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Instructor Bobby Joe Blythe watches/films a student attacking a man in his school

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    He is clearly lying in the video about the Date AND time. He says this is in Washington D.C. on December 13th at 7pm. Dec. 13th is one of the shorter days of the year (just a week away from winter solstice) You can see on the floor of the Dojo sunlight coming in from a window, not the flourescent lights making it. Also as he is video taping outside, it is clearly still daylight out, so he is clearly lying about that. If he got sationed there in 91 a date after that time would make more sense especially with his email comment. He probably came up with a date that would make it appear this happened long before it did so he could show the video and even if someone reported seeing the video not in his circle of friend his lawyer could argue it is past the statute of limitations. The 2 or 3 other people from his Dojo you see on the camera I am sure would back up his story.


      I didn't see anything posted on Get It Right's IP.It's apparently an ISP out of Florida.
      OrgName: Embarq Corporation
      OrgID: EMBAR
      Address: 500 N New York Ave
      City: Winter Park
      StateProv: FL
      PostalCode: 32789
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      NetHandle: NET-67-232-0-0-1
      Parent: NET-67-0-0-0-0
      NetType: Direct Allocation
      RegDate: 2008-01-14
      Updated: 2008-03-12
      OrgAbuseHandle: ABUSE2184-ARIN
      OrgAbuseName: Abuse Desk OrgAbusePhone: +1-407-741-0500
      OrgAbuseEmail: [email protected]
      TechHandle: ESC36-ARIN
      OrgTechName: Embarq Services - CDS
      OrgTechPhone: +1-407-741-0500
      OrgTechEmail: [email protected]
      # ARIN WHOIS database, last updated 2009-08-18 20:00#
      Enter ? for additional hints on searching ARIN's WHOIS database.
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        Starting Nmap 4.76 ( ) at 2009-08-18 21:56 PDT
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          One other note Embarq does have offices in Ft. Lauderdale where Willie J. resides.


            I will try to ask Yamashita Sensei, he knows almost everyone in okinawan circles.


              According to the video uploader:
              Last I heard, he was in Salem, VA in the Mental Lockup there. Go figure!!!
              He also posted:
              He was confused
              Seems to indicate that the beaten guy had some kind of psychological problem. Whether he could be classed as loco, is a technical matter.

              The video makes me quite sad. One, due to the obvious over-use of force after the guy was down. Two, due to the status of the Karate sensei and the black belt as martial artists and furthermore, their military service. Three, that those involved (at least video uploader) has the cheek to boast about it.
              For what it's worth, there doesn't seem to be a facility (state anyway) in Salem. This is from The Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services:

              EDIT: there is a VA hospital:
              That would imply that the victim is ex-military, right?
              EDIT AGAIN: just found some Drug and Alcohol centers in Salem:
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                Originally posted by 2Many View Post
                I had a look at CNN, but they're only interested in breaking news, not old news. This video clip is 25 years old, so it's hardly going to make them sit up and take notice.

                However, if anyone is game, here's the contact page:
                i just sent them a link to this thread. hopefully they will see that people are outraged by this and if enough people hassle them about it, they might look into it

                i also made a thread on Ross Training Forums



                  Blythe and Connie Jett (the sheriff's wife)
                  I think she looks just like Blythe and may be his daughter.

                  also, just for the record, the photo is taken outside Blythe's (something I can't read) studio. Presumably his then dojo.

                  another still of the exterior here



                    says he had a wife in 2008 here.

                    "Willie J. Dennis, **** S.W. *th Terrace, representing the appellant, stated that he and his wife installed a fence on their property even though there was an existing fence in his neighbor’s yard. He said that when the fence was inspected, they were told that the finished side of the fence must be on the outside and that it must be moved in 6 inches. He explained that they would lose 3-feet of their property if the fence is moved, so the fence was built in such a way that if the neighbor removed their fence, they could run 2 x 4 pieces and pickets across the back side to come into compliance."
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                      Is / was this Connie Jett's husband?


                      he was elected to his post in 2000, but could he have been a Sheriff in Blythe's manor before then?

                      i know nothing about US law enforcement, so perhaps a US poster could advise?
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                        Originally posted by Rancid Pantaloons View Post
                        I found this on the ufc forum

                        "if you want to see the guy who did this currently he runs a dojo. he trained the first person in a wheelchair os some bs......


                        Suggesting William J. Dennis is still running a dojo?!?
                        It reads to me that it is the guy in the wheelchair that is teaching, not Dennis.


                          Originally posted by littleoldme View Post
                          and this is the very weird one where he appears to shoot someone

                          shooting video video by littleoldme_2009 - Photobucket

                          I'm thinking / hoping that this is some kind of set up / staged thing. if it is it seems very inappropriate and bizarre stunt to pull in front of a load of young children.

                          If it's not staged it a lot worse. Obviously.

                          Oh man. I was at that event. It was at the public library on Opitz Blvd in Woodbridge VA.

                          Yeah, it was obviously staged. I saw Blythe talking to the guy in the parking lot later.

                          It's surreal seeing something from your childhood pop up online all of a sudden.


                            Another cull:
                            MABS Video Discussion: - No BS MMA and Martial Arts

                            I Love the 80's: Attempted Murder Edition - No BS MMA and Martial Arts

                            Also, if you go to thread tools, you can subscribe to the thread and get updates.

                            The YMAS thread has pretty much the same information but, it includes all of the conjecture.


                            Apparently some people don't understand my use of the word "cull."

                            The two threads above conatin all of the missing posts.
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                              Originally posted by littleoldme View Post
                              Is / was this Connie Jett's husband?


                              he was elected to his post in 2000, but could he have been a Sheriff in Blythe's manor before then?

                              i know nothing about US law enforcement, so perhaps a US poster could advise?
                              He looks like the guy in the blue shirt that pushed the man back in. And finally stopped Willie J Dennis from going any further. If that's the case he could very well have been an off duty officer.


                                Originally posted by catfishaggie View Post
                                It reads to me that it is the guy in the wheelchair that is teaching, not Dennis.
                                And, actually, I don't think Ken is teaching.



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