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Gene Simco Controversy: the pending court case

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    Gene Simco Controversy: the pending court case

    Tracking this down, it seems to have begun with [ on a site called "".

    Gene Simco Arrested: SEXUAL ABUSE involving a MINOR (3rd degree)

    Posted by Phil Migliarese on August 21, 2008 at 6:22pm in Main Forum
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    I just learned, from a highly reliable law enforcement source, some extremely disturbing news that negatively affects all of us in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community.

    Gene Simco, BJJ instructor, Owner of NYMAG Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Academy was (Aug 21, 2008) arrested today in Dutchess County, NY for the following.

    1) Endangering the welfare of a CHILD.
    2) SEXUAL ABUSE in the 3rd degree involving a MINOR.

    I would like to believe that none of this is true, but I happen to know that this investigating was going on for a long time.

    Phil Migliarese
    It's well known that Simco is not liked by everyone in the BJJ community, for various reasons which may or may not be relevant here. What's important is finding out whether the arrest is real, or if this is a very poorly conceived attack (as it would have some serious legal consequences if so).

    NHBGear thread discussing this, which started with just a link back to the OP's site.

    What we need to do first is confirm if there really was an arrest. If this is true, it's big news. If it's not, it's bigger news. Either way, the hammer needs to fall somewhere.
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    Screen captures of original site for documentation: (right click+View Image for full size)


      This clumsy search engine for pending criminal cases in New York state does not show any results for a 'Gene Simco' or a 'Eugene Simco'.

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        Either way this is really fucked up.


          Does anyone know his birthdate? That would make this inquiry a lot easier.



            1) His public facility is in wappingers falls New York which is in Dutchess County New York. Part of this area is policed by the Wappingers Falls Police Department which has heard nothing of such an arrest. The other part is policed by the Dutchess County Sherriff's Department, and I was told that I needed to call their record section on Monday.


              His full name is 'Eugene G. Simco III' based on the deed for his home in Hyde Park, NY. His wife's name is 'Heather Simco'.

              Samuel, the fact that he shares the same name with his father, grandfather etc is screwing up the normal search systems I use. According to an article I found he was 28 in Dec 2002. Best I can do for now. Furthermore NY state is not the greatest for online research.


                If you have his phone # please pm it to me, I'll call him myself and ask.


                  Updated ORG page:



                    I contacted the Hyde Park Police, 845-229-9340 "our agency did not arrest that person".


                      Someone could just call the academy and ask.


                        I talked to Gene's father who lives in Lagrangeville New York. He initially told me that he had no comment, and that his son was in Florida, so I left my phone number asking that his son call me back to tell me if this information that was circulating on the internet was false.


                          His phone number is unlisted. Based on the info provided on the US gov copyright database for his BJJ book I can confirm he was born in 1974.


                            Man, up here we aren't even allowed to say if someone was arrested or not, nice work.


                              There is no phone number for his academy, they only use e-mail. So I sent the following e-mail.

                              "Dear Mr. Simco:

                              I am a staff member of In the last several days Phil Miglraiese of has been spreading the allegation that on August 21, 2008 you were arrested for 1) Endangering the welfare of a child and 2) Sexual Abuse in the Third Degree involving a Minor.

                              I am writing to see if Miglraiese's allegation that you were arrested is accurate. If it is accurate I would appreciate hearing your side of the story. If Phil's comments are inaccurate I would like to find out why he would make such false allegations about you.

                              Please feel free to write me at [my direct e-mail address] I have also left my phone number with your father.

                              Sincerely yours,

                              Samuel P. Browning"



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