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[Oxford UK] So how full of it are these guys?

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    [Oxford UK] So how full of it are these guys? check this thread, also try searching on google for master chusan lol! They call their system bushido, more like bullshido in my eyes!

    Help me guys, I need you verdict on this, theres some serious shit goin on with this place!


    Not my neck of the woods sadly. Theres a few members from down that end who may be able to check them out.


      Street Fighting ( Budo - Te : this is the 'Original' and should not to be confused with 'copy names' )

      Well if he says so, shit.


        There are schools in a variety of places here is their main page, they are spreading lol.


          Thse guys are in Reading so I could probably go and check them out.


            Originally posted by Dark Majique
            Thse guys are in Reading so I could probably go and check them out.


              I've heard of them before. I'm pretty certain about their bullshido status.

              Unfortunately, I'm all the way over in Sunny California, so I'm of no help.


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                  I'll be in cambridge at some point over Easter.
                  I dont see what the point is in dropping by but if you can give me a good reason I'll do it.


                    The good reason it to prove once and for all that what these guys are teaching and preaching is a crock of shit. If one of us turns up there and they are actually good fighters then then they are good fighters end of story! but according to what my friend says and does, these guys are the ultimate in bullshido. Its sad to see people being sucked in and given a false sense of security for an extortionate price by a fake master chusan whos real name is pete delane! Huh!



                      Just on the fake asian sounding name and arts that really don't exist makes it Bullshido. They may be the greatest MArtist the world has seen but I severly doubt it. DM and others report back on what you find out about these guys.
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                        Each of you that can go. . .pleae take the free class, and sit through the interview. Have your "fake persona, goals, and reasonable requests" already figured out before hand.
                        Use the time to assess the place, the instructor(s), the curriculum, and their McDojo status.
                        $50+ an hour for private, one-to-one lessons isn't expensive.

                        Report back your findings. . .facts, impressions, then whatever else you thought.
                        Good luck!



                          Wow, one in Yately! I'll swing by soon.


                            I am not sure how I am going to do this, I will just take the free class and report back to you guys, alternatively if someone has a better plan (short of challenging the master to a death match) I am prepared to listen to that.


                              I've just had a skim through the website. Grand Master Chusan is actually called Pete Delane. As part of your free lesson, you have to sit through an introductory message from Grand Master Chusan. You then get to have a chat with a human about what you want to acheive.
                              They also recommend 1 hours training per week. The private lessons are actually small groups.

                              As the school has grown in the UK our standards have been consistantly raised. We have shunned the commercialism rampant in martial arts in the West, in favour of the spirit of excellence. Consequently we believe we offer the best tuition available anywhere in the world.



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