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Southend-on-Sea, England: Kung Fu master Tony Anthony and Avanti Ministries

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    Tony Anthony: Murderer or Liar?

    Tony Anthony's reply answers precisely nothing. I think you give him far too much credit Terraform, by saying his response is 'well crafted.' Looks very much to me like a bullshitter trying to bullshit his way out of the tricky situation he has found himself in. We could go on like this for a very long time.

    Anthony is on video saying he has killed many times. He writes about one of these killings in his book. This is no small thing.

    He claims to have served two prison sentences. One in Cyprus for breaking into hotel rooms and one in England in connection with killing that lady on her bike. But apparently not for any of his many killings.

    If, as he claims, he has killed many times, why does he not go to the authorities and make a full statement about the murders he claims to have committed in the past? He's 'seen the light' now, and found Jesus. Maybe i'm wrong, but isn't that what a good christian would do?

    I asked Anthony and Malcolm Down this question two years ago. Nothing. I asked Malcolm that question again, quite recently. You can see his reply, at the end of one of his emails, that i've posted on this site. He treats it like a mere detail, saying that Anthony will address this within a month on the Avanti website 'questions and answers' section.

    Although his email link has been disabled on the Avanti website, i'm still trying to put that question to Tony Anthony. A girl i spoke to at Avanti yesterday kindly gave me her email address, so that i could, again, send this question to Tony, via her email.

    I know the answer to the question, 'is Tony Anthony a murderer or a liar?', but i'd like to hear what he has to say on the matter.
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      Found one Terraform. Another Doco.
      Watching now. can someone please download just in case? You can also purchase a video of Tony's christian seminars here. Bigboy might be interested in this.
      here a link to the video online, but i think the video may be down.
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        In the Doco he states "It was a relatively tame tiger" in regards to the Tiger. compared to in his book "It was a highly ferocious dangerous Animal"

        Trying to plug the cracks in the dam a bit?
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          It has a Video of Michael Wright near the end. Confirms that Anthony was in jail not to much shock there.

          He visited the prison, yet no talk of/interview with Caponey.


            Mr Mike Wright at the British High Commission in Nicosia. He can be reached
            tel: 00357 22861313
            [email protected]
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              Originally posted by filehelp View Post
              I want to post Anothony's segment on when he became Lo Fu Zai, "master in the way of Kung Fu" by completing Tar Shui, the test of teh tunnel in Shangdong. (Shaw Brother's gold)

              But before I type up the 3 pages, does anyone have a copy of the audiobook of Taming the Tiger? would be a lot easy to post segmenets from that.

              As I would love to see Ronin's and Omega's responce to that chapter.
              Need more info on this as I do not have a copy of the book. I lived in Shandong province from 96-97 and still maintain contacts there in the MA community with a little more info I could probably get you a definite answer in regards to this.


                Terraform. I think you're getting your Michael Wrights mixed up. The Michael Wright who knows Tony Anthony is a christian evangelist from Ireland (Northern Ireland, if my memory serves me correctly). The Mike Wright you give the email address for in Cyprus is a different bloke.


                  Originally posted by stephenprunetti View Post
                  Terraform. I think you're getting your Michael Wrights mixed up. The Michael Wright who knows Tony Anthony is a christian evangelist from Ireland (Northern Ireland, if my memory serves me correctly). The Mike Wright you give the email address for in Cyprus is a different bloke.

                  How do you know this?
                  I ask because when British people are put in jail overseas they get visits from the local representative of our government.
                  I have read earlier references to Michael Wright that state "i was visited by a stranger who was a christian called Michael Wright"
                  Norhtern ireland is part of england
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                    I think they are the same person. Mike Wright is the Irish missionary who was working in Cyprus when Tony was in jail. It was through Mike Wright that Tony became a Christian.


                      Just chuck him an email and find out.

                      Unless you can find a picture of the Commissioner and compare him to the guy at the end of this video



                        Regards to the timeline, I don't think its a good idea to post online, for numerous reasons. If your keen chuck me a private message or post your email on my wall and ill send it to you.

                        Hopefully we can all add to it and make it more cohesive.


                          As far as I remember, Michael Wright is mentioned as the irish missionary who visited all prisoners who needed a visit from a missionary. Tony mentions a local representative for the British governmaent earlier in the book.
                          I left my book at my parents' home, so I can't check, but I'm quite sure that Michael Wright is there solely to share the gospel with the prisoners


                            Stubb, without meaning to sound rude , it is the facts in the book we are questioning.
                            What was Tony's story to MIchael? what was his second name? Is he from china/italy or is he english born cypriot?

                            Yes please it would help me allot. i dont think i can rest now until i have seen this Tony Anthony issue resolved one way or the other.
                            If there is a fake evangelist in my reach, selling people lies and taking peoples money under false pretences , all i can say to him is "NOT ON MY WATCH".
                            If it is proved the other way i will gladly make a donation to his cause but at this moment in time the evidence is stacked against him , just lacking a little concrete which may be just a phone call or email away.


                              Will send time line now,

                              In the book it states "Micheal Wright the Irish evangelist" and says he often visited the prison to help out many prisoners religiously.

                              It is possible that he got this position recently. but either way we should be able to find his email quite easily, but still, what do we ask him?


                                Terraform: I know, so am I ;-) I just misunderstood, I thought you found both a Mike and a Michael Wright on the internet or something like that. I don't take his book as being facts, not even Michael Wright.
                                So what I meant was: If Michael Wright is infact for real, he was just a preacher, who wanted to share the gospel with the prisoners and not a representative for the British government.



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