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Southend-on-Sea, England: Kung Fu master Tony Anthony and Avanti Ministries

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    Tony's Reply

    Greetings to you in the name of our wonderful Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    Thank you for the email it was very good to hear from you, and for your encouraging words at the start of your email.

    I am glad that you have had a chance to read my testimony. Taming the Tiger is a true life story, however many of the identifying details and descriptions in the book have been changed to protect the identity of certain people and groups portrayed. Taming the Tiger to explain this as we have had to protect the identity and description of numerous people in my story. In terms of creative license, I can tell you that we did not use any at all - however I would like to say that we did not include everything that has happened in my life into this book for fear that my story would be even more unbelievable, and also because many of those additional elements would have no relevance to the main point of my book.

    The various other queries that you raised have resulted from an absence of internet based information (for the reasons explained above) as we have had this from a few other people in the past. I do apologise if you could not find any information about me on the internet, although I am not entirely sure where you would have searched exactly. It very much depends on which Kung Fu World Title you would have been looking under as there are a large number of world championship competitions in Kung Fu held across the world and especially in Asia, both modern and ancient and they can be quite varied as some incorporate a variety of styles of Kung Fu and others specialise in specific techniques, which can all be very misleading.

    You also enquired about "Al Caponey". He was most definitely in the prison at the same time as me, however it is also quite common for inmates to serve time in prison and also have to attend further court cases whether they be for sentencing, appeal, etc, etc. In terms of the layout of the prison, you may be interested to know that the juvenile prisoners were mixed together with many adult offenders as well at the time that I was in Nicosia Central.

    You enquired about conflicting dates in my book, and I apologise if we did not communicate them clearly enough. There were many things that happened at the same time during the course of each year. My organisation will be adding a section to our website (Please visit: which has already been prepared) where we will be adding answers to frequently asked questions. We expect this to be ready in the next month or so. I hope that most of your questions can be answered here.

    I hope some of the above helps you in some way.

    God bless you.

    Keep on keeping on...

    Tony Anthony


      Not a whole lot of news there. It is not only his kung fu that raises questions. I seriously doubt that we will ever find out, if it's true or not, but I think you guys are doing a great job trying.
      I have spent too much time on this without getting anywhere, as I lack resources. Still, I will be following the thread. I have decided to look at his story as true until someone proves the opposite.
      Once again, you are doing a great job. And as Tony says: Keep on keeping on, maybe you'll find some interesting stuff along the way. I still hope you'll prove him a liar, if that is infact what he is


        Mate, I did a six week tour with Tony Anthony....he ripped off the Christian Teaching materials we wrote, and is now presenting them to others as his own..and selling them....the 'gospel' presentation he uses at the end of his talks was written by me...I can't believe the Christian church is so naive...we quizzed Tony for some time about his 'world champion' status...eventually it came out...he says there are many types of Kung Fu...his one was very he is the champion of this rare variety..when asked how many people fought for the title...the answer was no more than 40...
        But this is not the main problem I have with main concern is that he took all my resources and is now parading them as his own...I didn't mind him using them, because I want to get the message out, but he didn't like the idea of acknowledging where they came from...instead he opted for saying they are his...he is incredibly cunning and tricky how he did it...


          Hey mate, could you tell us more information on the tour?

          What year was this?
          what was covered etc?
          Any information possible.

          Also sorry about your work, someone here might know possible steps you can take about it.

          The only real facts we got out of the Email is that he claims he definitely WAS in jail at the time of Caponey. Of course I will keep looking deeply into the issue as all the evidence I have collected states otherwise.

          It took him about 3 days to reply to the email, but no doubt he is very busy.

          If you guys can think of any other questions to ask him i suspect he will answer a few more.


            Tony Anthony is a liar and a fraud.

            Bigguy1. Interesting post. The plot thickens! Please tell us more.

            As for Tony's reply - filehelp, littleoldme, terraform, someone, please comment on it before i lose the will to live.


