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"Master Jules" CQB Bullshido in New York?

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    I don't believe he is actually purposefully lying about his rank though, although I can't be sure but I think it is just one of those things that happen once and awhile. A guy gets lucky or has the gift of gab and meets and befriends the right people etc. Also getting into organizations that may be a little flaky can get you higher rank also. The rank he says he holds in all that stuff is questionable. Being a martial artist for many years we all know how hard it is to gain high rank in so many things at once. I think his rank is questionable because the organizations he belonged to were. Off shoots of the traditional styles. Peter Urban was legit we all know that but he is a good example. he wasn't "truly" Japanese Goju anymore. He formed a "blend" and made it "his" thing. I'm betting his Okinawan Goju is similar. His seniors may have trained with someone notable or from an Okinawan or in Okinawa but then started some outside dojo doing their own promotions similar to the Urban thing.
    This is a dead issue. He provided certs and they show he holds rank. They were assigned by the person he stated was his instructor so, it is up to people to decide on their legitmacy.

    Jules may be believing his own hype. I think he stays on these low level of experience, low martial arts intelligence forums to boost his own ego. I think his knowledge and true karate experience would be shot down on a truly serious discussion board.
    Funny how it wasn until it came up here.


      Originally posted by It is Fake
      Funny how it wasn until it came up here.
      You assume too much. That is not the case, let's not make false claims please.

      But, there are sites that think the sun shines out of his arse. WKSO just made him "Poster of the month" and censor any mention of this site as far as I can tell.


        I just want to say a massive thank you to you guys. I was attempting to research dan grades in CQB tactics this morning, and found this thread about the same fellow thats being giving me greif on another forum.
        His bullying style and lack of respectfull answers, are a disgrace to the position of moderator he holds. I'm not suprised that he was made member of the month on that forum, as member is a slang name for a penis.


          lol krotty


            Hi all....I just stumbled upon your site and was quite "interested" in this discussion regarding "Master Jules". As far as his non-sense about creating his own system, working with/for the Secret Service and other "illusions".....They kinda speak for themselves. Although, I can shed some light with respect to his Okinawan Goju Ryu "lineage"......He did train in Goju Ryu (with my teacher's teacher) back in the early 1990's. He stayed at the school for a few years and left (I think as an orange or green belt). My teacher (Chris Graham) told me that Julian then "miraculously" opened a school a few years later as a "Sensei", after training with another teacher....Not Okinawan Goju Ryu. I actually had the pleasure of discussing martial arts with "Master Jules" a few years ago on another forum and I questioned him about his various rankings and certifications.....An obvious enough attempt to clarify how someone could or would attempt to obtain so many ranks in so many disciplines. I simply asked him about his teacher (Alex Kirk) and his credentials to teach and certify a student in Okinawan Goju Ryu. Guess what.....No response!!!


              Maybe a link to some of those threads/forums would help people make their own conlcusions?

              Thanks for the input openmindeddo.


                Hi again.....

                Unfortunately, the moderator of that site put a quick end to our "discussion" and deleted all of the essential material. I do not mean to bring up "ugliness" from the past but "Master Jules" has put himself "out there", as a "Master", high ranking practitioner of several disciplines, one of which is Okinawan Goju Ryu. He claimed to receive this from his teacher Alex Kirk. My question to "Master Jules" was simply, how can a teacher give you what he does not have? Julian never responded to any of my requests for information regarding who Alex Kirk trained with in Okinawan Goju Ryu....Couple this with his "miraculous" assention to the rank of 6th degree black belt in Okinawan Goju Ryu in such a short amount of time (orange or green belt in the early to mid 1990's)....Kinda makes you wonder??? I guess it wouldn't matter if he kept it to himself and just trained. But, he seems to live on these sites and makes deliberate efforts to "promote" his credentials, under the guise of "humility", to the world. The fact that his "credentials" are quite suspect make the matter a bit offensive to those of us who know about his past.


