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Southend-on-Sea, England: Kung Fu master Tony Anthony and Avanti Ministries

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    Dennis McCaskill - Oops! This link appears to be broken.

    Hi again Denny Mac.

    Just been on the Avanti site. I presume this is you. Your email link is also down.



      Somebody from Avanti, lying? Now there's a surprise.


        Originally posted by Denny Mac View Post
        Hi Julian, It is plain to see that you cannot surf the web. If you click on the evangelist name on the website you then have an option to contact the evangelist directly.

        I am one of the evangelist listed on the site and I personally know some of the guys listed on the website. Isn't it interesting that you have started to kick up a fuss just as Jamie Kidd and Renton Baker are visiting New Zealand. I assure you that both Jamie Kidd and Renton Bakers testimonies are 100% true as is my story. Just because you doubt Tony’s story why do you attack the rest of the guys.

        I personally stand behind Tony Anthony and have worked with him for 3 years now. I have found him to be sold out for what he does.

        How do you know that Jamie Kidd and Renton Baker's stories are 100% accurate?

        Please provide some kind of credible evidence for your statement.

        Also if Renton Baker's claims about being involved in organised violent gangs and drug dealing (see radio interview on earlier link) are true, then can you please enlighten us when Mr Baker attended a police station to give a full account of his crimes and those of his criminal associates, as you would expect a truly repentant* person to do?

        What about John Lawson? Are you less certain about the truth of his story?

        * I am not a Christian so perhaps I'm misunderstanding something about Christianity. Perhaps the people at Avanti believe that a person can commit all kinds of serious, violent and anti-social crimes and not have to be punished for them providing that they go on to pursue a career as an evangelist?
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          There is also a biblical mandate to get this sorted together in private. This is the wrong place to be fleshing out this issue. I know Tony has tried to resolve this issue with you and there are two sides to a story
          I didn't know what to think about your claim that you wrote the "Think" presentation "Bigguy" but it seems we just got that confirmed. That presentation was actually the one thing I could use from the evening with Anthony, so I'm glad we got that fact revealed


            Originally posted by Denny Mac View Post
            There is also a biblical mandate to get this sorted together in private. This is the wrong place to be fleshing out this issue.
            What do you mean by a biblical mandate to get this sorted in private?

            It look to me like you just want to hide it and sweep it under the carpet.


              What do you mean by a biblical mandate to get this sorted in private?
              In churches we seek to get things sorted out to not humiliate people in public. Now, I tried that with Tony, but I had no success, so I suspect some people at Avanti for trying to just sweep it all under the carpet


                Originally posted by stubbe78 View Post
                In churches we seek to get things sorted out to not humiliate people in public. Now, I tried that with Tony, but I had no success, so I suspect some people at Avanti for trying to just sweep it all under the carpet
                Thanks for the clarification

                Out of interest is this because of anything that is actually written in the bible or is ti just a modern thing?

                Also what are the limitation of this mandate?

                I would have thought that where criminal activity is concerned (as it is with Tony and his associates) that everything should be discussed openly for the sakes of all concerned.

                Just thinking aloud, but a few years back there was a big protest outside an Irish Catholic organisation near my then home by adults who had been violently and sexually abused as children by Catholic priests. They were furious because the Catholic church had some similar policy where everything was discussed in private and the result was that various child abusing priests were sent for completely ineffective "counselling" (all organised by the church) before being sent out to new communities only to abuse more children.

                I feel extremely uncomfortable about any kind of mandate that effectively hides the potentially criminal activities of church members.

                Stuff this serious has to be discussed openly IMO


                  I am a christian. I do not however subscribe to this policy of dealing with things behind closed doors.
                  It is dishonest.
                  I sense that his followers are adopting the policy that "well he converts so many so he must be legit" what they are not considering is that for every 1 person he converts , there are 10 others looking at his ministry and being put off christianity because of it.
                  Lies and deceit are the tools of satan, any ministry founded on these serve him and not god, just like any cult that uses the gospel.
                  There is no grey area.
                  You are part of his ministry and now you have been made aware of the truth , it would have been better for you not to know if you choose to do nothing because now you will be held account by your failure to act despite of the truth.
                  When Tony Anthony is exposed and faces charges for his deceptions what will you say to those you have converted?
                  If you want my number to discuss this PM me and Ill call you.


