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"Master Jules" CQB Bullshido in New York?

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    A real person ???.....LOL.....There are pictures of him posted on my MySpace site, which some of you have already been to. He passed away in August of last year in Pohoa, Hawaii.

    Now I have to get ready for work.....and as far as this "Lumberjacks" invitation to a "throwdown".....I work at The Whiskey Rio on the water front in Yonkers NY.....if youre in NY....stop the line from Kill Bill 2..... I work in a bar....If you wanna fight....come to the bar, start some shit, and we'll be in a fight.....simple enough for you ?


      When did the president and prime minister of CAR visit US or was this bodyguarding abroad?


        Originally posted by knifehand1
        There are pictures of him posted on my MySpace site, which some of you have already been to.
        Well, I don't have a myspace, care to post the pictures directly to this site?

        And that still doesn't say anything about his credentials.


          Thanks for your reply to our questions.

          It is a bit confusing to understand some of your comments as you simply refer to various "masters" and don't use names...except for Kirk. It all gets jumbled together.

          Obviously, your Goju master is Mr. Kirk. Who promoted you to 5th dan, witnessed your CQB system as a reguirment of your test and then ranked you as 5th dan in that as well. My question is, how can he rank you as 5th dan in a system he had nothing to do with creating? Or did he...other than training you in Goju as a student of his? What role with CQB did he have? In one of your bios you calim to be the "co-founder" of CQB. Who is the other co-founder? Kirk?

          Also, regarding Kirk, you say he promoted you to 6th dan in goju before he died, but it seems in your various posts from other forums and your myspace, that you were still calling yourself 5th dan at the time of his death. In the end, we should be respectful of Kirk as he is deceased. I simply mention it as it is a source of confusion for me.

          Regarding your other ranks:

          You have recieved your shodan in combat jj in 1996 from who? and regardless of how long you have been training it, are you saying that you were promoted from 1st dan to 5th dan since 2004 when you were still claiming 1st dan status? Who tested and promoted for this huge jump in rank? You must admit that this looks suspect...regardless of the rationale behind it.

          Regarding Aikido: Can you tell us who your Aikido teacher is? All you mention about him is his prior law enforcement experience since the 60s, that you only trained privately with him, and he swore you in as an agent, and later promoted you special agent (under what LE agency we don't know). Is this the man that ranked you at 5th Dan in Aikido? I am not aware of Aikido ranking practice, so I can't comment on that, but it does seem odd to me that a man you trained with privately could rank you so high...and that you changed so dramatically how you presented your aikido experince. When did you begin Aikido training with him? Also, you are claiming to ba a special agent with what agency? You said you worked WITH the Secret Service was this agent status in tandem with that?

          Also a bit confusing...but, are you claiming that Alexander Kirk had a 6th dan from the Kodokan? That should be easily verifiable by contacting the Kodokan.

          Regarding the Action Martial Art HOF, nobody claimed you lied about that, just that we could not find evidence of it. I did write to Goldberg to confirm as I could not find on-line evidence on any of the AMA websites. He has not replied. However, if the magazine has it, and someone can post it, that is good enough for me. The AMA website does not have a database of past winners.

          Regarding the nominations in general, I know the political games that go on with these HOF nominations and many (I would argue the majority) of HOF awards. You may not have nominated yourself (which is good), but many do nominate themselves for the purpose of self promotion. And as the online application for 2004 showed, it is designed for self nomination AND does, in fact, ask how many seats you expect to fill.

          Anyone involved in martial arts long enough knows that most of these HOF awards dinners are $$$ generating first and foremost. This does not mean recipients are not worthy of recognition, only that there is little standard and oversight in who gets them. In the end many HOF awards are not reliable testemonials of skill.

          Another question: In one of your bios you list under your credentials: Police Tactics/Hand to Hand Combat Master Instructor. Can you tell us where you were an instructor? And for how long and under what circumstances?

          You wanted to know about the United Martial Artists Hall of Fame ?....I was inducted in August of 1998
          Can you direct us to any resources about this award or organization? Can't seem to find anything about it on line.

          Lastly, can you tell us who promoted you to:
          3rd Dan Katsugo Ryu AikiJuJitsu
          2nd Dan USA/Urban GoJu Ryu
          And, are you currently ranked higher now?

          Thanks in advance for your time and answers.


