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Southend-on-Sea, England: Kung Fu master Tony Anthony and Avanti Ministries

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    Originally posted by angrypedestal
    I have a feeling that perhaps it would be better to suspend judgement on Tony Anthony and whether he is a kung fu master or not rather than make an assumption, which as we know is the mother of all fuckups. Its easier than having to eat your hat after all.

    Just a thought.

    I prefer Gobshite. Or just a plain TWAT..
    I've read the book, it makes it very obvious that the closest he's come to Kung Fu mastery is a late night Shaw Brothers double bill.


      Originally posted by forgetit
      In the video that Honesty put up it looks like all the people in the audience are covering there mouths with there hands and that is like a tell. It to me means that they are wanting to say this is crap, pure bullshit. Is it just me seeing that!

      He sounds english to me. That is pure crap I mean he is full of shit, a horrific childhood.

      This is fake I am sure of it. Someone is putting this up here and just seeing how many will follow and check the information out, to see if anyone will look up Tony Anthony.

      This has to be trolling, it is just to contained of pure crap to be anything else the hole thing.
      I have met the man. He was doing one of his talks at a youth centre I was working at, I was the sound engineer. Messed up his tie mic actually :P.


        Originally posted by Jadonblade
        I have met the man. He was doing one of his talks at a youth centre I was working at, I was the sound engineer. Messed up his tie mic actually :P.
        Well ok but it rings of something right out of the 70's, I son't know it just has me wondering what is up with it if it is true or not.

        Still say the crowd is like covering there mouths, and that in any world is a emotional tell of hey I reall just want you to stop lieing.


          Thanks to all on the forum, unfortunately I cannot stay due to being victimised by the admin and frankly astonished by their blatant favouritism toward people with more posts than myself.

          I cant be bothered to elaborate. I know a few members on the threads I have posted on have registered the fact even though they wont say so, thanks to them.

          'Angry Pedestal'


            I do have to say... he really doesn't look halfblooded..... o.O


            Doesn't he have quite a heavy english accent for living in China since he was 4?
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              Well, I sent the IKF an e-mail... I really hope they respond to it.

              The day before yesterday I went to the Opwekking conference again and I saw that books being sold again... and I promised myself that they'd be gone next year.
              So, once again, thanks for all your help! I really hope I'll be able to send a letter to Opwekking in a couple of months.


                Hi, Tony Anthony is coming to my church this saturday. We were having problems with finding any video material of Tony doing Kung Fu. After some searching, we weren't able to find prove at all that he is world champion. Your research made everything a lot more clear (or in this case, more confusing for me). Everyone is very exited about him coming here, but I never heard of him before. Also, in an interview for Dutch television, he says that the international kung fu federation supported him and was linked to his championship or something like that. The interview can be watched online: (click on video under the descreption/biography of tony). I'm going to read his book now, and look what I believe of it. Also, will you post the e-mail you got/get of opwekking? I'm curious what they're going to say since I live in the Netherlands too.

                PS I just found this article:
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                  I think you will get a sense of what we have been saying from reading the book. Interesting newspaper article but all the info from it seems just to be a synopsis of the book..... . It gives no further info to corroborate or falsify his story.

                  The lack of ANY evidence of his championship titles really is worth questioning I feel.

                  Please let us know how the talk goes at your church and how he responds to any questions you might ask him.


                    I can't believe that this guy admits numerous times that he has killed, beaten up, disfigured and maimed many people but was only convicted once for 3 years. Maybe somebody can pull up the records and see if he was actually convicted and if so what for?

                    With a life story as fantastic as the one this guy claims he should expect a good few people to be asking questions. I have had a quick look but can only find references to him in a Christian context. He says the Kung Fu organisation he was part of was based in Geneva, I have many busniess contacts there and asked them to search for it but none of them could find anything on it at all.


                      Originally posted by honesty
                      I did a quick check of Saudi Ambassadors to the UK. There were never any ambassadors with the name "Amin Fahed". This guy invented that name.

                      Also, on 6:08. he alleges that this Saudi ambassador asked him to "collect money" as if this ambassador was some type of extortionist. I would suggest that this is a serious and slanderous accusation. The UK Saudi embassy website is linked below. Perhaps somebody can contact the embassy and inform them that this guy is slandering them?

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                        I got the impression he was heavily hinting it was the same ambassador that was linked to the BAE fiasco. Unless the dates dont add up.


                          Is it time to send this link the Tony Anthony to ask him for info?


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                              this guy is a fucking nutjob


                                What pisses me off most about this guy actually is that he's managed to convince some quite mainstream Christian groups that he's legit. Heres an article about him in War Cry (The Salvation Army publication):


                                Would it be worth while contacting War Cry to see if they have any other details on this guy?



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