                    Originally posted by stephenprunetti View Post
                    Hi again Denny Mac.

                    Just been on the Avanti site. I presume this is you. Your email link is also down.

                    I wonder if this is the same person?

                    Based in NZ

                    Same name

                    now deleted profile here

           (evangelist? Christian ministry site)


                    it would appear that he was trading under the ID of lookinghot
                    Could he be the same lookinghot as is selling viagra, tobacco and a range of counterfeit goods here?

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                      Terraform: Agreed, when it's a case of such serious matter, we can't just keep it inside the congregrations. Some things are not necessary to display in public(things that are not criminal, that is) but in this case it affects so many more than just the one congregation. Furthermore, he evades on a lot of our questions and then we can't solve it in the congregations.
                      The policy of dealing with matters behind closed doors should not be used to cover things that could be criminal or could affect a lot of lifes. Tony became aware of the questions a long time ago and could have answered a long time ago


                        In responce to a board stating that he owed someone over $10,000s

                        After many requests to have this thread removed i have decided to write what has happened in regards to this person i have owed money to and how I got scammed. In getting scammed I became a scammer.

                        This thread has stopped me getting Jobs and has badly effected my life.

                        The Kiwiguy is my old work place, they thought it would be funny to post some stuff on me. This of course is illegal and because their posts havent been removed as requested and agreedto by them, i will be talking to my lawyer.

                        Many years ago I was scammed. I formed a business relationship with Chris Page and EC Connect, they were selling ipods. I brought a whole lot of them. To their credit i did receive my first order of ipods. I thought i had found a good supplier. I was new in the games and i got greedy. I then started ordering more ipods, 1000's more. Now there is nothing wrong with doing that expect i wasnt using my money. I got the money of other people (pre order) and then passed the money on to my suppliers. That to me is wrong, it is risking other people’s money. It was careless and reckless.

                        However around December a couple of years ago everything went wrong. EC Connect disappeared with the money and no product showed. $100,000's dollars tied up into product that would never again show. Then came the charge backs. Most people paid by credit card for the product, which was good for them because they could there money back. There was only one person i know of that paid by bank transfer and that was high flyer. We had done business before and he had got his product from me in the past so he thought he could trust me. To try and get some product back i used another supplier that a friend of mind (so called, he was involved with the scam as well) recommend to me. I gave him $60,000 - $70,000 USD. That money disappeared as well. Stupid stupid stupid!

                        After all the charge backs my bank account was in $400,000 overdraft. And highflyer was out of luck. We had heated discussions and i feared for my life! I was now out of a business and had no Job. Since then i have started paying highflyer back. I would say i am close to half way of paying him back. Now i am without a fulltime Job and living is tough at the moment but i am still committed to paying him back weekly amounts.

                        Now that i have come out of the other end of this i could write a Book. When i started to do this business i was stupid and had no idea. I thought business was business and you could trust people. But since this time i have had death frets and all sorts of stuff. There is alot of good information on this site on how not to end up like me. Listen to it, if you have a problem with greed and money then don’t enter this game, go find a job that’s 9 to 5 and save yourself some pain.

                        Dennis McCaskill


                          possibly connected?


