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    Donvito's Academy of martial arts

    in a few years i'll be moving closer to my family in Navarre Florida. I'll teach Southeastern kenpo karate jujitsu hybred art(inmy profle) i'mdown here forxmas th schools havent been open this week but i did pick up a flyer from donvito's academy of martial arts, (i'll scan it when i get home
    his website is

    heres what struck me as a lil fishy

    Founder and owner ron donvito
    mr donvito has over 40 years of traditional martial arts training and has earned black belts in 9 arts
    • 10th degree black belt kobushi sessen-jutsu (soke)
    • 8th degree black belt okinawa-Te
    • 7th degree black belt japanese jujitsu
    • 6th degree black belt Isshin budo taijitsu
    • 6th degree black belt shorinji kenpo
    • 6th degree black belt kyokushin kaikan
    • 4th degree black belt michi budo-ryu jujitsu
    • 3rd degree black belt judo
    • 1st degree black belt TKD
    Mr donvito is the founder and inventor of the Line Combatives h has been the subject matter expert on close combat fot the USMC and an advislor to the armed forces medical examiner. he has conducted combative training throughout the world and is responsible for the training of over 1,000,000 military personal in the last 25 years

    Michael donvito teachers the the bjj right next door

    • 7th degree black belt kobushi sessen-jutsu
    • 6th degree black belt okinawa-Te
    • 6th degree black belt japanese jujitsu
    • 6th degree black belt okinawa kenpo
    • 2nd degree black belt judo
    • 1st degree black belt Brazilian jiujitsu
    Michael is the primary instructor for Brazilian jiu-jitsu. he has trained wirg Marcelo alonso, gustavo machado, roberto gordo correa, mauricio "tiguinha" mariano, frank shaMROCK, and carlos machado.

    currently michael is a black belt under carlos machado & the official representative state representative for the state of florida for carlos machado

    Some of there programs sound decent i'm just a lil suspect of the backgrounds

    at least all the high ranks buyt if hes legit i will deffintly seek him out

    his kids program is honestly how i would approsach it if i had a desire to train kids

    Should be easy to check for the BJJ belt atleast. Does sound suspect however. Let us know how your investigation goes.
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      He, first I read it 'doritos academy', then 'Don Vito's academy' as in 'Don Vito Corleone.'

      The uber-list of black belts sounds suspect as well as claiming to have trained over 1mill pple. BJJ credentials are easier to clarify, however.
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        i drove buy a few times today, but the school wasn't open, i wish i could stop by for further investigation, hopefully someone can pick up my slack, cuase i leave in the morning


          I looked around a little on the sites for the orgs he from which he claims to have received instructor of the year etc. and can't find him listed. How do you adequately train to those levels in all those arts? I'll tell you - just like Choi Kwang Do does it (and probably lots of other organizations, too) You go in as a 3rd or 4th degree in something (it doesn't seem to matter what) tell them you now want to teach xyz in your school because you think they are the best and, presto whammo, you are a 6th or 7th degree in that system. Not that you really know that much, but you can lead people to believe you do. Also, I have found, liars abound in martial arts. In the TKD world, we know that, especially here in the US, many Korean first degrees land at Kennedy and immediately become 6th degree masters. And, because we have a hard time correctly spelling their names and getting their birthdays, it's nearly impossible for anyone except a legit Korean grandmaster to check out their creds with the Kukkiwon.


   has Michael Donvito listed as a black belt.


              Originally posted by RobT
     has Michael Donvito listed as a black belt.
              Wow, the name is famous enough for scepticism. Vito Corleone, Don Vito is Bam Margera's uncle but the guy is legit. It's the one time somebody qualified tries to cash in on a famous name and offers legit instruction.


                Originally posted by RobT
       has Michael Donvito listed as a black belt.
                But the question is, how do you get listed there as a bb? If it's like lots of these "Hall of Fame" listings, you do it yourself. I guess one could claim to have been deputy pope and official grandmaster for the college of cardinals. I know for a fact that you can be inducted into the "Hall of Fame" of a (un-named) very big martial arts magazine just by nominating yourself, buying enough subscriptions and regularly advertising. Believe me, they don't check out the facts of the bios.


