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Yogameditation and Spooky Interaction at a Distance

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    I was reviewing the thread and i decided to search out where "wan" was a monk at. I googled this bethelite 25 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn Ny.
    and i got this number
    718 560 5600

    I tried it and they sent me to another number

    1 718 560 5000 I got a bethelite house and i asked wheather they have ever have a robert or bob kim and the lady said that the name was not in her directory.

    Mods feel free to edit this post if any of the info should not be there.



      So I kind of feel like a one man army trying to get more info on this guy. But anyway I have some info on his Gi Ma Sae. From what I can tell it is part of the martial art Haidong gumdo. It uses a different name nae ga shin jang but is the same posture.


        I was watching one of wans videos and he mentioned grandmaster sung baek having brought over accupuncture from korea. All the places i have loked said that it was brought over from china. Anyone have any input on this?



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