                  Sorry about bringing back this thread but the wonderful "MASTER" Jules certificates can be viewed on his Facebook site at:



                    I wrote this in msword for auto correction;

                    Ok. Here is my take on Jules

                    His own story Take-1
                    Started training in 1973 in Kyokushin.....stayed there for 3 years till my mom pulled me was causing me to get into fights at school.... From there I went into wrestling, which led me back into Jujitsu in the early 80's, then two different kinds of Goju Ryu, and AikiJujitsu, with some informal Aikido and Judo training. My master decided that as part of my 5th Dan test, I had to create a system, which took quite some time (almost 4 years).....that’s the CQB Tactics system (close quarter battle)

                    His own story Take 2
                    I initially started my training back in 1973 in Kyokushin, which I stayed with until 1976, and left mid brown belt in 1976. (I was getting into fights at school and my folks pulled me out, but allowed me to continue something that didnt have punching or kicking, so I drifted towards wrestling, and then JuJitsu and Aikido)

                    When I got a little older (somewhere in the year 1980) I started back in karate, with USA/Urban GoJu Ryu, and reached my Shodan in 1985).

                    Shortly after, I began teaching privately, and had also gotten my Master level Personal training certificate back in 1990, so my whole life was revolving around teaching and training, as well as Personal training. I then opened the Bushidokan Dojo here in NY, which ran very succesfully until an insane divorce in 1999. I was able to keep the dojo open for another year or so, closer to two years, and then had to shut my doors. The divorce had just taken away way to much of my finances, so I just continued to teach afterschool programs, and teach privately to the students that I had who wanted to continue their training.

                    During the time period between 1992-2008, I was fortunate enough to have my Master living with me on and off for months at a time, training me privately usually 5 days a week, several hours a day. I was essentially an "UchiDeshi" (live in student), except that my Master lived with me, as opposed to the other way around. My Master came up through the ranks during the 1960's, when everything was really "hardcore" pads, full contact, etc..., and I was fortunate enough to have had him train me in the same manner until his untimely passing in August of 2008.

                    His own story Take 3
                    As far as who Ived trained 1st 2nd and 3rd dan in okinawan goju was certified by master glen grabow, a student of both Toguchi, and Shinjo, since the early 60's, when he trained with them in 1st and 2nd dan in USA/Urban goju came from Grandmaster Ted Smith, and Master Alex Kirk, both students of 4th dan with renshi title and my 5th dan in Okinawan goju ryu was certified by Master Kirk, and subsequently recognized by the Soke Grandmaster Jospeh Torres, founder of the Katsugo Ryu Aikijujitsu organization, under which I also train....Grandmaster
                    Torres recently inducted me into the action martial arts magazine
                    black belt hall of fame in January of 2004

                    My (Jules) current ranks are as follows:

                    5th Dan, Master and Renshi Title Okinawan Goju Ryu, Dec. 2003
                    5th Dan, CQB Tactics, Dec. 2003
                    3rd Dan, Katsugo Ryu AikiJujitsu, 1998
                    2nd Dan, w/honors, Sensei title, USA/Urban Goju Ryu, 1996
                    1st Dan, Instructor title, Close Combat Jujitsu 1996

                    On WSKSO, his ranks are;
                    6th Dan Okinawan Goju Ryu
                    5th Dan Close Combat JuJitsu
                    5th Dan CQB Tactics
                    5th Dan Aikido

                    On Shensido his ranks are:
                    6th Dan, Soke, Dai Shihan, CQB Tactics (2009)
                    6th Dan, Renshi, Okinawan GoJu Ryu (Shobukan and Shoreikan lineages) (2006)
                    6th Dan, Renshi, Close Combat JuJitsu (2009)
                    6th Dan, Renshi, Aikido (2009)
                    2nd Dan, USA/Urban GoJu Ryu (1996)

                    On the Brotherhood of Martial Arts, his ranks are;
                    6th Dan Goju Ryu, Renshi
                    6th Dan CQB Tactics, Soke
                    6th Dan Aikido
                    6th Dan JuJitsu

                    To mention other things;

                    There is nowhere across the vast internet of any mention of Mr. Kirk, other than Mr. Jules postings across many forums and such.

