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[Oxford UK] So how full of it are these guys?

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    I thought Delaney was Malcom McDowell with a Mullet for a moment.


      Originally posted by StraightUpMA View Post
      This might clear a few things up:

      (It's not by me, it's by the ex number two.)
      It took this guy 30 years to figure out he was being duped.Not a very bright fellow!


        Originally posted by Asriel View Post
        Nothing says LARP'ing more than shots of people holding stances in scenic locations

        The guy had a life changing experience while heli touring over Maui. I always show my butt to heli tours (in Grand Canyon, Maui, Kauai etc), perhaps my ample rear brought peace to his being?
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        "Preparing mentally, the most important thing is, if you aren't doing it for the love of it, then don't do it." - Benny Urquidez


          Originally posted by StraightUpMA View Post
          This might clear a few things up:

          (It's not by me, it's by the ex number two.)


            Ok with some three threads on this individual I'm getting de ja vu of the Ralph Severe facard.

            I'm going to get a moderator to merge all three threads in to one in this forum them invite Delaney to comment.


              Email Sent:

              mailto:[email protected]

              Dear Sirs,

              I note with some interest a number of discussions relating to Mr. Delane and his martial arts on a consumer advocacy website - www.

              Having read these discussions there appears to be some discord amongst many established martial artists who have similarly read the threads. (Myself included)

              I would be most pleased if you would consider joining the discussion and offering your opinion and clarifying the points which appear to be causing concern.

              There are three discussions specific to Mr. Delaney and his martial arts however I draw you specifically to this : as I’ve requested a moderator for the site to eventually merge all three threads in to one for clarity.

              With thanks

              Dave Humm
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                In advance of any answer or contribution from Mr. Delane or his instructors, here are the salient points under concern.


                What style(s) of Katate is Mr. Delane (or his instructors) graded in and what was the last grade he physically tested for (and through whom) ?

       Aikido Te

                Which style(s) of aikido has Mr. Delane (or his instructors) studied and to what grade, what was the last grade he physically tested for (and through whom) ?

       Ken Kai Ryu

                Which style(s) of Iaido or Kenjutsu has Mr. Delane (or his instructors) studied and to what grade, what was the last grade he physically tested for (and through whom) ?


                What professional qualifications and experience has Mr. Delane (or his instructors) have to enable him to deliver this type of training ? Is this training delivered to members of the public, Security companies or other agencies ?


                Would Mr. Delane or any of his senior representatives care to comment on the content of the 'statement' issued by his organisations former "number 2" ?

                Dave Humm
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                  Further points requiring clarification

                  "Master Chusan"

                  Why does Mr. Delane go by this pseudonym ?

                  The Bushido Academy of Martial Arts is a totally independent governing body that was founded in 1979 by experienced British Martial Artist Pete Delane. At that time he was a regional instructor with the Za Zen Karate Association holding a 3rd Dan in Zen Shin Ryu Karate and a 5th Dan in Oriental weapons. These grades were held in addition to several “Dan” grades that he had been previously been awarded by other MA political bodies (MAC, BKA, AKA).
                  Pete Delane has also achieved the highest possible grade (in the B.A.M.A.) of 7th Dan.
                  How has Mr. Delane achieved the rank of 7th dan in an organisation he himself created teaching martial systems he has invented ?

                  Which institution granted the rank of 5th dan in "Oriental weapons" ?

                  Thank you

                  Dave Humm



                    A website set up and dedicated to discussion from former members of Mr Delane's school


                    Kyoshi Asari

                    Another Englishman using an iemoto title for a non Japanese martial art he created, also going by a Japanese pseudonym, Founder of his own art which also includes Aikido te and the sword art associated with Mr. Delane.


                      Network of Bushido!!!: BS
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                        Patience is not my strong point - No BS MMA and Martial Arts
                        Investigations take time. Some take years. Do not bump threads with innocuous comments. When the information arrives, it will be posted.

                        Thank you.


                          Small update

                          They've launched a 'new' organisation, trying to distance themselves from the tainted name of the BAMA I assume. Same old...



                            And another two:


                            They're obviously feeling the pressure.


                              from the last link:

                              Covering Gloucestershire and the Forest Of Dean

                              Just Moved Into The Area

                              Highly Qualified Martial Arts Instructor & Examiner, Retired From The Insanity Of The Industrial World, Is Seeking, Adult Only, Students To Form An Intimate Group, Dedicated To The Pursuit Of Physical Security & Spiritual Harmony.
                              Qualified & Recognised To Teach And Grade Privately At My Own Premises.

                              Very Limited Vacancies Available.

                              Confidential, Intimate and Rewarding Journey Of Self Discovery

                              Unlimited Potential

                              Digital Master Lessons Also Available at Local Premises
                              I wanted to save this creepyness for prosterity.
                              It's a huge red flag when any sort of training is suposed to be done in a ' intimate and private' environement, that's how cults do it too: feeding their victims bullshit and try to keep it tucked away and try to convince their students not to talk about it with 'outsiders'.
                              it's harmfull and fraudulant.



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