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Bill Lewis' review of Catch Wrestling DVDs

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    Bill Lewis' review of Catch Wrestling DVDs

    Bill Lewis, everyones favourite BJJ instructional tape reviewer
    has put up a review of Tony Cecchines 'Lost Art of Hooking' series.

    Its an interesting read, done by someone who is a strong public advocate of BJJ.

    I disagree with some points:

    Primarily the point about Tony emphasising submission over position as I feel he does the opposite of this at times.
    eg. he strongly recommends against coming off the mount onto your back to armbar, instead preferring to stay in the mount and lock the persons arm up vertically to armbar from there

    He states the reason he gave 4.5 stars instead of 5 was because Tony didn't present a gameplan for the viewer to use to put it all together.
    This is true, but it is stated throughout the series, the point is to get across the concepts, mechanics and philosophy of hooking rather than show you patterns to follow.

    Also, I know he is trying to categorise it but putting it with Mario Sperry's submission grappling series (which got 5 stars and hence put at the top of the ladder) is an odd choice as that Sperry series is designed for tournaments and involves strategies to be used when point systems are in play.

    He also incorrectly refers to the Frank Shamrock vs Jeremy Horn match as vs Tito, but thats nothing to do with the review I guess.

    I still think its a review worth reading.
    Enjoy, discuss.
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    Reviews of reviews. They crack me up.



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