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"Master Jules" CQB Bullshido in New York?

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    4th email 3/3/2010:

    In regards to the thread in which weve been discussing/arguing the similarities between the White Crane Form and the Goju Ryu katas, you called me a "Senior martial artist"
    My question to you, which I asked you on that thread but didnt get an answer to is this....Do you now believe that my background is, in fact, "legitimate and authentic", or are you still of the opinion that it is not, and youre choosing to believe the bullshit that was written about me on the Bullshido forum ? Id really like an answer to that one specific question, because I cant understand why you would refer to me as a "Senior martial artist", if you still felt that my background was "fraudulent, and not authentic". So please, have the courtesy to answer that question for me. Thank you for your time.


      I'm really going to have to catch up on the last two pages, but I've got a great master jule's story. The other night after having a few drinks and returning home I noticed there had been some new posts about Master Jules and decided to catch up. I did a little online research noticed some suspicious things but nothing significant. I came across his face book page and decided to send him a message telling him that he was a phony just to see his reaction. Boy did I get one.

      When I signed on facebook today, for the first time in a few days, I had 5 messages from him. Apparently he googled my name and found the middle school that I work at. He then told me that if I messed with him again, he knows where it is located and implied he will show up there and do me harm. I have this message saved. Hmmm...let's see does this sound like the behavior of a true American hero who rescues babies and fights crime while keeping the United States safe?


        care to share?


          Julian Hoenig March 3 at 12:23pm Report
          Still havent heard back from you...whats wrong...I guess you found out the "facts" you had were totally wrong...I wonder how it feels to be an idiot like you must feel like right about now...LOL.
          Mess with me again and I know where Edward Middle Hand school is...think on that for a while


            My Reply...
            Wow..a true American hero making threats and talking smack because someone called him a phony on facebook. I have shit for brains? You just implied that if I mess with you again you will show up at Edward Hand Middle School and do me harm. Do you know how much trouble you could get in if I would go to the police with this message. Someone who's so involved in fighting crime should know what a terroristic threat is. Please, do me a favor and show up at my middle school. Then none of us will have to hear about all your bs claims any more because you will be spending years in prison. Someone who is really confident in themselves would not sink to the level that you just did to try to legitimize themselves. Only someone who is insecure and has something to prove would take things to the level you just did because someone called them a phony. Only more reason to believe that you're not the person you claim to be.
            Julian Hoenig March 10 at 2:51pm Report
   claimed to have "proof" that I didnt graduate from Mercy College, or get the WP Police Commissioneers you have copied of BOTH certificates...wheres your proof now ???....You have NONE....As far as your middle school...I NEVER said I was going there, or threatened you in any exact words were that "I know where Edward Hand Middle School is "....simple as that...theres NO threat there at can percieve whatever the fuck you want...I dont really give a accussed me of being a fraud...I gave you the PROOF you were couldnt even be man enough to apologize and say you were wrong....take your opinions and shove them right up your ass...and feel free to take a trip to NY anytime you want...its beautiful this time of year ;-)


              My Reply...
              No see when you tell someone that you know where they work and where its located, so they should keep that in my mind. That's what we call in the legal world an implied threat. Or were you just going to show up there to try to get more naive teen boys to worship you. Now you can deny it all you want, but I have the proof and if I decide to take this further, we both now how it would end up. Or at least you should with all your experience...right??
              For now, Im content just letting you make a fool of yourself. NO ONE with your supposed credentials and achievements goes online bragging to anyone who will listen looking for someone to tell you how awesome you are...or goes so far out of their way to defend themselves to strangers...or makes the idiotic statements that you did above. If that's what gets you off, and it obviously is, then odds are you've probably never achieved anything notable in your life...or you've just never had anyone there to give you a pat on the back. With you I'm sure its a combination of both. Inflating your accomplishments while looking for hero worship. Those of us who have half a brain know better.
              Im not even sure what you have to be mad about. With that BS in psych you should have been intelligent enough to realize the red bulls eye you painted on your chest when you started bragging all over the internet about your life's supposed accomplishments and a bunch of other bullshit that only exists in Jet Li movies. Now please tell me youre not going to show up at my middle school, strike me in the sternum with your deadly kung fu fingers and send bone fragments into my lungs.

              I would have pasted this all into one message but i'm computer illiterate.


                i really dont know what to make out of the last 3 or 4 posts. i am not too much concerned with a communication exchange of jules and someone else of a "he said, she said" formality.

                the focus should be to look into jules' claims;

                = on many sites, he wrote he was a cop.
                (i am investigating this within his area)

                = on many sites, he wrote he studied urban karate.
                ( i am investigating this with the practitioners of the urban lineage)

                = on many sites, he wrote he was certified by glen grabow.
                ( i am investigating this with the practitioners of the grabow lineage)

                = he claims that a group called the brother hood of martial arts is elite and they dont allow anybody.
                (i found a many wannabe sokes or questionable charecters of even bullshido past outrageous alumni who are members there. for kicks, a bud of mine signed up or was accepted and he dont know jack)

                = no where, no place, no one, has come forth to know jules' instructor kirk, who gave him master levels in aikido, ju jitsu, goju, of a qualfied master that jules states of kirk, there should be other students from kirk out there somewhere.

                = jules receives a lot of support from other sites because they are not the type to research a person's credentials. the scant few sites that do so, jules is not on. though he came here to post rebutal, odd that he did not use his usual regular member name as masterjules. most of his rebutals did not satisfy members here.
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                  Julian Hoenig March 10 at 9:30pm Report
                  Youre more thatn welcome to put that to a physical test anytime you want.
                  And do your reading better...In that post you quote, I NEVER said that I was personally capable of doing that with MY fingertips, I said that HIGHLY trained Okinawan Master were capable of something like that.
                  Like I said, If you have ANY doubts about my "legitimacy", or my "skill level" or abilities, youre more, MORE than welcome to come and test me. And God knows, I REALLY wish you would be that stupid...but honestly, I really think youre just to much of a pussy to engage me in a "real" fight...So...Do you have a set, or is your fiance holding onto them for you ??? Do you...yes or you want to "test" me ???...Id be more than willing to entertain your "challenge". Consider me free and available to "spar" with you anytime you want...then youll see what a "real" fight is like...I would strongly advise you to have the EMT's on hand...thats just a fair warning out of courtesy, cause I do promise you, this would be a "sparring session" that you will NOT walk away from.
                  So Master Jules is now challenging me to a fight. I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure that he already turned down challenges from members of this site with actual martial arts experience.




                      Originally posted by mmafan3450 View Post
                      this is a bs degree in what...major?


                        It's not uncommon for a BSc cert to not list the subject studied.


                          he said its a degree in psych. He claims this "helps him stay one step ahead of criminals."


                            I'd be more interested in seeing all his martial arts Certificates. He has blocked access to them on his Facebook Page. I wonder why???


                              "= no where, no place, no one, has come forth to know jules' instructor kirk, who gave him master levels in aikido, ju jitsu, goju, of a qualfied master that jules states of kirk, there should be other students from kirk out there somewhere."

                              Great points here. If there is a question please look in to it. To assist with this I can confirm that Jules was instructed by Alex Kirk. I was a student of both Alex and his son Mark at the Kailua School of Selfdefence. Though I did not ever meet Jules in class he was always held up as a positive example by Alex.

                              I hope this helps your investigation.


                                First, I hope I do not offend you, and welcome to Bullshido!

                                I don't think it is really going to help, as this is your first post, nobody knows who you are, etc. But thanks for the input!

                                Jeff Cook



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