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Donn Schucker fraudulent contact info

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    Donn Schucker fraudulent contact info

    Wanted to inform all martial artists that someone is using my name (I don't even know the individual) and apparently has some form of relationship with the USMA and Phil Porter.

    His site states, "Donn may be reached at..." and then it lists an email address that I have never seen before. I assume it belongs to this individual or possibly to someone in the USMA or maybe Porter himself.

    This would seem to be an attempt to steer people away from myself and the new organization. Does anyone here have any knowledge of this site or it's principals?

    Any help you can offer is appreciated!

    All the best,

    Donn Schucker
    (314) 838-0869
    [email protected]
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    I suggest you contact the webpage that is hosting:

    And ask for a whois.
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      I hope that organisation and the person depicted in this image isn't taken seriously ?


        That website is REALLY poorly put together.

        I have a feeling he copied/pasted some stuff accidentally. I mean, he has "[email protected]" listed for Donn Schucker and Phil Porter.
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          Grandmaster O-Sensei Porter..... LMFAO

          What a fucking douche bag


   has publicly available domain records. From these, it looks like they are owned by Sociedad Limita in Campo Real, Spain, and can be reached at +34-91-8733678 or [email protected].

            The netblock for their website is registered to Webperoni GmbH, and they can be contacted at +49 1803 932737 or [email protected], if refuses to deal.



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