              I can't tell you anymore...other than that with Tony lies and truth are so intertwined, he is able to brush most criticism aside. It's a question of asking the right an investigative journalist...his reply on this site is an example...he has tolld you the truths he wants you to hear, but will sidestep the critical issues...on his web site, he doesn't tell specific details of where he is speaking the hosts can't be alerted to the facts BEFORE he gets I said, he is VERY cunning and crafty...


                Hahaha - Stephen

                He covered himself well

                On the point of the tournaments, in my opinion, he is going to keep downgrading the scale of it. Hopefully until the point where he will probably stop having to say he is a 3 time world champ in just "Kung Fu". but this means it will be hard to have any information on the competition.

                Zero creative licesence is great to know.

                Al Caponey wise, he states he was in there.
                He had to say this due to Caponey being one of the main points in his book.

                But he speaks of him being there with a certainty that he has never used for any other facts, therefore its possibly he was there! gotta keep digging here.


                  Filehelp. The obvious question is, has he ever been held accountable for any of the killings that he readily admits to on some of his youtube videos?


                    It was 2006 in New Zealand. I can't tell you anymore than this other than that we were with him for six weeks. At the end of the tour, and as a team, we concluded there was a lot about Tony which didn't ring true. Before the tour, we had calls from various martial arts groups wanting information about his 'world champion status' but we couldn't provide. It was only after intense interrogation that he revealed that he was involved with a 'the rare branch' of Kung Fu...and how secret and sensitive the code was...and how he wasn't allowed to give out any details...etc etc ....all we know is the fights for 'the championship' took place in a garage. Tony has been able to weave truth and error and market it nicely.


                      Ask Tony who the originator of his 'think' presentation was...and all the material he has for his 'Release' conferences....


                        Will send another email when we have 3 or 4 good questions.

                        I Will ask about accountability of murder.

                        Bigguy, I think that you should ask Tony this directly, not that i don't think its crucial information, but because you would be the best one to ask him these questions.

                        Post your email/Youtube id/Contact info on my wall and I will send you his working email.


                          HA! HA!
                          So tiger stroking, cauldron of molten-metal carrying, camel riding, SWAT body-guard kung fu world champ Tony, has been nicking his evangelising material as well?! No way. Who would have thunk it? Ha! Ha!

                          There is a God. And he's put Tony Anthony here to keep us all amused!


                            I want to post Anothony's segment on when he became Lo Fu Zai, "master in the way of Kung Fu" by completing Tar Shui, the test of teh tunnel in Shangdong. (Shaw Brother's gold)

                            But before I type up the 3 pages, does anyone have a copy of the audiobook of Taming the Tiger? would be a lot easy to post segmenets from that.

                            As I would love to see Ronin's and Omega's responce to that chapter.


                              A very well crafted response! Proves nothing in my opinion other than that he is skilled at is craft.
                              1) Which insurance broker did you work for and between what times?
                              2) Explain how people reacted to you as a 15 year old body guard?
                              3) Do you have any pictures of yourself at this age?
                              4) Have you ever changed your name by deed poll?
                              5) Would you be willing to do a video interview?
                              6) Do you presently claim government benefits for a disability? (is that too personal ?)
                              7) Why did you put names in the book that implied verification of the facts that where not correct? for example "my grandfathers name was *********"
                              Ill add more later its 5.30am and im proberbly not awake yet.


                                8)You said in your video that you made more documentaries around the world about your life, How can i obtain them? (i am local and can collect them and will pay cash)
                                9)Which medical condition is causing your eyes to spasm/blink when you are giving your talk?
                                10) What is your correct birth year, 71 or 69? why are there two documents with differing dates at companies house?
                                11) Has any previous members of your organization left because they doubted your story?
                                12) How do you reconcile the fact you have got away with multiple murders with your faith? (note that you have stated that even in cases of self defense you chose to shoot in the face yet remain unpunished)
                                13) Where are your parents?
                                14) Which part of North London are you from?
                                15) What school did you attend?
                                16) You need to be 18 to become a qualified bodyguard how did you get round this with a government department who stringently vet all there staff including (especially) subcontracted staff?
                                17) please explain what the Saudi governments qualification requirements where from its bodyguards both directly employed and subcontracted as it seams that the courses for this level of work take years ?

                                Im not done yet, got to do some work.
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