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Bjj in Dallas TX

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    Bjj in Dallas TX

    I may be moving to Dallas, so what is out there in terms of BJJ training(besides Carlos Machado-I'll be a poor graduate student)

    I think the Lion's Den has a school out there if you were intrested in any MMA stuff, but other than Carlos Machado, I never found any other BJJ when I lived there.


      There are these guys:

      A buddy of mine trains there...he digs it.


        Lots of places.

        There's Carlos Machado, of course.

        North Dallas Jiu-Jitsu

        Travis Lutter BJJ Academy (Machado Black Belt)

        I think Guy Mezger's Gym (Lion's Den) doesn't explicitly teach BJJ, but goes for more no-gi submission wrestling.

        I train at Machado Jiu-Jitsu, and have a friend that trains at Mohler's. Carlos teaches almost all the classes (except when he's out of town or his wife is having a kid or something).


          Thanks for the help. I've heard a lot of good things about the Machado school.


            How much does the machado school cost, anyway?
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              125 for 2x a week, 180 for unlimited


                Machado lists it as $180 a month for unlimited, but he discounts it...I think everyone who is doing unlimited is really paying $162 a month (that is what I am paying).

                Night classes are usually not too crowded, tops there are usually 25-30 people there, although I've been some nights when there were as few as 8 (close to the holidays, and Thursdays always seem to be everyone's off-night).

                Class mixture is pretty good, there is no beginner's and advanced class, it's all mixed together, so if you are a white belt, you'll have plenty of opportunity to roll and get tapped by blues, purples, and browns.



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