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    I was a student at Budo Ryu for a year or so while I was in highschool, would have been around 2008-2009 timeframe, got up to green belt which is the 6th promotion if my memory serves.

    Training at the dojo, which is her basement, felt like authentic martial arts training to my undiscerning mind. It was gritty and raw, she set a high emphasis on fitness, and she really did come across like she knew what she was doing. I've personally had my ass kicked by her a few times. This really isn't a defense post though, more just trying to illustrate that she's a competent martial artist in the way a Kenpo Black belt is - which is to say not practical but good against the bags. Her Kenpo was just dressed up like a ninja.

    If this post is still active, feel free to AMA. A few topics that come to mind are:
    -- She claimed to have fought in an MMA match in which she broke someone's arm by side-kicking them in the back of the head, stepping over to straddle their arm, and somehow doing a standing arm-bar.
    -- She said that she knew Chuck Norris and that he offered to make Budo Ryu a national organization but she refused to preserve the art.
    -- She said she had times where people came to the hombu to challenge her (Gracie garage style) where she would pull swords on them "because that's my art".
    -- Promotions came with feats of strength. To go yellow to orange belt she dropped a medicine ball on your stomach while you laid on the floor like a star-fish. Green belt promotion I took a couple kicks from her.
    -- curriculum was a big mix. At the beginning was karate style bag work, later on you start doing throws and some half-ass judo sparring, there was a lot of Aikido style flowy wrist lock type stuff, and only at the very end did I ever start grappling. She seemed to know what she was doing with all this stuff, but I never grappled enough (and I've just now started BJJ) to know if she was competent at rolling. I can say VERY little of this was done against a non-compliant opponent. Only the judo sparring really.

    I attended a few of her seminars, just found an old CD of images at my parent's house from one of them, got my promotion certificates and some other stuff tucked away in a corner somewhere. Hit me up if any of you guys have pointed questions, it's been a long time but I'll see what I remember.


      Is this thread still alive? I was a student at Budo Ryu in 2008-2009 and would be happy to do an AMA for anyone interested.



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