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Southend-on-Sea, England: Kung Fu master Tony Anthony and Avanti Ministries

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    This is all very interesting, I wish I'd read this before he came down to Australia earlier this year... I actually met Tony, shook his hand etc. and must admit I did find him very uncomfortable about everything to do with his story apart from the actual gospel message itself. I wish now I could've asked him some of these questions.

    When my brother and I first read his book, we both thought, and I can quote exactly what we said to each other: "His upbringing was incredible, like something straight out of a Kung Fu movie!" Little did we know... However as a Christian who at that time was just a fan of Martial Arts not an actual Martial Artist, I took it at face value.

    As a Christian, I find it a real shame, as I totally support the message he's trying to present, but that is no excuse for going about it by deceitful means. I don't actually have a problem with them having had rough, criminal pasts, and then coming to Christ, but the Kung Fu upbringing sounds like its been invented as a drawcard.

    I'll be honest, I wish it were true, but its sounding less and less likely. I hope this can be resolved soon as to what is actually going on, what is true and what isn't...


      Originally posted by stephenprunetti
      By the way Dennis, your email link on the Avanti site is still down!
      I will notify the webmaster then.


        Hi Dennis,

        Personally, i don't give a damn about anyone at Avanti ministries, including you. Read my posts and you will clearly see that.

        But unfortunately for you, and anyone else involved with Avanti, it just so happens that the head of Avanti is a liar and a fraud.

        So if you are going to contribute to this forum in any way, a forum that is dedicated to exposing Tony Anthony's lies and deceit, i suggest that you put some thought into what you say first.

        You criticized bigguy1, regarding the email links to Avanti, when it is a simple thing to go on the Avanti site and see for yourself that they are broken. If you can not be right about something so basic, you are starting out on a premise of very little credibility.

        I spoke to Faye at Avanti yesterday morning to tell her about the email links being down. So you don't have to bother.


          Just some more on mr McCaskill aka lookinghot

          this thread is interesting - a C&P of one of the posts
          Originally Posted by lookinghot
          Wee Dog, what the hell are you talking about. I used to work with Chad from dynamicwholesalers and i used to run I was not involved with any deals of his, i just brought phones from him. You know nothing

          John Kedroski has nothing to do with DW. He owes me $70k USD, but that has nothing to do with DW.

          For your statement in calling me a scam i will file a compalint with my lawyer in Australia and he will deal with this, that should teach you not to shoot your little mouth of about things you do not know. Yes Wee Dog i have a business in Australia as well and i have alot of contacts over there.

          About Chad, i no longer have business ties with him or lisa. is linked to my site Mod Edit: Please see forum rules about selling/advertising on the forum so my customers (happy customers) can shop with me still.

          Wee Dog this is a warning, stay out of peoples business and judge others to the extent you wish to be judged.

          Not sure whether he was scammed or was scamming but if he's the same lookinghot as is selling all that snide gear, viagra and tobacco then he's definitely a scammer
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            Originally posted by Denny Mac
            Gidday. Somehow I don't think so. The wholesale forum deal is it. All these other things i have no idea what they are, but nice try.

            You may think your doing the world a favor by head hunting everyone involved in Avanti Ministries, but you are doing damage to my wife and children and all the other guys as well. Well done.

            Have a nice day.

            How do you know that Renton and Kidd's stories are true?

            Do you have any facts to back up your claims?


              Dennis, is Tony Anthony a Liar or a Murderer?

              Hi Dennis,

              Let me put things into perspective for you.

              To all but the completely gullible or foolish, Tony Anthony is an outright fraud. The fact that he is travelling the world and peddling his bullshit story in the name of Jesus, is something that i imagine any genuine Christian would be appalled by.

              Now, by association, because Tony is a fraud, anyone involved with his organisation 'Avanti Ministries' is going to come under at least a little bit of suspicion. Especially anyone trying to defend his position. Then, when some of these people have had very dubious pasts, including yourself it seems, things start to look pretty murky. Which can't be good for an organisation that claims to be Christian. Surely. Can you understand that?

              You say that you stand by Tony's story. Do you have anything at all to substantiate Tony's ludicrous claims? I can assure you that Tony hasn't. I've been waiting for a reasonable answer for over two years.

              You are the first person, who is connected to Avanti, to post on here. Respect to you for that. Where are the others? If Tony's claims are genuine, him and his fellow evangelists should be able to counter my (and others) queries with great ease. This has not happened.

