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    to GI or not to GI...

    so what do you guys think about the gi as a training device? is it the epitome of technique and finesse training or a useless relic of a bygone era? i'm talking mostly about judo and BJJ here, but feel free to chime in on other arts as well...

    i'll start off. i've never trained with one and i don't see what the point of it is unless you live in the far north and everyone goes around in dog sleds and the proverbial "heavy winter coat" that apparently simulates gis so well...

    far north?

    Personally I'd like to train say.....70% no-gi and 30% with gi.

    I AM in Canada after all...but then again we also have two or three days where people wear T-shirts so I need the no-gi stuff as well.

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      There is nothing special about a gi. It is not designed to be the ultimate in fighting wear or offer protection. And you're right most people don't where anything close to a gi in normal everyday life.

      One of the things that a good fighter does is make use of the tools he/she has available. A gi techniques are perfect example of this. In competitions where gis are required knowing how to best use your own gi, and your opponents gi against them can be the difference between winning and losing. If you're not going to be competing in that arena, I'd say gi training isn't important.

      I practice a primarly striking art and I chose to wear a gi, practically all the time. But in my case, I don't do anything with a gi that I can't without one, so it really doesn't factor in. For us the gi is purely ceremonial, as many people wear t-shirts as wear gis.

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        Here in Lithuania, we have this thing called "winter". During this period of time, you're very unlikely to encounter someone in their gym shorts and a spandex t-shirt.

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          you folks from the frosty hoary north are pretty sensitive about it, huh?

          i very much hope not to encounter any strange men in spandex t-shirts very often!



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