Hi everybody. I know it's my first proper thread on here so might as well just in with both feet, eh? Lol.

I've been browsing some of the threads about people who are 'Bullshido' and when I was reading them someone who I've come into contact with recently sprung to my mind.

I joined another forum quite recently and read some posts (and talked to) a guy who calls himself 'Master Jules'.

I don't know the guy. Never spoken to him outside of a forum. But when I first joined the other place, called WSKO forum (I'm spankyromano there too) he was talking like a real authority figure. I'm just starting to think about getting back into martial arts training after more than 10 years off. So I was looking for any good advice. He was 'talking the talk' so I started to listen to him but then his claims started to seem a wee bit fishy.

I'm suspicious of Master Jules as a bullshido because he has many people fooled on the internet with what I think are exaggerated claims. I have tried to investigate him but I am amateur but maybe you can take a wee look and see what you think.

If I am wrong then he has gone from having just informal training in Aikido to being a 5th Dan in only a couple of years. He posts on many forums and every time his ranks and experience gets more exaggerated.

from www.lyon-ma.com/p7.htm

From there I went into wrestling, which led me back into Jujitsu in the early 80's, then two

Different kinds of Goju Ryu, and AikiJujitsu, with some informal Aikido and Judo training.

And here he is suddenly promoted to 5th Dan in Aikido!

WSKO Forum signature

~Master Jules, "The Sandman"
6th Dan Okinawan Goju Ryu
5th Dan Close Combat JuJitsu
5th Dan CQB Tactics
5th Dan Aikido

He also claims to have been a special agent for 17 years, a door man for 20 years and a presidential bodyguard for the secret service. profile.myspace.com/index...D=44059183

The Chief of Police for the SPCC (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children), and he inducted me in as a volunteer detective. Ive also had the honor of working with the United States Secret Service in the capacity of bodyguard and Tactical Driver for The President and Prime Minister of The Republic of Central Africa
Bushidokan Dojo of Martial arts
Okinawan Goju Ryu, Close Combat JuJitsu, Aikido, and CQB Tactics, including weaponry, give the student a great choice of combat efficient arts
As I said I've been trying to check him out more. He posts on about every martial arts forum except here. Maybe he is scared you'll call him on his stories?