              Ask Tony if he's ever been held accountable for any of the murders he claims to have commited. Because he's either a complete liar or a murderer who has escaped justice.

              You're standing by him, you say?


                Originally posted by Denny Mac

                You may think your doing the world a favor by head hunting everyone involved in Avanti Ministries, but you are doing damage to my wife and children and all the other guys as well. Well done.
                Tough luck, you lay with dogs, you get fleas. He's clearly a liar, and hence a fraud, don't be surprised that by having an alliegance with liars and frauds causes difficulty. Hang out with honest people and it's less likely to happen, that much must be obvious.


                  I just looked on your web site Dennis. All your 'Global Passion' resources are Tony's stolen, plagiarised booty. How do you feel about that?


                    Originally posted by bigguy1 View Post
                    I just looked on your web site Dennis. All your 'Global Passion' resources are Tony's stolen, plagiarised booty. How do you feel about that?
                    I'm sorry this happened to you

                    I've had my work plagarised and I know how horrible it can feel, especially when the other person goes around making out that your work was created by them and gets all kinds of props for it.

                    I thought you might be interested in this video of Tony

                    YouTube - Tony Anthony part 4 - Roses for God

                    Maybe he thinks that stealing your work was a bit like stealing roses for his girlfriend? Or something.


                      Interesting comment from AvantiNZ on one of Tony's videos here

                      YouTube - Tony Anthony - Taming the Tiger Part One

                      Basically someone at AvantiNZ makes the following claim in response to comments questioning the truthfulness of Tony's account

                      tonowicz1 I dont think so. what makes you say that. He has spoken to millions and millions of people, If he was a fraud i am sure he would of been pinned by now. Also we have verification of his claims, they were required before the book was printed.
                      (emphasis mine)

                      It's such a relief to hear that at least someone at Avanti has some proof of Tony's account.

                      All they need to do now is to post it here to clarify the situation.

                      *waits in eager anticipation*


                        Could people please stop posting comments on the youtube videos of the reggae artiste Tony Anthony calling him a liar?

                        He looks completely different to the fake evangelist Tony Anthony and must be rather confused by the hateful comments.

                        ta :)

                        in fact Avanti's Tony Anthony would do well to listen to the lyrics of the real Tony Anthony

                        YouTube - Tony Anthony

                        listen and learn Tony
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                          Dennis McCaskill, Evangelist, Avanti Ministries - where is your response?

                          Well, it's all gone quiet over there, Dennis. Of course, i'm really not surprised.

                          At the very least, you should be man enough to apologise to bigguy1. Firstly, for being so wrong about the email links at Avanti, and secondly, and more importantly, for using second-hand material that the liar and fraud Tony Anthony originally plagiarised from him.

                          I'm trying my best to not think of you as a total dickhead. But i'm afraid i'm really struggling at this point.
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                            Upsetting that Dennis can't reply. Maybe it was resolved via telephone?

                            Can someone revive Tony's Wikipedia page? It is the first thing that would pop up after a name search, and would be great to state that none of his claims are verified.

                            We could link to the Bullshido page and enough information from sources such as Malcolm etc that we can put on the page.


                              Filehelp. That's a great idea. Unfortunately, i'm technically incompetent, so i can't help in that department. (It took me over a week to realise that you'd sent me a private message!)

                              My comments keep getting removed from Tony's youtube videos, although not all of them.

                              I appeal to anyone reading this thread, who can see Tony Anthony for what he is, to keep the pressure up. Post comments or links to the Bullshido site on his up-loaded videos, or write a review for Amazon. There are already 11 one-star reviews by various people at Amazon's UK site, out of a total of 32 - i'm sure there won't be many books to have a third of their reviews as one-star reviews.

                              I'm out of the country for a week, so won't be able to check this thread, but when i get back it won't be far from the end of November, which is when Tony said the 'questions and answers' part of the Avanti site will be complete.


                                I think that reviving the wiki page is going to be fraught with difficulties for various reasons.

                                The wiki guidelines state that articles must not include "original research", of which this thread would be considered an example

                                They are very strict with guidelines relating pages about living people and such pages must have references to original sources (reputable newspapers, academic papers etc.) in order to remian.

                                We had problems with the Bobby Joe Blythe wiki page for exactly this reason and it was removed.

                                The good thing about the policy is that Tony Anthony was not able to have his own wiki page with lots of his own false claims on it.



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