                    Any information about a Mr. Kirk does not state where he studied, where he taught Goju, or even taught Mr. Jules. Although Mr. Jules states that Mr. Kirk studied under Peter Urban and also held a rank of 6th Dan in Judo from the Kodokan. Which, this hasn’t been proven or documented.

                    When people practice martial arts, they usually have trained with fellow students. There isn’t a person out there who stated they had also trained under Mr. Kirk, or at the same time with Mr. Jules under Mr. Kirk.

                    There are prominent Goju, JuJutsu, and Aikido orgs, which do not give accreditation to either Mr. Kirk or Mr. Jules.

                    The certifications for Kailua School Of Self Defense (which does not mention a particular art in its name-title) are plain, without special stampings, markings, or signatures of other instructors. In addition, all of the text is in upper case Rickshaw font. And to mention, only the type of instruction appeared to change along with rank per printed The certifications appear to be cheap prints.

                    In the year of 2003,
                    Mr. Jules is awarded 5th dan (and noted as Master), in Okinawan Goju.

                    Mr. Jules is awarded 5th dan (and noted as Master), for his own CQB.

                    Mr. Jules is awarded 5th dan (and noted as Master), in Combat JuJutsu.

                    Mr. Jules is awarded 5th dan (and noted as Master), in Aikido.

                    Thus the same instructor awards Mr. Jules equal rank from four (4) entirely different arts on the same date.

                    This would be like a Tae Kwon Do instructor high ranking someone for Goju, Aikido, Ju Jitsu, and ranking someone like Adriano Emperado for creating Kajukenbo, all at once.

                    Or a Shotokan instructor high ranking someone in Aikido, JuJutsu, Goju, and ranking someone like Bruce Lee for creating Jeet Kune Do, all at once.

                    Across many forums, Mr. Jules insists that he is not enthralled with the title of master, yet the title is on his certifications. And also, upon one forum that exposes fraud, he registers with an entirely different name, not even using the term Master. Thus knowing to take the position of humility, which he never does across the internet.

                    Across many forums, he stated he is ex-military, but does not get into any slight information confirming he was in the military other than he cannot.

                    Across many forums, he stated he is ex-cop, but does not get into any slight information confirming he was cop.

                    Across many forums, he stated he is a bouncer, but does not get into any slight information.

                    Across many forums, he stated he was WITH the Secret Service, per walking in active bodyguard formation on the street with them, guarding the Prime Minister, while they guarded the President Not of the USA, of the Republic of Central Africa, or if you prefer, the Central Republic of Africa.

                    Last, what may have actually happened to Mr. Jules, is that he attached to one particular instructor whom claimed to be the jack of a few martial arts, ranked Mr. Jules, and then passed away. Like many students who did not know better, or refused to believe other wise, he thought his teacher was the greatest thing and rather not question the legitimacy or authenticity of said instructor. Instead of Mr. Jules re-studying under a reputable organization, Mr. Jules went around to seminars, events, and networked upon others in questionable martial arts and groups while fueling his ego or delusions of grandeur.
                    Last edited by thetruthisout; 2/28/2010 3:25am, .


                      Truth is out,

                      Apparently Glenn Thrasher and his new buddy Asland seem to think that you and I are the same person! Lol! These guys are full of conspiracy theories. If it wasn't so laughable it would be sad.


                        Originally posted by shifu View Post
                        Truth is out,

                        Apparently Glenn Thrasher and his new buddy Asland seem to think that you and I are the same person! Lol! These guys are full of conspiracy theories. If it wasn't so laughable it would be sad.
                        i dont know who is glen thrasher (real name?) or ashland are and i dont give a rat butt. i am following jules as he is all over many places waving his hands and throwing his ranking around. and he uses this to argue his points in a way acting like he has so much authority.

