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ufc45: Wes Simms out...Pat Smith in !!

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    ufc45: Wes Simms out...Pat Smith in !!

    Has everyone seen this ?

    Simms has apparently broken his arm and Pat Smith is taking his place !?

    The guy that got submitted by Ken Shamrock in UFC 1 is apparently gonna fight with UFCs newest submission king ?
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    - Pizdoff

    I was just thinking "when is Pat Smith going to come back to the UFC / I hope he does".

    I wasn't even sure if Smith was still "in the game"....Will be excellent to see him back...
    "Training = pain." - I said that.

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      I was just thinking "when is Helio Gracie going to come back to the UFC / I hope he does".

      (Come on wish come true!!!)
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        I can never get the image of Pat Smith plastering "ninja bob" in UFC2, out of my mind !!!!!!


          That fight alone is the only reason i would like to see Pat Smith fight again. American Ninjitsu Warriors International....


            One of the highlights of the UFC franchise.


              Here you go. From MMAweekly.

              It was a pretty crazy 24 hours for Dana White was on LIVE with Ryan Bennett on MMAWeekly Radio when he found out that Wes Sims broke his arm. Hopefully you were with us on the Soundoff Forum yesterday when we found out who his replacement would be.

              MMAWeekly broke the news yesterday that Pat Smith will indeed be the guy to step in the Octagon to fight Frank Mir at UFC 45. Ironic, since this is the 10th Anniversary show, and it was Smith himself who competed in the first UFC.

              "My manager, Sven Bean, said Are you sitting down? And I was like "What". He said your back in the UFC and I just smiled" Smith told MMAWeekly late last night. This is a very different Pat Smith in 2003 compared to the one back in 1993.

              Smith knows of the talk on the internet wondering if the game has passed him by. Smith said, "The game has changed and I have changed. I know this dude is a great ground artist, so I'm excited to fight him."

              When asked about Mir's performance against Tank Abbott, Smith said,"I saw that fatass Tank get caught in that heel hook. Tank is not a MMA fighter, he's just a brawler. He had no idea how to get out of it. It was pitiful. (Mir) will have a hell of a time just taking me down and I have plenty of guys that I'm working with that will have me ready for submissions."

              One of those guys will be King of Pancrase Nathan Marquardt. Marquardt who is in the Denver area where Smith trains is known for his solid submission game. "Marquardt will be a great guy to train with. I also have a guy named Leo who is 290 pounds who tries everything from neck cranks to heel hooks who is very good, so I will be ready."

              So what will Smith's strategy be in this fight? "Look if that dude from England (Ian Freeman) can execute his game plan, I can do the same thing. I'm a lot bigger (than Freeman) and I'm stronger than (Freeman) him too. My conditioning is excellent so I feel that could be a factor and I'm telling you he will have a hell of a time catching me and if does, he will be hit harder than he has ever been before. I respect his game, but I don't know if he has ever been hit like the power I have in my game."

              Smith was at the very first UFC in Denver, losing to Ken Shamrock back at UFC 1 in 1993. This match-up of old guard vs. new guard should help give those fans that have been clamoring for the UFC to bring back some of the old guys for this show something to look forward to.



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