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    can i point out this guy as a potential 'bullshido'


    you can see him in 'action' here





    This guy has created and runs a diploma mill!

    And for $75/300 you can have a degree in Martial Arts!

    And all at 38 years old!

    Damn, I'm lazy! I've been doing MA for about 34 years, and I don't have a PHd!


      Looks like a way for a conman to make money off other conmen. Does this Vambudo stuff actually get taught anywhere?

      He has awesome hair though.


        Originally posted by RobT
        Looks like a way for a conman to make money off other conmen. Does this Vambudo stuff actually get taught anywhere?
        Doubtful. According to the site, he created it himself in 1993 (when he was 24) and awarded himself a Black Belt three years later. Incidentally, he also claims to have received his Black Belt in TKD in 1993.

        Still, he's a lot more specific than most Bullshido artists, in regards to his background. He lists off approximate dates and the organizations for each of his ranks. He also specifies the year, governing organizations, and tournament names for his claimed championships. Generally, liars tend to use generic National or World Champion merits so that they sound more impressive and are harder to disprove.

        Since he's given us all the information we need, it shouldn't be overly difficult to start tracking these organizations down and confirming his credentials. Honestly, from the vids above, I'd wager this dude was as fake as they come. I'm not familiar with any of the organizations he's listed. Anybody recognize them as respectable?



          i've googled a few of them, they're mostly from the middle east / iran / pakistan etc.




            Okay I know this much he claims:1st Dan Soo Bahk Do awarded by Inter. Tang Soo Do Federation May 2004 (Actively training)

            And in my experience Soo Bahk Do and Tang Soo Do, have seperate international organisations, as they are no longer part of each other.
            So I called
            International Tang Soo Do Federation Headquarters
            Board of Directors

            and spoke with

            President & Founder Choong Jae Nim Chun Sik Kim

            I told him that this guy was claiming he recieved his 1st Dan in Soo Bahk Do, from the Intr. Tang Soo Do federation. He said thats impossible, that they do not and have not given out Soo Bach Do rank ever. He said to try contacting the Intr. Soo Bahk Do HQ...Either way he said he got it from them and thats false...Bullshido strike #1

            http://www.internationaltangsoodofed...ntact_info.htm Theres the link to the contact page for ITSDF
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              Im sitting at work not doing shit so Im going to dig a little deeper, on some of the other claims. :qleft1: get some, get some!!!


                This sucks, I really thought this was going to be about fighting Vampyres. Someone make up a MA about fighting Vampyres so we can mock you. Bonus points for references to The Slayer.


                  ◊ 1st Degree Black Belt Taekwondo graded by TAGB April 1993 (Actively training)
                  TAGB that he says here is a school in England here is there link
                  ◊ 2nd Degree Black Belt Taekwondo graded by USCMAI September 1999 (Actively training)
                  This is the absolute only thing that I could find anywhere even mentioning a Martial Arts Org. with Acronym USMAI
                  Re: Please Formally Introduce Yourself
                  Post by snasalle on Jul 25, 2004, 4:13pm

                  1. Hi my name is Steve NaSalle
                  2. My style is Keisatsu Jujitsu in the Molum Kung Fu system.
                  3. I reside in Whiteland, IN, USA.
                  4. The name of our School is Molum Combat Arts.
                  5. I currently hold the rank Shodan (black belt)/Instructor.
                  6. Member
                  7. Currently I hold memberships in the AFJ, USCMAI, and PKC.

                  I dug it out of that forum for you guys it took forever to find either way a Shodan is a Japanese ranking and this guy also claims jujitsu, no where in his credentials does this person claim TKD, however he does say that hes a member of the organization that
                  DR SOKE MIKE VAMPLEW Claims to have recieved TKD ranking from.

                  ◊ 3rd Degree Black Belt Taekwondo graded by World Martial Arts Masters July 2003 (Actively training)
         This is the closest hit that I could find for this claim but his description here is pretty vague. Shit I think everyone I know is a World Martial Arts Master.

                  ◊ 4th Degree Black Belt Taekwondo graded by International Taekwondo Association (Pakistan) Jan 2006 (Actively training)
                  As for this claim I couldnt really find any info except that there was just recently added a ITF Pakistan branch and there website is not yet available.
                  I will keep digging on some other things after I get rid of this headache.


                    Who gave him his PHD?


