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    9chambers - how was my summer

    Okay, last I posted I was joining the best dojo in town (BJJ, JKD) to get involved in competition again and I attended a cool Aikido seminar. I had also just started working in graphics at a local label printing company. Since then, my life kind of fell apart.

    I couldn't join the dojo because I lost my job due to the condition of my aging parents. I've had to stay with Mom while Dad was in the hospital, stay with Dad while Mom was in rehab for 2 weeks twice, then twice for a month. I lost my job because I was up till all hours of the night helping them and so I was late a few times. I missed a day after staying up all night twice in a row and taking both parents to the hospital. I didn't like that job anyway, I was underpayed and it wasn't my field.

    Dad is at home now and I am looking after him. Mom is still doing rehab in a nursing home. It is my goal to get them both home and hire a nurse to look after them. I am doing some drawings that will get me a job that will allow me to afford that and work from home. I hope to have my portfolio done by the end of the month. It will work out. It has to work so it will. I'm confident that my work is good enough, I just need to get it to the right people. I draw comics. Here's a sketch so you know I'm not just dreaming:

    Anyway, I DID get to go to class once and to a gun seminar at the dojo I picked. It was cool. Here is how it went.

    * Drills - we did a few takedowns and knife defense drills
    * Rolling -

    The two assistant instructors were supposed to not be so aggresive on us new guys but wrestle with us a little. I got a short, stocky police officer. We started out on our knees. I got his arms and he went to guard. I got him in a can opener and watched what he would do with his arms but he just layed there with them spread out. I raised up and grabbed his legs but let go, I didn't want to do anything fancy on my first day, he did something I forget, I let him go and we were seperated. We reset. Then he got mount so I bucked, he got scissors, I bucked up again and wrapped his leg tight and rolled to the side sending him flying off to the side, he landed on all fours, I pushed his leg over and got out. He followed me and we rolled out of bounds. Time was up.

    * The gun seminar -

    It was good. He showed grabbing and striking dissarms. I showed him one of my strikes after class. He talked about rushing the guy with the gun as opposed to running. I made a comment in class that you can't always run, sometimes you'd be leaving someone behind to die. It was cool.

    Anyway, so yea I am still alive. Good to be back on here. Looks like you guys had a fun time at McBeatdown. I'll have to check out the videos. I hope to get to join up at the dojo sometime this winter. Things are okay. My Mom is getting better and Dad figured out that he was taking 25mg tablets of his Parkinson's medicine (three times a day) instead of the 100mg tablets he was supposed to take. Taking the right dosage should help him out a lot.

    >> Perhaps it was because I had an inherent skill for the science and never deviated from natural principles. - Miyamoto Musashi 1643

    Sorry to hear. Best to you...

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