            Originally posted by Kickcatcher
            Where he seems terribly inconsistant is in regards to his Aikijitsu/Aikido qualifications.
            Gawd knows we don't want to be inconsistent about our Aikido backgrounds, now do we?!

            What I find incredible is that people don't just disregard this jackass out of hand?



              Well, I can add to the martial debunking on this one. Your ranking in Aiki, if provided by Jospeh Torres is bunk. When I trained with Torres i discovered that all his skills and knowledge is purely based upon mouth boxing. The one and only certification that he ever produced was a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He later claimed to study Saunce ryu Aki under Moses Powell and Viticacion Juijitsu. Those cerification never came to light if they exsist at all and he has never displayed them when requested.

              When I trained with him he was teaching Katsugo and "developing" Moison Toi Kung fu. If you question when I trained with him I'll give a little background. He was still living in his Blue converstion van, working as a real estate agent and was teaching out of the Castle Hill school. My classmates were Jesse "his nephew", Pooh Bear, Torpedo, Felix "Vasquez or Conde", and a few others.

              Now everything and anything he did was always called into question by those who were not directly linked to him. LUis Barioss, whom owned the Castle Hill school, warned me about him but I didn't pay attention. Felix warned me often that he was AC/DC and that plenty of his students "met the dragon" so to speak. I never paid it any mind because I thought Felix was messing with me.

              I always thought it was cool that he had the "power" to rank people in other styles even though he was not of that system. I learned later on that what he did was complete bullshit.

              If you take a look at Joe's M.O., He teaches out of dance schools, other martial arts clubs until the owners catch wind of his anttics and checkered past. If you question him on background, teachers, where and when he trained he either reacts with " I am the teacher you are the students and should not be questioning me" or "He starts fast talking claiming a few years here with this person and few years there with that person."

              Overall Jules, so far your Aki credentials is suspect due to your affliations with Joe Torres not only because he has very little Aki background but because of who he is as well.
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                Joseph Torres nominated me, and what was said about him here is disgusting, and almost amounts to him being called a pedophile, which is SO far from the truth its rediculous.
                It is not that dam far fromt he truth.... I was in my teens when I trained with Torres and he tried pulling shit with me. I was around 15 at the time. I don't make this shit public but the dude is a Pedo and and I am not the only students he tried shit with. For those who are goign to say "Why didn't you report it" Well, I didn't deal with it for a long time and when I decieded to do something about it was 10-12 years later. Since it was so long ago basically I was told that it would boil down to his word versus mine. No evidence or others filing complaints equals no charges. So please don't tell me Joe is not a douche and a pedo.

                He is lucky that it took so long to bring charges against him and that experience didn't fuck me up so bad that I would take matters into my own hands.
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                  Originally posted by Kickcatcher
                  When did the president and prime minister of CAR visit US or was this bodyguarding abroad?
                  Because there was a general gathering of Heads of State at the UN last year. You may remember when President Bush addressed the UN last year ?....Thats when.


                    Im also having trouble understanding WHY this is SO difficult for you people to understand ?

                    At the time, I worked for a limo company. Two of the owners (twin brothers) are attaches to the Republic of Central Africa, and they wanted me because of my bodyguard and police background. The Secret Service put me through an extensive background check, including NCIC, and they allowed me to work with them.....Like I said...wy is this such a difficult concept for you people to grasp ?


                      Originally posted by knifehand1
                      Because there was a general gathering of Heads of State at the UN last year. You may remember when President Bush addressed the UN last year ?....Thats when.
                      It appears not to be listed on the US Department of State site:

