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how much are private lessons worth?

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    how much are private lessons worth?

    I got introduced to this guy recently who trained under the 1939 Chinese nanjing national champion. Please hold off (at least for a while ) on all the 'chinese gong-fu is b.s.'. Just take for a hypothetical that the guy is really freakin good. (I'd even like to hear peedee's take on this)

    After a couple casual meetings I get the word he's available for private instruction. As many lessons as I can find time for over the next 3 years. Claims he can put me in competition shape.

    Here's the catch. He thinks because I'm American (this is in China) I could cough up *cough cough* 30,000 yuan for the 3 year program! (about 3.5 grand U.S.) That's about 100 clams a month. Someone of this caliber teaching privately for a that price back home would be a dream, but I know that here in China that 30000 yuan is like a typical high school teachers annual salary. The Chinese guy I know who's training with him is only coughing up 3000 yuan.

    major scam or charging according to what the student can afford?
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    Do you have to pay him the whole thing up front or sign a contract or anything?


      Do you know of anyone else who has done this deal? Ask him for references. That is a lot of money, however if I was offered that for unliminted bjj lessons here in the states I would be all over it.


        I pay 140 a month for my one on one(for a while it's been me and one other student though) classes and I think it's worth it. Of course when I was training in judo, Leninger only charged 75 a month for unlimited training. That's the best deal I've ever heard of, but I get better training where I'm at now so I think it evens out.
        But yeah, I agree with clang. You might want to check the guy out as much as you can so you don't get ripped off. If the guy does check out I'd probably go for it.


          I'll tell you the truth man. I've trained ALOT of people. I could have bullshitted them and said convinced them to take privates and made alot more money. Alot of students asked me for privates but I turned them down unless they were having real problems with a particular area that needed to be adressed.

          Privates are a waste of money. I can TELL YOU how to do a technique a THOUSAND TIMES but the only way your going to be able to DO the technique is by practtcing it OVER AND OVER again. Repetition is the mother of skill. I can do focus mitt training with you and remind you not to drop your guard when you punch OR you can work with any partner in class with a brain and HE can remind you not to drop your hand....same as you should do for him. A private instructor isn't going to hold a pad any different or make you kick harder or faster. He can correct small details but he should ALSO be able to correct them in a classroom.

          I can pick apart ANYONES technique. I can give you a hundred different things to work on after a single lesson. You wont remember %10 of them. It takes TIME, PATIENCE and PRACTICE to correct mistakes, not a private lesson. If I told you ALL the things you were doing wrong I wouldnt be correcting you, I would be criticizing you. Furthermore you couldnt possibly correct or even REMEMBER all the things you did wrong.

          If your really hard for privates go ahead and take them, but the only way they are more valuable than regualr training is if you have a problem in a specific area or you need to work on Kata or something similar that requires alot of questions to be answered in order for you to perform the technique correctly.

          I can teach you a round kick from Muay Thai in one day. Privates wont make you learn the timing, distance, balance or mechanics of the kick any better than a group class. The only thing thats going to get you those things is practice and sweat.

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            Whoah! The great PD actually can give an intelligent response without trashing somebody elses art! Thank you. Your take on privates is kinda like mine was but the offer was tempting . . . especially before the money came up. My lessons right now are practically private. Typically only 2 or 3 people at a time and the only tuition is I gotta spring for lunch and give him as much cash as I feel like I aughta on his birthday.

            9Chambers, cash up front, contract.

            DCM, I'm convinced the guys legit. If it were in the states . . . but again I KNOW there's no way in hell he'd get that much from a local. In terms of what things cost around here, 1 yuan = 1 dollar. My apartments 100 square meters and it costs me 800 yuan/month so in HIS worls he's asking me for 30000 DOLLARS. That's the part that get's me mad.

            Back to PD's point. The one thing you get in a private lesson that you don't get on your own is NO CHANCE TO SLACK. I'd like to think I can just practice practice practice but the fact is, I know I always work just a little harder when I think the teachers looking.
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              If there's only 2 or 3 other people he SHOULD be looking atleast 90% of the time :)


                I am a poor business man. If I tried opening a school it would be closed in a month. I have this problem with charging pple. I also fix computers, I let my wife handle all the money issue.

                There are guys I have taught and mentored for years and never asked a cent from, well other than letting them pick up the bar tap.

                As a student none of my instructors charged extra for a personal lesson. Most were anxious to spend the one on one time with you, especially if you had potential. But like me I guess they were not good business men.

                But if someone wants to charge for personal lessons I don't see a big problem with that unless the amount is ungodly and the instruction is poor. I say try it for at least a month and if you don't see any improvement in yourself then it is probably not worth it.

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                  My current teacher definately falls into the poor business man category. Tuition was a cash gift of my own deciding at his 60th birthday party/swearing in of new disciples ceremony and picking up the tab when we have lunch together after training.

                  Asia, would you still consider recommending it for a month is you considered that he's not a BAJI ! follower like my Sifu?
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                    What's wrong with your current Sifu?

                    Is he that much better that you want to shell out so much money?


                      HA HAHA ha ! ! !

                      I'm not EVEN gonna leave my Sifu! The situation just raised some interesting questions for me. Shoot, originally I thought this guy was just maybe gonna give me a few pointers on the side. Some people will do that you know, just teach you a little because they like to share.

                      It's when the price tag came up that I thought it was worth talking about.
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