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[Oxford UK] So how full of it are these guys?

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    Originally posted by Dark Majique
    I am not sure how I am going to do this, I will just take the free class and report back to you guys, alternatively if someone has a better plan (short of challenging the master to a death match) I am prepared to listen to that.
    Go in, ask about the free lesson. When asked, say that you're disenchanted by the kickboxing as it fosters a competetive and aggressive atmosphere. You're also intrigued by the idea of small class sizes (make up some crap about feeling ignored by your coach, because he only concentrates on those fighting in matches).


      OOOHHH, free masage! *warning bells ring*
      "Preparing mentally, the most important thing is, if you aren't doing it for the love of it, then don't do it." - Benny Urquidez


        Did this one ever get checked out?


          Any news folks?




              Oh i forgot, you may find this link helpfull if you want to find out about our alledged "bullshido" academy
              Meh, people should be a bit more open minded and realise that people are sometimes wrapped up in their own world and come out with outrageous shit, broaden your minds dont take 1st words as gospel d-.-b


                Your school's policy on cross training is spelt out clearly in the FAQ.

                Ask yourself, why are your instructors afraid of exposing their students to other styles?

                Why don't you compete to test and develop yourself as a fighter? (the FAQ states you spar... competition can be looked at as just a more formalized form of sparring)

                Maybe you're the one who should be a bit more open minded, as you're the ones who're hiding behind these absurd restrictions.


                  I used to do bushido karate. My advise to spaniard. . . .leave. Find a place where they train you to fight for real. That is no choreographed attack routines, sparring where you actually hit and get hit by someone, and training in an art that was'nt made up by someone who can't prove his lineage.

                  Bushido is complete bull crap. completly unnaffiliated and inrecognised, due not to the reason of declining standards as they quote. but because Mr Delane cant back up what he claims is history( what he does claim is ever so vague by the way).

                  As for your statement that youve never seen anybody flying across a room without being touched, I have. It was in a seminar and Three of the higher black belts fell over about 30 feet away from 'master chusan' without pete even moving. It wasnt long after that i left. Green belt in two years quick? I was a brown in two and about a month from black in 2 and thre quarters and i wasnt alone.

                  I know these words will frustrate you but and i know how you feel cause ive been there buts its a make beleive art, your being conned. I cant tell you how bad i felt when i found out the truth, wasted so many years.

                  I was naive then, but my advice now is to forget the rules of 'disrespect' if you go to another club. have a look around, you'll be suprised what you see.






                        Chusan, Aikido te and all that bullshit has been discussed here before... Suggest the search function.. its a wonderful resource.



                          and while there may be some people out there who disagree with the style that they teach, it is their style to teach. There are some truly amazing martial artists among them, and some frauds,
                          So, you admit, there are some problems in the organization.

                          however the organisation withholds its integrity, you cannot simply walk in and "buy" a black belt, it has to be earnt.

                          i sense a slight jealousness.
                          I sense a slight defensiveness.

                          perhaps your friend can tell me which dojo he trained in?
                          Perhaps you will notice, the date tags above posts.

                          03-01-2005 10:40 AM

                          You know it is 2008 right?
                          I doubt the guy is going to answer in June, when he didn't answer in April, let alone the fact he didn't post again after March 2005 anywhere on the website.


                            Also see

                            Bushido Acadamy - Pete Delane - No BS Martial Arts


                              Like some of the others on this site i left the BAMA some time ago. I was aware of these posts throughout 2004 until i left.

                              My experiences are a mixed bag - i have to say, having been around the block with Shotokan, Shukokai and Wado Ryu, the style of karate taught is very advanced, although rooted in the long stances of shotokan perhaps??

                              The teaching as i went through the grades was for me, pretty damn good - i was lucky to have a high grade who was so technically proficient that learning was made easy.

                              They advocate speed and agression - 2 vital components in any fight (and yes before anyone asks i have had scuffles in real life and yes, their stuff does stand you in good stead.

                              What i would say is their is an air of arrogance and disdain towards other styles - they would openly mock tae kwon do, wing chun and mauy thai - yet none of them had ever trained in it. I woudl hear stories of weekend retreats where DVD's of other styles were viewed and ripped apart. MMA was seen as a sport and the fighters would not be able to stand with a bushido black belt.......i am sorry, but they have no righr to dismiss other styles as there are no bad styles in my opinion.....just poor teachers.

                              They would not entertain floor fighting and said their punching skills would keep the fight standing - the floor work you would do as a black belt amounted to bridging out of the mount and maybe an armbar from the guard.

                              Everything started heading towards Zen and spirituality - less physical training, increase in sword work. When
                              the student graded to black belt they would pass into the black belt academy - many who left here left because their training took a direction they had not expected.

                              I have to be honest and say that their 1-2-1 teaching creates amazingly technical students. THEY ARE VERY GOOD AT THE KARATE SIDE!!!!!! If you see them training in standing forms, then watch another style, they are IMO more intense. I could be cyncial and say the push karate over Aikido Te (a style i have seen and is generally very well roundd and quite nasty -akin to Goshin Jitsu and elements of wing chun), because they can get people graded quicker in karate. However, having fought a BAMA brown belt in kumite, and a few Shodan's in Shotokan and Wado Ryu.....BAMA do stand up well.

                              The Zen aspect requires an open mind -i enjoyed it at first, and much of it is useful and relevant......consider it "life schooling", coping with stress etc.....the tricks they give you do work. Do not knock it till you have tried it.

                              I have never and will never attack BAMA as they did a lot for me - there are negative aspects and what i see now is an increased mercenary aspect - extra seminars, DVD sessions....all geared towards financial gain. I learned very little in a 6 month period -i got better at what i had always done and known, but learnt no new technique. Sure i was a better martial artist, but this was through work i had done myself (they would say this is part of being a black belt i dare say).

                              And if anyone doubts the skill of their high grades, go and find their dojo's in Swindown and Birmingham........tell those guys they can't fight and see what happens!

                              I am privy to stuff on the inside and you will notice i have not mentioned Delane or Brutton. Murray Brutton is very skilled as is Pete DeLane......very skilled and both are good teachers. For me, they should have left it as this - what is a good physical school is wrapped up in mysticism and a dose of smoke and mirrors. I will not attack them personally, i have no need to, Brutton was always kind to me and very patient. I never met DeLane other than 2 fleeting moments. My relationship was with my teacher and i left with a heavy heart, but knowing i had to leave to advance my physical training.


                                So wat are you saying? They're good at kata, and watching DVDs?



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