                      I can't find anything on Google suggesting the president and/or prime minister of CAR visited US in recent years, maybe you could clarify the country and date - "Republic Of Central Africa" isn't a country, I'm guessing you mean Central African Republic (CAR) - yet the last time a president of CAR visited US seems to be 1995 according to the US Department of State.
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                        My original rank of Shodan in JuJitsu was under Frank Russo. That was in 1996. When I began to become suspicious of his background, I decided to no longer train with him, and since I had been training with Master Kirk in Urban Goju and Okinawan Goju, due to his 6th and then subsequent promotion to 7th Dan in JuJitsu, continued my JuJitsu training with him.
                        I do NOT have a 3rd Dan in Katsugo Ryu AikiJuJitsu. While I tained with Master Torres for quite some time, the 3rd Dan he awarded me was in recognition of my 3rd Dan promotion in Goju. I have said that MANY times to anyone who has ever asked me about my affiliation with Master Torres. As far as your accusations about his "extra cirricular" activities, I have no knowledge of that at all.
                        In terms of Goju Ryu. I was promoted to NiDan ,and given the "with honors" in 1996, because my promotion was in BOTH Okinawan Goju Ryu and Urban Goju Ryu. I also mentioned that I received my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Dan rankings under Glenard Grabow, who was a student of Masanobu Shinjo and Sekichi Toguchi. I had a falling out with his son, who moved from his part of NY to this area to take a job in Brooklyn. He became very rude in my school one day, insisting that I not let a particular friend of mine train there. Since this friend of mine I have known since prior to kndergarten, it was a simple choice for me, and I told Grabows son to leave, although I still maintained a good relationship with the father. His ranks, btw, come from the Okinawan Karate Do Renmei. After my 96 promotion, I began to have discussions with highly ranked people on "both sides of the fence", so to speak, and decided to leave the Urban system, and train soley (as far as Goju Ryu goes) in the Okinawan system, since it is the original, and authentic system. As far as my JuJitsu rank, remember, I started training privately with Master Kirk in 1990, so thats when my JuJitsu training with him began. In 2004, he felt that I had earned the rank of 5th Dan after 14 years of total JuJitsu training under him. As I said, Master Kirk lived with me for months and months at a time, so it was like being an UchiDeshi. The training was constant, on a daily basis, NOT, as I said before like most peoples training...3 classes a week at a dojo. It was 1 on 1, EVERY DAY......maybe THATS why I progressed faster than most people do ? Ive also mentioned MANY times that the LE agency that I worked for was the SPCC (society for prevention of cruelty to children), of which, Master Kirk was the Chief of I said, he had been in LE since the late 60's. In regards to the "founder/co-founder issue of CQB that you I said earlier, It is MY system, I developed it, and I am the founder of it. Out of respect for Master kirk for teaching me so many different styles, I gave him the "co-founder" status. In regards to your "confusion" as to the timing of my 6th Dan Goju promotion, Master Kirk had made plans to come to NY in October, help me celebrate my 40th birthday, and give me my 6th Dan certificate. He had the certificate printed in Hawaii in preparation for his trip here, and when he passed away in August, his foster son sent me the certificate, which he dated October of if you want to be 6th Dan wont take effect until October of this year....if that comforts you in any way.

                        Thats all I have time for now, I have to get to work......Im sure youll all have TONS more comments and questions ( Im in a bit of a rush to get to work and scrolling back and forth I answered as many as I could at this time).....Im sure that none of my answers mean anything to you all anyway, which really doesnt bother me, but Ill keep playing your game , since it seems thats what you all enjoy. TTYS


                          Originally posted by knifehand1
                          Im sure that none of my answers mean anything to you all anyway...
                          That's not true at all. They mean a lot to us. But when you have more time, it would be very helpful if you could provide for us the documents/proofs of your accomplishments and ranks. Until then, we will continue to work to try to fact check your claims.


                            Although I do have a question about your claim regarding the SPCC: There are many orginizations caleld the "Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children." There is one in Massachusetts, one in New York, a national society, and I'm sure there are many more. Could you be more specific as to which orginization you're talking about?


                              Excellent the the man in question showed up. This will be entertaining.
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                              RIP SOLDIER

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                                Originally posted by knifehand1
                                At the time, I worked for a limo company. Two of the owners (twin brothers) are attaches to the Republic of Central Africa, and they wanted me because of my bodyguard and police background. The Secret Service put me through an extensive background check, including NCIC, and they allowed me to work with them.....Like I said...why is this such a difficult concept for you people to grasp ?

                                The above statement in no way matches this statement:
                                Ive also had the honor of working with the United States Secret Service in the capacity of bodyguard and Tactical Driver for The President and Prime Minister of The Republic of Central Africa
                                This does not in any way equal working with or for the Secret Service. This is called a background check. I've had security clearance that really isn't anything special. One of my jobs entailed FBI background checks. The other the Secret Service actually called, visited, or sent questionnaires to check my references.

                                Yes, they did the NCIC check also.



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