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    I'd look so GREAT fighting one of those guys, I'd get signed to a pro contract.
    No you wouldn't. You'd just look like Frankenstein pushing a wheelchair-bound twelve-year-old into oncoming traffic.


      I took out five guys hitting them with one 540, I hated denting my BMW that why way but it worked


        Originally posted by Kempocos
        I took out five guys hitting them with one 540, I hated denting my BMW that why way but it worked
        LOL, But were you wearing techno shirt and pants at the time?


          Oh yeah and when I saw he blood I was yelling like AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


            I am SOOOO buying a XMA uniform!:D
            Xiao Ao Jiang Hu Zhi Dong Fang Bu Bai (Laughing Proud Warrior Invincible Asia) Dark Emperor of Baji!!!

            RIP SOLDIER

            Didn't anyone ever tell him a fat man could never be a ninja
            -Gene, GODHAND

            You can't practice Judo just to win a Judo Match! You practice so that no matter what happens, you can win using Judo!
            The key to fighting two men at once is to be much tougher than both of them.
            -Daniel Tosh


              Originally posted by Boyd
              No you wouldn't. You'd just look like Frankenstein pushing a wheelchair-bound twelve-year-old into oncoming traffic.
              *Pouty face*

              Quit wrecking my fantasies, Boyd. You suck.


                Asia you totally should buy the uniform and maybe a headband of some sort profess yourself to be an XMA guy and then beat the hell out of everyone. Then they'll have to say some XMA fag ownzzored me!


                  Originally posted by Asia
                  I am SOOOO buying a XMA uniform!:D
                  Dude fuck yeah!! You can get the little grey number with matching shoes and chain whip. :D


                    Tee hee hee....

                    "I've met mike chat, and if any of you have - you would probably change your mind on a few of the more despairaging remarks that are being thrown around.

                    You post your last remark with the implied message that somehow you've got something in your head that Mike hasn't thought about, that there's some angle that you see that he is oblivious to, or that there is some "higher knowledge" of martial arts that YOU have that he does not share or have knowledge of.
                    Albeit, no one sees the "WHOLE" picture in its entirety like some deity, but Mike has babied this vision from the ground up and cultured it into something special - do you really think that he doesn't have an accurate and acceptable answer to any concern about the program he has created?

                    On his merits and achievements alone, somehow all the internet-warriors that have an implied "higher perception" of martial arts debunks this stuff?

                    Get real. "


                    Can anyone else find things wrong with the new FAQ?

                    I'm primarily concerned with inaccuracies here and there --they build up and reflect on XMA poorly which is fine by me.

                    New FAQ on the Discovery Show is at:



                      Read parts of the FAQ.
                      Supposedly they both punch harder than the hardest hitting boxer ever recorded.


                        Thats because Backflipperry teaches the Greatest of all Body Mechanics for Power Generation !

                        Even tho he couldnt break that little Prop balsawood 4X4 behind Chat with a Punch , after trying 4X , no less .


                          Oh , and A.M. :


                          Just for you , mate .
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                            As I said if done correctly it will help put a positvie in the MA. I am not in denial, nor am I allowing my personal feelings or friendships that I have with these people get in the way (unless they are attacked unwarrantly). You all have to remember, this XMA shit is not geared towards adults (though adults could very well try it). It is geared towards the kids. What do you think attracts kids into the martial arts? Do you think it is a bunch a people sitting in a horse stance doing drills? Or do you think it is watching a bunch a guys rolling around on the mat trying to pin each other? What gets these kids inside the door are the movies and the flashy shit that they see. Plus the modern trend is "extreme" sports. Why not extreme martial arts?

                            Most of you are looking at this from adult eyes not kids eyes. Yes it is not practical fighting, I believe most all the kids will tell you that, but it is fun. At least at Sharkey' s where I go, they stress traditional techniques first, before you do the open forms. I believe they allow people to start open forms at 7th or 6th kyu. So people are not walking in and just doing open forms. I can't say that is how it is everywhere, but just from where I am studying.

                            No I am not in denial. I understand where this is all coming from. I look at this from all sides, as a parent of two kids who enjoy learning it, as a instructor who has seen this turn out some good martial artists and people, as a future school owner who sees a great way to bring in the youth busines.. I have met Mike Chat, and he is a nice guy, I can not stress that enough. What I haven't heard, yet, from many of you, is why is it bad for the martial arts. All I have heard is you guys criticizing it because it doesn't fit your specific image of martial arts.


                              This is not martial. This is dance. This is absolutely unrelated. I would rather have bullshit pressure point artists than dancers claiming to be fighters.


                                the uniforms are great looking in a romotastic way.



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