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Why I sword fight

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    Why I sword fight

    Sword fighting is lots of fun.

    Now I'm not crazy enough to spar with a live blade, but I do have a couple of friends doing different sword arts, and when I get around to Boston, I practice with them on occasion.

    One thing that always struck me in swordfighting is that if you're willing to give up your life, you ***will*** kill the oponent. That makes you think long and hard. I played around with this quite a bit. If when my opponent attacks I chose not to block, I will decapitate him with ease.

    You say what about my rice?


      Its a great paradox, that once you give up dwelling on winning, your chances of survival increase.


        Re: Why I sword fight

        Originally posted by ronin69
        Fast and intense.. there is a quote from "The Long Run"
        by Daniel Keys Morgan that goes
        "Faster and faster, till the thrill of speed overcomes the
        fear of death".
        Knife/sword arts (and stick arts that are fake swords)
        are incredibly cool for precisely the reasons you mentioned.
        Speed, timing, distance. And awesome negative feedbakc if
        you do not learn quickly!
        I heard a similar set of odds to yours from my FMA teacher.
        His emphasis however was subtley different.

        "In a true, lethal fight, all else being equal the "Rule of
        Thirds" comes into play.

        There is a 1/3 chance you die and he lives.
        There is a 1/3 chance he dies and you live.
        There is a 1/3 chance you both die.

        The good news is that 2/3 of the time.. he's gonna die."

        Psycho isn't it?
        let's talk about why fat-fu shall we?


          no, just reality as it deals with trained fighter holding weapons.


            One of the great ones, Otake Sensei:



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