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Southend-on-Sea, England: Kung Fu master Tony Anthony and Avanti Ministries

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    There is a hotel called The Madareem in Riyadh which could fit the description.


      Tony didn't call his hotel 'the madareem.' He called it 'the meridian.' This is because when he was dreaming up his ridiculous fairy-story, he was either too lazy or just too bone-headedly stupid (maybe both) to do a little bit of research to make his story seem that bit more credible. As i've said before, he's a very unsophisticated liar.


        I agree Stephen, but we have to find out anyway, while I am sure he would use it to slow us down, so we get tired of trying. He will react when the churches get suspicious not before that. As long as the most of the churches believe him he don't care a rats ass about you, me and other critics.
        Therefore, I would be happy to spread clear evidence in the churches, if we find any.
        If the churches see clear evidence, they will probably see that he is a liar then he will become desperate and a much easier target.


          Agree to the hotel being there for a long time


            The trouble is that, for some bizarre reason, there are many people who seem to badly want to believe him. The weight of evidence against him, blows his story totally apart. But i get the impression, from reading reviews on Christian web-sites and emails that i've received, that because he's evangelising in the name of Jesus, he's somehow above criticism. Because he claims to be a Christian, he's teflon-coated. It's very worrying.


              Stephen: Exactly my point. I love the evangelical part as a christian, but it is a standard presentation and the evangelical message in the book could be the work of the co-writer.
              He could easily be a liar and still say the right evangelical things.
              Efficiency is one of Avantis ways of doing mission. Therefore I suspect them to use the book as "fishbait"


                Anthony claims Pakistani master and "Shaolin warrior" Ashraf Tae was good friends with his grandfather and set up a fight in Pakistan between Anthony and his best pupil Raani.

                Turns out there is a famous Pakistani martial artist called Ashraf TAI.


                Could clear this up pretty fast if someone could contact him and ask him if such a fight/relationship ever existed.


                  He talks about his visit to the club Africana in Nicosia where drunk danish solders made advances on innocent girls. Anthony couldn't take this and laid the beatdown on the 10 solders with his coilingh snake technqiue.

                  can anyone find out when this club was opened?

                  wonder if it was the monday night special?



                    Anthony also states that in Nicosia Prison he became friends with English PLO assassin Ian Davidson. after going on to state about Davidson history he states that "he has kept in touch with Ian since his release to prison"

                    Again if anyone can find information on Ian Davidson or how to contact him, it will be a very big step in finding out IF Anthony ever did spend time in the Cyprus prison.

                    Ian Davidson was released back to London in 1993. But that’s the last I can find on him. he was a former pupil at South Shields Grammar School for Boys and a carpenter

                    If we can find him... before the Israelis do... this would be a very big step.
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                      I have a phone conversation scheduled with the Prison Director in 10 minutes.

                      Any questions that you think should be asked?


                        they keep stringing me along. another hour etc.

                        Currently one prison staff member is looking for records of tony Anthony and I have been instructed to call back in an hour. surprisingly there all pretty decent at English.

                        just finished reading the last part of his book about his stay in Bullingdon prison in the U.K. i suspect that this is realistic but it might pay for someone in the U.K to give them a call to clarify this, as i get pretty horrible calling rates to there.


                        I would ask if Tony Anthony was ever there. this could possibly give us information on if this is his real name. i would also ask about the existence of a job called the "red bands" a job that pays 5 quid a week that he did near the end of his sentence.

                        his sentence ended on Feb 2002 if that helps


                          Yes, I am ready to believe in the Bullingdon story too. I thought of the "Red Band" too, when I read it.


                            The believability of the story is a good point for us. I would say we should be pretty certian he was at Bullingdon as there was no real reason for the lie.

                            This is an advantage to us because this means we can inquire at Bullingdon if there was ever a man called Tony or Antonio Anthony there between 2000 - 2002.
                            This will show us definitively if his legal name is Tony Antony or not.

                            Whose gona make the call?


                              Agreed, but I live in Denmark, so I think it would be too expensive for me too


                                I just contacted the prison and the office informed me that "to get any information about previous prisoners one would need to write a letter to the prison at":

                                PO Box 50
                                OX25 1PZ

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