                          Dennis Ryan
                          registrant_contact_address1: PO Box 17031
                          registrant_contact_address2: Korori
                          registrant_contact_city: Wellington
                          registrant_contact_postalcode: 1007
                          registrant_contact_country: NZ (NEW ZEALAND)
                          registrant_contact_phone: +64 4 4765120
                          registrant_contact_email: [email protected]

                          domain_dateregistered: 2006-06-12T07:18:07+12:00
                          domain_datebilleduntil: 2007-06-12T07:18:07+12:00

                          Company Number 1335479
                          Company MONEYPAY LIMITED
                          Incorporated 20-JUN-2003
                          Current Status REGISTERED
                          Entity Type Company
                          Constitution Filed Yes
                          Annual Return Filing Month February

                          Address Details
                          Registered Office
                          Martin Jarvie Pkf
                          3rd Floor
                          85 The Terrace

                          Address for Service
                          Martin Jarvie Pkf
                          3rd Floor
                          85 The Terrace

                          Name Date Appointed:

                          RYAN, Dennis Mccaskill 22-SEP-2006
                          3A Allington Mews, Allington Road, Karori, Wellington 6012

                          (same person?)


                          The posters on that site seem to think that the site (now down) might be a Ponzi scheme, but the thread just stops

                          I would have thought that if the company was legit that there would have been more google hits for the url than just a scam forum devoted to discussing whether it was a scam or not.

                          No time to research this properly just sending this out in case anyone out there does

                          Lots of other (IMO scammy) looking sites called moneypay



                            I thought that was such a lame response, thanks for the C&P, I'd be interested in what other think

                            I know that people can get caught out drop shipping when suppliers go under or just don't supply, however it's also a standard excuse for scammers.

                            I've seen countless similar posts on various ebay community boards and they often work in that the confessional tone mixed with \ "poor me" story (by someone claiming to have always had the best of intentions) can fool a lot of people.

                            Sometimes of course the story is true. Sometimes not.

                            If he has this business in Mumbai, India


                            then he is probably the ID selling the viagra, counterfeit stuff, etc. that is selling these "ugg" boots

                            note: dropshipping welcome

                            kind of ironic that someone who claims to have been scammed by a naive attempt at trading with a drop-shipping supplier, is now offering to supply on the same basis

                            It might not be the same lookinghot but on the Avanti website (scroll down) it says that they have ministries in India, so it's not beyond the realms of possibility

                            also re moneypay europe

                            a poster on this thread refers to it as a ponzi scheme

                            Senior Member
                            Member # 11493

                            Member Rated:
                            posted June 10, 2009 06:51 AMJune 10, 2009 06:51 AM That is correct. But there are HYIPs which can last about 1-2 years or even longer. We had 2 very "successful" ones here in Germany: Moneypay-Europe and Forexfonds. They promised up to 1% per day. You can't imagine how many, many people they did rip off. "Gier frisst Hirn" - just a saying here in Germany.

                            actually there are a lot of threads, many in German, re moneypay europe being a Ponzi scheme.

                            Some of the links re moneypay europe show up on my PC as sites that can harm my computer, so be careful checking this stuff out
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                              A lot of people don't know I wrote the 'Think' presentation, and a lot of people do. You can see what's going to happen, can't you? The longer he goes not repenting, & putting things right the higher the stack of cards he is building 4 a spiritualtwin towers' experience. A lot of people are going to be hurt and disillusioned with Tony, and those working with him. How do you expect God to honour you when there is civil crime (sin) in your camp?
                              This is precisely why I have brought this into the public arena. Tony has had three years to sort this out, but he has chosen to 'hide' behind a wrongly interpreted Biblical principle of keeping it private.As an unrepentant plagiarist, Matthew 18:17 is clear: treat him as a tax collector and heathen i.e. a person outside the church who doesn't get the privilege of 'keeping it private'.
                              All the helpers, evangelists, and those associated with Tony ought to pray for him to come to a place of full repentance before things start to implode. And quite frankly, I don't want to see that happen.
                              As for his book and testimony, it seems blatantly clear, for the sake of the honour of Jesus and His church, that all the details are verified by an independent body. Way too many Christians and non-Christians smell a rat, and the swirl of controversy surrounding Tony has become too big to ignore any longer. After a proper audit, Tony can be released fully and completely, and others joining him will have confidence his testimony is bone fide.


                                Bigguy: Exactly, I sold his book before I read it myself, but when I read it, I felt so decieved and had to tell my churchleader that I just couldn't get myself to sell it anymore. I later tried to give Tony a chance to explain, but he blew it in a big way.



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