                        as for you, your background is as shady as jules and i really dont care for chinese arts as these are so diluted and produces ego trippers

                        as for the thread and the purpose of this site; i have a few leads and i am gathering more info upon jules as soon as i collected enough, ill post here



                          I thank you for your reply. Glenn Thrasher is the admin of a rather desperate Martial Arts Talk forum which Jules and the poster Asland are members of.

                          I have received a number of emails from Jules in which he defends his use of titles etc. i may post them here.


                            First Email from Jules 2/27/2010

                            Now, for starters, let me address the term "Master" and the manner in which I use it (and just so you know, this is known by many, many people who I converse with on a few different forums). The only time that I use the term "Master" in a martial arts sense or meaning, is when I set up my prescripted signature on forums. When I set up my signature on a forum, I list the martial arts that I have legitimate rank in, along with the martial art system that I have created, CQB Tactics. I simply do this so that the people I am talking with will know what arts my background is in, and the rank and titles that I hold in that particular martial art, as well as the years of training that I have accumulated, which is 37 years at the end of this year. Other than that particular area, my signing my posts, or using the phrase "Master Jules" is actually NOT being used as a martial art title. It is being used strictly as a nickname, which had been given to me by the guys that I have worked security with for over 25 years. Just for the record, prior to my receiving my "Master" title, when I was holding a "Sensei" rank, I was nicknamed "Sensei Jules". The other nickname that the guys I work with for all those years gave me is "The Sandman", because I was particularly fond of chokeholds, and usually just put people to sleep, as opposed to knocking their teeth out, or something else along those lines. And btw, yes, since I did create CQB Tactics, it is MY system, and being the creator of a system, I am entitled to have the title of "Soke", but if youll notice, I did NOT claim the rank of 10th Dan, even though it was offered to me after I demonstrated my system, and it was approved as a legitimate system of self defense containing both open handed, as well as knife fighting techniques. Declining the rank of 10th Dan does not, in my opinion seem to be something that someone of "low self esteem", or someone looking for recognition to "counter" any type of "insecurities" would do.
                            Well, this, I think, pretty much covers the whole issue of my usage of the term "Master", so Ill stop this letter here, and start a new one, addressing more topics.
                            Surely, even you would agree that someone who creates a system of martial arts, demonstrates it, and has it found to be a "credible" and "legitimate" system is certainly entitled to claim the title of "Soke", would you not ? (If "not", Im curious as to why you feel that way).


                              2nd email from Jules 2/27/2010:

                              Lets see....where should we start with this one ???....Hmmmmm....OK...lets discuss the whole "Bullshido" incident, just for the fun of it.
                              Now, if I remember correctly, I believe the thread lasted for roughly 40 pages, or thereabouts. Incidentally, if youre going to try to discredit me, or the authenticity of my martial arts background, for your own sake, I would REALLY hope that you would do your own "research", and not rely on such a controversial, and often, such an incorrect site as Bullshido is so widely known to be.
                              The thread, which as I said, lasted for roughly 40 pages, was an attempt to "investigate" my background, and, I would guess, to either "approve" of it, or "discredit" it. I have no idea how much of the thread you actually took the time to read, but at one point, deep into the pages of discussion, one of Bullshido's own members came to MY defense, stating (roughly) "What else do you guys want from him ??? He's already provided plenty of answers, and even shown his ranking far as Im concerned, thats enough for me, and lets just leave him alone, hes proven that his ranks are real and legitimate" (As I said, thats a rough quote of what one of their own members said, and Im sure that if you ever get around to going through every page, youll find that statement in there.)
                              Right about at that point, when they realized that my background was, in fact, "legitimate", and that one of their own members even came to my defense, for whatever reason, they then decided to "go after" my "non martial arts" background.
                              My Master was the Chief of Police of the Hawaii, and New York State SPCC. Thats the "Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children". Just so youre made aware of this fact, although all SPCC units do exactly the same thing, NONE of them are affiliated with any other, so in other words, the Manhattan SPCC Unit has absolutely nothing to do with the Bronx, NY SPCC Unit, and likewise, the Bronx, NY SPCC Unit has absolutely nothing to do with the Brooklyn, NY SPCC Unit, and so on. They are all completely separate entities. When my Master asked me if I would like to be a part of the NY State organization that he was in charge of, I saw an opportunity to do something positive for children, which I cant imagine how anyone would view as a bad thing, and he swore me in back in 1990, I believe. Its been such a long time since then, I have, in all honesty, completely forgotten the exact date, but, there are also pictures of me wearing my badge on my Facebook page as well for verification.
                              There were also a few "incidents" that I got involved in on the street, which they called into question, but that was short lived, as those incidents were not only documented my newspaper articles, but in one case, I actually received the highest award granted by the City of White Plains, NY. It is called the White Plains Police Commissioner's Award, which I was given in 2003, the ceremony being held in early 2004. I was given this award, because I captured a man who had just raped an unconcious woman, and then was attempting to kidnap her. There were two other incidents, which happened in New Rochelle, NY, also both in the newspapers. One involved me rescuing a baby girl who was trapped inside of a vehicle that was involved in a bad accident, and wound up crashing through the plate glass window of an unoccupied restaraunt, and the other involved me stepping in, and saving a man from getting beaten with a tire iron after a minor car accident. Again, both of these incidents are in the newspapers.
                              Well, it would appear that Ive written enough on this letter, so Ill end it, and start another one, in which I will give you names of "reputable" organizations, and people, who would be more than willing to state that my background is "legitimate", and "authentic".


