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Opinion on dipshit trouble makers

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    Opinion on dipshit trouble makers

    Heya all,

    In regards to fuckwit people who just cuase trouble like gate crashers and shit, how do you deal with it when they start you and mates and you know talking is bullshit.

    I mean in the last 3 weeks, 1 mates got stabbed in the neck with a scapel, 3 of my friends who are girls have either been raped or attempted to be raped.

    I find, you try and talk to them and reason, if not, i find a bottle to the side of the head, plus a few head stomps,taking their wallets and runninig is good.

    What do you guys think?

    Thanx heaps people!!


    Dude... move.


      Dude, it's like Austraillia... you do the math.


        Dai-Tenshi - i live in a rather worthy part of Sydney, moving anywhere is not going to help the situation.

        Also RockTiger what do you mean by saying 'Its Australia'?

        Thanx heaps


          Sounds to me like you need to pick your partys better. You're hanging with the wrong element.


            Beating their ass is just going to cause more trouble. You'll start a war. I say, nip it in the bud with massive retaliation! That's right, skip over the small time back and forth and just nuke them! In other words, take a syringe, fill a ping pong ball half full of Draino and drop it in their gas tank. The next day they will be on their way to work and the ping pong ball will melt. They'll suddenly find themselves ten feet in the air in a ball of flames.

            I'm just kidding. You could torch their car and poke a sign in the ground saying leave town or burn in hell you rapist bastards. Then get a crew in ski masks and break their knee caps with a bat as a final warning.

            No, I'm still kidding. I would definately gather your friends together and watch out for one another. Cell phones might help. Defense is harder than offense so consider yourself in pursuit. Keep an eye on them and when they mess up, don't let them succeed. File a police report on the incident. Let prison rape be their reward and avoid violent retribution so you don't end up in there yourself.

            Look out for your friends. Know where they are.


              also maybe tell your girls to avoid the bar scene for a month until these guys end up in jail on their own

              they will


                Don't hang out with people that do drugs, don't hang out with people that commit crimes.


                  Re: Opinion on dipshit trouble makers

                  Originally posted by Black_Rose
                  I find, you try and talk to them and reason, if not, i find a bottle to the side of the head, plus a few head stomps,taking their wallets and runninig is good.

                  What do you guys think?

                  Thanx heaps people!!
                  I don't know how it is in Australia, but in U.S. you would be arrested for agg. robbery.

                  But I liked all of 9 chambers suggestions.
                  One Somali Pirate.


                    Let the authorities deal with it, and do what you can to help them through legal means.

                    As a martial artist, someone who's trained in various ways to hurt people, you have a greater obligation NOT to have petty squabbles on the street with other people if they can be avoided.

                    And if you feel strongly about enforcing the law, then you have the option of pursuing a career in such.

                    I don't think anyone here will (seriously) advocate vigilanteism.


                      Carry a big fucking shotgun where ever you go.
                      "ARGH SURF NINJAS *implodes* " the cruel fate of Stold3


                        Only if you get caught.


                          If you think it's easy to get into a fight you are either an asshole out looking to beat someone up, to stupid for your own good, or living in a war zone. As I don't think the latter is true, it's probably both of the former.


                            can i ask how old you are, and how old the gatecrashers tend to be?


                              what a coincidence...

                              a ninja from sydney...


                              and H. nowhere to be seen.

                              NINJA... VANISH!!!!

                              Ninja's, Ninja's, Ninja's

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