could help us identify the victim, things would go a lot easier. The truth will eventually come out. It's possible that your father may recover some face if we find a dark past for the victim.
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                Originally posted by Thirdape View Post
                If he's telling the truth it pretty easy to see why he didn't press charges. Beyond being beaten half to death and not being of sound mind he most likely woke up in a hospital and had officers there telling him he was being charged with all the things Blythe accuses him of in the Youtube video description. Do you think it's coincidence that Blythe and Coldfire state he was committing all these crimes, the police showed up but didn't arrest him before the incident and then later after the assault he's all of a sudden charged.

                The police can easily obtain his identity once the investigation starts. Either from an arrest, police, or hospital report. Coldfire is turning the thread into a debate on the actions of his father and taking it away from finding out actual information. 40 plus pages of information the he pipes in and then it's a dozen pages of debate. Law enforcement all over have been contacted and are starting to look into this. It's best to get them as much verifiable information as we can instead of debating a troll. Because whether or not he's who he says he is, he's just trolling now.
                That's very possible. But we have learned at least one thing from Coldfire - the Kung Fu guy was left out overnight in the dumpster. That would make the police report the following day.

                Coldfire, is there any way you can give us more specifics about the incident? Especially concerning the Kung Fu guy.


                  @ 4tk8de: I can't see the comments on the LiveLeak site. Is it members-only?

                  Just saw this website mentioned in
                  It shows various pictures of Blythe in Vietnam and one taken in 2007.
                  (On the subject of the photos, just keep in mind that Blythe and Dennis are the subjects of interest. Their associates are not.)

                  By the way, the video has reached CNN's iReport:
                  Hopefully, CNN will take notice and do some investigative journalism of their own.
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                    Originally posted by katana73
                    I've heard that the Jesus guy lived and went to a psychiatric facility and then I heard that he died. Well if he did die then there is no statute of limitations on murder.

                    If you heard this from a reliable source and not just from somewhere on the internet please contact admin with more details regarding your source and exactly what you heard

                    Regarding coldfire's claims that the cops arrested the victim the next day, I an mystified by this for a number of reasons.

                    It makes no sense to me that the police would not arrest the victim on the day that the alleged crimes took place.

                    Dumfries is not some huge city where people can just disappear is it? Correct me if I'm wrong as I've never been to the place but it looks to me like a relatively small community where everyone knows everyone else's business.

                    Jesus man looks out of place, he is dressed in a way that wouldn't have fitted in with local people. He's a tall man of somewhat striking appearance in a small town.

                    Why, on the day that he allegedly ate pizza from people's plates and was caught stealing from womens' purses, did he find himself in a dojo instead of in jail?

                    He looked in terrible shape after the beating and was not dressed for being outside in the winter, I think it stretches credulity to ask us to believe that he survived overnight in a dumpster in December in that condition.

                    The cops turn up the next day? Where were they on he day of the alleged offenses?

                    Also, another thing I've bee wondering about - what time to auto parts stores close in the US? Maybe it's differrent to here in the UK and retail opening hours have extended here, but in the 80s a store would be closed by 5 or 6pm.

                    Unless things were drastically different in the US there would have been at least an hour, maybe two, inbetween Jesus man entering the auto parts store and the assault taking place.

                    None of this makes any sense.

                    I don't think coldfire is a troll. I don't believe he is lying either. I think he has simply accepted his father's highy biased account of what happened as fact, just like he has with the domestic assault.

                    His family and extended family should not be the subject of hate campaigns though an if I could stop that I would.


                      What Coldfire doesn't get...

                      1) This is not a discussion of your father's character, this is a discussion of what happened in the video. So far, nothing has been brought up that would ease the brutality or give a reasonable explanation for the assault.

                      2) The video itself is discussed here because your father's martial arts teacher posted it on youtube, along with sufficient information to track him and your father down.

                      3) Your family being harassed is wrong. Your father is the souvereign for his own actions. And for them, as you see them recorded on the video put up on youtube almost 25 years later, he deserves public scorn and legal punishment.



                        Thanks very much for coming on the thread. Please accept my apologies for some of the comments coming from people linking in from other boards. I think if you look at each person's post count you will see that the actual (pre-existing) membership is attempting to have a discussion related to establishing the FACTS, and folks swarming onto the site from elsewhere are looking for some kind of JUSTICE. Bullshido is not in the business of dispensing justice. Bullshido is in the business of developing information and placing it in the hands of whatever supervising authority exists. Sometimes that authority might be the US Judo association, other times it might be law enforcement.

                        Coldfire, I am the person who connected your Dad's name to this case. If that has brought suffering to yourself, your wife or your children, I am sorry. I contacted your dad via myspace and invited him to participate in this discussion. If you read back through the thread I think you will find that from the beginning I have been strongly advocating leaving people's personal contact info out of the discussion. I'm sure the MODs can confirm that I have reported numerous posts for giving out your dad's contact info. If your dad had a storefront with a business #, I would have called him a week ago, but I will not call someone in their home.

                        All that said, and ignoring the swarm of n00bs going on about punishment, please do everyone involved a service and tell your story; Tell us everything you remember that you wish to share. THAT is what this thread is here to discover. If you are inclined to help with that, I thank you.
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                          I would just like to address one point of ColdFire's. Since the victim might have had previous run ins with the police (in the country south no less) AND Blythe has personal connections to the Sheriff, it would seem highly unlikely that anyone would want to pursue the matter never mind a possibly indigent victim with no recourse outside local law enforcement. I am sure if this had happened to day, even if the victim had a record, this case would have went ahead. But in 1984? Highly unlikely.

                          When I was 21, I was assaulted through no provocation. I called 911 told the police what happened and they actually told me it wouldn't be worth it to go find the guy even though we had his license plate and he was drunk. Just because no charges were pressed doesn't mean what happened wasn't illegal.

                          Also many states have changed laws sinec 1984. In many states, mone being one of them, the offices MUST press charges in domestic violence crimes if there is evidence of injury because cases such as this (the dojo incident). Sometime people are just too scared to press charges. If they get dropped or the guy is acquitted, you could find yourself in real trouble. This is especially so in light of the other Bobby Joe Blythe videos we have seen.

                          I can't imagine that when the cops asked the victim if he wanted to press charges, they asked in such a way as to elicit a 'yes'.
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                            I am still working on the transcriptions for the beating and black belt belt videos. I do anticipate to have them mostly completed this weekend baring any interruptions IRL.

                            W.W. or Sam,
                            What format do I need to have these in Word, Adope, etc. ?


                              Also, I just want to make this clear

                              From what I have discovered so far (so this is provisional) Mr Robert Zingg had nothing to do with this


                                Originally posted by thecomedian
                                Does anyone find it odd that the jesus guy didn't go back to the school the next day for revenge of some sort?
                                If someone jumped on your head a few times what would you do the next day? Would you be arming yourself to the teeth to wage war or would it iinvolve a dark room and a bed?

                                Also with respect to him pressing charges it's plausible that he considers the events to be nothing unusual, that what he was involved in was some kind of dojo storming reaction match and that he lost. That may seem ridiculous to us in 2009, but this was 1984 when there was stilla lot of silly MA myths and crap, and lets face it, he believes Jesus gave him a 10th dan.



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