                  Hmm... a little google-fu has Mike DonVito placing in a blue belt tournament in Texas with Carlos Machado in 2003. There's a Sherdog post mentioning him as a black in 2006, and 3 years seems a little short to go from blue to black. So... check them out, ask for his lineage, and see his black belt certificate? Not saying he's not legit, maybe he's a genius at BJJ.

                  It is a little odd that his website says that he's the "official Carlos Machado representative in Florida," but Carlos Machado's website doesn't list any Florida association members and the logo is different. Maybe he's just behind in payment.

                  And what is the deal with registering with OTM, do they have the records from IBJJF or whatever? How do they confirm?
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                    Originally posted by Middlefinger
                    Wow, the name is famous enough for scepticism. Vito Corleone, Don Vito is Bam Margera's uncle but the guy is legit.
                    "Ya cant chust hammer an nail an hammer an nail an expect stuff to come out. Beglat all these vulcan idiots!"


                      Google Sgt. Ronald Donvito
                      Google Linear Infighting Neural-override Engagement aka L.I.N.E.

                      Mr. Ronald Donvito formerly a USMC Sgt. (ret.) developed L.I.N.E. .

                      L.I.N.E. Fighting was THE MARINE H2H (or Combatatives) form from 1989 till 1998, then it was part of the US Army Special Forces Q School from 1998 or 1999 till just a few months ago. M.Sgt. Ron Donvito (ret.) has trained a mega-metric-busload of instructors in the LINE form, who in turn trained US Marines, US SF Q candidates, along with a whole truck load of other US mil. and friendly foriegn mil. instructors. Not to mention some Federal as well as local LE units and unit instructors.

                      I do not know, nor have I ever met Mr. Donvito (I will call him Mr. Donvito because his 20 years of service in the USMC deserves my respect). I have never had the oppertunity to train in the L.I.N.E. class. If I ever have the cash I will try and get into his training shool for the Basic Class, as I would like to train with a number of other combatatives instructors.

                      As for his claim to have been responsible for training a 1,000,000 soldiers, considering he was teaching L.I.N.E. for years in various units before it became the accepted USMC H2H form (or was even called L.I.N.E.). Plus the 9 years it was official training for all the USMC, plus various other units it is well possible that 1,000,000 soldiers here and abroad have been throught in the L.I.N.E. form. As I understand from the linked articles he continues to travel and train instructors.

                      L.I.N.E. is a combatatives form designed for a basic x-number of hours of instruction for a quick and dirty fighting style (originally all of the moves called for a finishing blow or stomp usually to the head or neck) for all USMC personnel to use in combat.

                      I learned about L.I.N.E. from a Marine friend that used to give me his copies of Leatherneck when I was in High School, it was featured in a store about the Marine H2H back in 1991-1993. In the last year that I have gotten serious about my personal safety I have came across the FMFM 0-7 LINE Training Manual as well as other combatives manuals so my memory is fairly fresh.

                      Airmen toe challenging L.I.N.E.

                      Self-defense course kicks way into training

                      Check Carlos Machado's full brochure for North Carolina it lists the Close Combat Institue Martial Arts Academy do a goggle search for CCI Academy and pull up the cache for the old website. The new school in Florida doesn't start classes until January 7 according to the School News Section of the website that is listed in the original post.

                      All that info on the on the Cache from 15 minutes on the net. WoW, am I like a nErd or what?


                        All that is true. That is the guy. I think OTM verify's rank. I was told from a reliable source that his sone is a bjj black belt


                          I am not sure HOW they verify rank at OTM but I know of at least one BB who isn't listed, so it is probably pretty strict.


                            i had already researched his line credits i'm just wondering about his many ranks in several styles


                              I am going to go to his school tonight in Ft. Walton Beach Florida. I'll post my thoughts later. I was a little skeptical about the MANY BB ranks held by him and his son, but we'll see.