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More BJJ bullshido - The Gracie Combatives Licensing Programô

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  • Vince Tortelli
    Dear God:

    Please kill everyone responsible for this in painful, drawn out ways. I personally think the Ebola virus would be best, but you in your infinite wisedom can probably choose the exact means and method.


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  • JohnnyCache
    Oh come on J

    The world needs more quick fixes - and more watermelon juice.

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  • JKDChick
    This makes me sad and ill and must be ruthlessly stamped out.

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  • More BJJ bullshido - The Gracie Combatives Licensing Programô

    I don't think anyone is shocked by BJJ bullshido at this point. I've read enough about it. Just wanted to add the latest to the pile which, again is not shocking given what we know about some of the Gracies' marketing and business practices. But, at least it's new.

    From the "Gracie Insider" e-mail (don't even remember signing up for it, but ok):

    "Attention All Martial Arts Instructors

    Become an official Gracie Family Representative

    Get Certified to Teach in 2 Weeks

    No Previous Grappling Experience

    Turn your school into a (image of Gracie Combatives Certified Training Center)"
    Then some history and horrific hyperbole like this:

    What the fuck does that even mean?

    Well, there's more craptacular information here.

    Lineage is unfortunately going to grow even more and more important in BJJ. Hopefully, we're a few hundred years away from a full on _ing _un lineage war. Because we all know that BJJ was created by a Portugeuse nun who's name means "homely fall" and who had to fight several men to get one to marry her.
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