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    A few months ago, someone intended to fight 3 of his 'buddies' at once, to see if he could do it.
    I don't remember who it was, but it was supposed to be videotaped...

    ... did anything ever happen with that, or was it just a VTG's wet dream???

    i kicked his ass and took his camera ;)


      You mean one of the members or someone who fights amateur/pro?


        (Sorta unrelated) I train 3 v 1 all the time. Its not that I think I could really take three guys and come out unscathed. In fact, whenever I do it I just have my respect for strenth in numbers reinforced. It beefs up your situational awareness skills though, and situations do come up where you have no option to try and engage multiple attackers. Plus, it gives you new appreciation for how relatively easy taking on a single opponent is in comparison.


          that was likely me.....
          check the previous threads
          kinda silly, they were newbs
          got my groin nicked though

          I couldn't get a video tape
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            So you did do it?

            as a hypothetical question... had it been 'real' do you think that you could have won?



              I actually was not able so to spar with the people I wanted.
              They didn't come that night, but then again I didn't have a prior arrangement with them.
              I wanted several more senior guys, the bigger more muscular guys with experiance. :)

              But I wasn't able to. *Shrug.*
              Picked on some low and medium training guys.
              And the one semi-decently trained guy I had destroyed last week kickboxing style sparring.
              So he wasn't too enthusiastic about attacking me.

              My brother, 3.5 years younger, and somewhat better due to more training with me.... :)
              Would have rushed me as a group and try to knock me down....
              As I had discussed with him earlier thinking about this sparring match.
              Realistically I should have had my ass knocked onto the ground then kicked about, that's what I would have done.

              I don't expect to win, but fighting for my life in a "safe" environment is something I would like to try. Those other guys would have blasted me...heh.
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