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    New Download and Article

    A member uploaded a "full interactive demo of the 18 hands of lohan program, with movies and interctive book" which can be accessed here.

    Also, Dave V submitted this article.

    In summary, this site has its place in the martial arts forum but it should really be handled by professional people who have experience and knowledge. If you are going to make an opinion on a school then visit it and make a professional opinion otherwise it will not last or be respected. I'm sure there are a few talented martial artists here on this site but not many. Hope it's not too late!

    Some people learn faster than others. Dojos tend to drag out training so they can make more money too.

    What a guy should be as a black belt is someone informed about all of the technique ~ someone who can display that they understand the concepts and details. Getting good at it is a whole other thing. That comes from years of practice.

    People are individuals. Just because it has taken you 10 years to learn the details of a particular style ~ that doesn't mean those of us who studied outr asses off and trained 5 hours a day are fakes because it only took us a few years. Quit judging others by your own limitations.



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