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    Ryan Verra -Fighters Nation

    STAFF NOTE: the original poster's username was changed from "Ryan_Verra" to "Not_Ryan_Verra" after we were contacted by the actual Ryan Verra (pending verification).

    Is nothing but a joke! and all should be warned, and not involved them selfs with Ryan Verra. He talks a lot of Bullshido and never backs it up. Also we have come to hear that is latest club he has tried to open in Peterborough Ontario has fail due to the fact he never paid his trainers and management on time ever. Some never got paid!!
    If you hear about this guy in your town beware!! BIG liar and will fraud you out of your money.
    you can find him involved with the Gold's Gym inc.

    If you get a chance go to the club, and check it out, so very lame.
    Most say that the money that has been paid by the members have gone into his arm to feed his addiction.

    here is 2 copy's from to trainers from the Peterborough location and some of there issues with FN.

    (1)"Payment for services is late, once again. This is a breach of contract. I, ________, am resigning from Fighters Nation. I would like to add that there is an extreme dissatisfaction with the work that Ryan did as project leader beyond his breach of contract. He failed to provide adequate mat space, adequate equipment, adequate advertising, and continuously misled trainers to believe that these problems were being solved or were about to be solved in the coming weeks; 4 months later and none of these essential items have been provided to the necessary degree for the business to be run effectively. We the employees are in agreement, the only thing we could rely on Ryan for was his unreliability.

    Please do not involve yourself in Mixed Martial Arts any further. I don`t believe your future contributions would be of a positive nature. Find another industry, your reputation in this one has been ruined."

    (2)"To Whom It May Concern,

    I have the following issues with Fighters Nation:

    - I am never paid on time
    - Items that are requested and promised to be delivered are not (i.e. mats, pads, etc)

    These issues make it difficult to put 100% effort into teaching classes.
    I support management & the other trainers and whatever course of action he deems necessary to remedy the situation. "

    If you have come across this guy and can add anything to this discussion please leave a comment.
    Thank you for you time :)

    If you want to have ANY credibility please provide the names of the two trainers who allegedly wrote those e-mails. Otherwise you're just a whiney punk with no credibility.


      So let me get this right, you're not Ryan Verra, but you signed on here using his name as your username in order to badmouth him?


        You also need to identify yourself in some way so we have some reason why we should listen to your ramblings.

        Are you a pissed off student? A competitor? A failed business partner?


          i know the original poster, obviously not Ryan Verra, I am a current student at Golds Gym, its an excellent facility, we are no longer a fighters nation gym. I know the trainers told me they didnt sign anything like what was written above, but who knows. To support to orig poster there was ill-will towards Ryan verra....personally as a background observer i didnt get to know Ryan while he was here,,but he was RARELY at the gym,,and i know of a few meeting the trainers were there and he was a no-show but expected. So as i do not support the original posters view of the facility i train at, I think he's onto something with his opinions on Ryan. Also with a quick google search of his name i found he has been a no-show at various calgary combatives commission meetings that he himsefl requested....just cause i was nosey, ha. Either way...golds gym is great, dont let Ryan ruin it. =)


            Gold's gym in peterborough has changed it's mma configuration as it pertains to it's members. It is a lot better now.

            Oh and as gyms go in Peterborough Gold's is the best there is the rest are a far cry for the quality and price lines.

            Yes and I know there is a lot of complaints from the good ol US of A but the Canadian side of Golds is operated in a very professional manner.


              All I can add is that this guy looks and sounds like a first-class doucher based on this:


                um, did this guy bang your girlfriend or something? lol

                I mean why go through so much trouble to make a fake account to bad mouth the guy? sounds like its over a girl.!



                  I swear I've seen this before. Didn't we skull fuck the fuck out of this guy ages ago?
                  GET A RED BELT OR DIE TRYIN'.
                  Originally posted by Devil
                  I think Battlefields and I had a spirited discussion once about who was the biggest narcissist. We both wanted the title but at the end of the day I had to concede defeat. Can't win 'em all.
                  Originally posted by BackFistMonkey
                  I <3 Battlefields...


                    This a lot of noobs in one thread, well I have nothing to add to this, other than he does look suspiciously douchelike.


                      Im still a noob, but Im workin on that, lol.

                      I couldnt really give 2 shits about this douche or the poster, all I know is I wouldnt base my opinions of this crap, the original poster already gets discredited by combat, and he uses fake names, and puts *s so it comes up in search's first. Why? i mean if u had a legitimate argument why not call him out or beat his ass? instead u hide behind a computer screen? like Sam browning said..ur a whiney punk


                        Here is ryan verra's website



                          Originally posted by A.M. View Post
                          Here is ryan verra's website

                          ha ha, to be honest, after seeing this site I'd for sure watch this show.


                            I live in Peterborough. I train (sporadically) at Xtreme Kickboxing and MMA and know (vaguely) the guy who runs the 10th Planet affiliate here in town, Eris Jiu-Jitsu. Never been around Gold's Gym. What's the instruction there like? The site, etc. says nothing.


                              Original post updated with staff note, title changed.



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