                                3rd email from Jules: 2/22/2010:

                       I said in another letter, I would hope that you would do your own "research", and not rely on the Bullshido site, which many people tend to feel is not as "high and mighty", nor as "accurate" as they claim to be.
                                One of the Organizations which I am a member of (which also has an online forum, is called the BHMA (Brotherhood of Martial Artists). Its headquarters are located in Massachusetts, and it is run by Sensei Doug Veronisi. It should also be noted that this organization is "private", and that the "general public" cannot just sign up to be a member. You must either be invited by Mr. Veronisi, or recommended to him by an existing member in good standing, and even then you must still provide documentation of your rankings and your background, which they will look into before they decide to accept someone as a member. Note also, that there is absolutely NO MONEY involved, even for seminars, so a person cannot "buy their way in". Sensei Veronisi's email is He will be more than happy to verify that my credentials are legitimate and authentic for you.
                                Another organization which is affiliated with the BHMA, is called the ACAF (American Combat Arts Federation), which is run by a 7th Dan named Master Jim Mahan, (you can also find him on Facebook) who is also a member of BHMA. As part of his ACAF Organization, he chose me to sit on the National Board of Directors of Promotions, so thats another "credible" person and organization that seems to think that my background is "real", "legitimate", and "authentic". Another Organization you may want to "research" me with, is the "International Federation of Hispanic Martial Artists". The person you would want to contact there would be Shihan Jose Maldonado, 8th Dan. His dojo's name is "America's Finest Self Defense Academy", located in the Bronx, NY, and the contact email for him there is;
                                Another "reputable" organization you may contact, is the "Okinawan Karate Association", located in Stamford, Connecticut. I was elected to their "Board of Trustees" on January 1st, 2009, certificate # 00381, by Master John Gagnon. His email contact is
                                Now, thats several highly reputable Organizations who have all done background checks on me, and have decided to grant me membership, and positions in their Organizations. If my background really was "fraudulent", dont you think that at least ONE of these highly respected Organizations would have picked up on that ???
                                Well, again, I think Ive written enough about who you can feel free to contact about my "reputation", and my "authenticity" for now. As I said earlier, I would hope that you would at the very least, do your own research, as opposed to solely basing your opinion on the "legitimacy" of my background on what the Bullshido site has to say, as they are well known for their own brand of bullshit. So, as Ive said, Ive just given you the names and contact information for what are "REAL", "legitimate", highly respected martial arts organizations who have obviously come to MUCH different opinions about my background than the "investigators" (LOL) at Bullshido. I strongly encourage you to contact all of them, and find out the truth about my "authenticity".



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