                      Originally posted by sempaiman
                      Who gave him his PHD?
                      According to his info page:
                      • Awarded Doctorate of Martial Sciences by Dr Mohsen Ahmadi Chancellor of FIMA Martial Arts University
                      • Batchelors Degree in Sports Development from University of Portsmouth
                      • Lecturer in Martial Arts at University of Portsmouth
                      EDIT: Did a search for FIMA Martial Arts University. All I came up with was which has no mention of a University, and which has a dead link to its instructors page. I have found references to an but that's a dead link. turns up some information that looks to be just as much Bullshido as Vambudo.

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                        WTF!!!??? This guy is a 214783219 degree black belt, in 34781904 orginizations, a Doctor of god only knows what and now this.....A director for movies or some shit..Wow, Im too easily amazed. I should go to a Dillman seminar, and shit my pants.
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                          If you go here and look under INTERNATIONAL W.S.C.S.K. MANAGERS
                          you will see his name listed as DIRECTOR OF KOREAN MARTIAL ARTS
                          SOKE MIKE VAMPLEW
                          JU 10 DAN VAMBUDO
                          Not too sure about this organization, but if there legit this gives him some credibility I would think.


                            Originally posted by Jujitsujock


                            WTF!!!??? This guy is a 214783219 degree black belt, in 34781904 orginizations, a Doctor of god only knows what and now this.....A director for movies or some shit..Wow, Im too easily amazed. I should go to a Dillman seminar, and shit my pants.

                            HAHAHAHA U have to watch atleast a little of this


                              Web References

                       - [Cached]Published on: 2/8/2007 Last Visited: 6/1/2007
                                (AGES 16+) MIKE VAMPLEW

                                PORTSMOUTH TIGERS TAEKWONDO CLUB
                                (AGES 16+) MIKE VAMPLEW

                                U.K ADULT DIVISION

                                Chief Instructor Soke Mike Vamplew
                                (AGES 16+) MIKE VAMPLEW

                                TEAM PORTSMOUTH MARTIAL ARTS CLUB
                                (AGES 16+) MIKE VAMPLEW
                                (AGES 16+) MIKE VAMPLEW
                                Mike is the World President of the IMA with 26 years martial arts experience in many styles and assists with many international associations, also the Founder of the Vambudo Style. Mike will be assisted by several of the UK Black Belts, these two divisions will raise the quality of tuition and take forward to the IMA and particularly the Academic side of the martial arts within the association.
                              2. 2. MIKE VAMPLEW

                       - [Cached]Published on: 2/27/2004 Last Visited: 8/24/2006
                                Mike first started competing back in 1982 in Judo, won his first title in 1983, since then Mike has competed at Judo tournaments, Karate tournaments, Taekwondo tournament and on the freestyle circuit. Mike is one of the few Instructors/Coaches who had competed at Semi Contact, Light Continuous, Groundfighting, Light Continuous, Forms and Breaking in competitions around the UK.

                                Mike is also a part-time lecturer in Martial Arts Studies at the University of Portsmouth, World President of Four Associations and Vice President of the International Taekwondo Association (Pakistan).

                                All the Stormtroopers Squad members are respectful for his knowledge and expertise and many of them state that their efforts are due to his enthusiasm and continuing to compete himself and show by example, he is well respected by many instructors on the tournament circuit.
                              3. 3. Midland Open

                       - [Cached]Published on: 6/1/2007 Last Visited: 6/1/2007
                                In the Under 16's Advanced Korean Forms Stormtrooper Squad Member Vicky Wemyss performed Yook Jang form utilising her excellent kicking skills to take 1st place and 1000pts, and in the Adult Korean Forms IMA & KKAF Chief Instructor Mike Vamplew performed Koryo Form scoring an impressive 8.2, 8.1, 8.0 to take 1st place and 1000pts, so well done to the forms competitors.

                              This below was taken off of, some type of myspace look alike. Can anyone find out if these locations of schools all really exist?

                              School Locations : UK Branches:
                              Portsmouth, Fareham (Hants), Chichester, Hunston (West Sussex) and Westergate (West Sussex).

                              International Member Countries:
                              Afghanistan, Australia, Burkina Faso, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, England, Gambia, Ghana, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Italy, Latvia, Montenegro, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Sri Lanka, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, USA, Ukraine, Wales.
                              Affiliates : Many Associations over 30 as members of the IMA and working with us internationally.



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