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Marietta, GA: Agape Christian Martial Arts of Atlanta

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    Marietta, GA: Agape Christian Martial Arts of Atlanta

    Q) What do you get when you cross ninjerism with aikido and wrap it up in Christian ideology?

    A) Agape martial arts.

    This romantised "robin hood" or "underdogs" myth is prevalent amongst ninjer groups.

    Taijutsu is cited by many scholars as being the foundation from which all martial arts styles developed.
    I'd like to see a list of these "scholars" sometime.

    It is generally also assessed that the deterioration of many modern systems into simple recreation or stylized sport stems from the removal of Taijutsu, the nucleus means for overcoming larger, more powerful, and more aggressive assailants. Ninja Taijutsu retains the true bugei (martial) training that was critical during the days when daily survival depended on real self defense capability.
    It isn't sports that are stylized, it's the non-sports. Becuase looking good while doing a wrist-lock is how performance is measured. Unfortunately no evidence has surfaced that the average practitioner of "taijutsu" can handle a larger, stronger opponent.

    Another common theme in "traditional" martial arts circles. Martial arts used to be t3h r34l d34dl0r but fell from grace. Only <insert style here> is keeping it real.

    Today, Ninja receive an incorrect reputation based on the Hollywood treatment of "ninjutsu",
    No, the incorrect reputation comes from the so-called "ninjas" themselves.

    Irony factor: 9.4

    They might as well go and say that Jesus invented Ninjutsu.


      Originally posted by kwoww
      They might as well go and say that Jesus invented Ninjutsu.
      He didn't?


        well, one good thing...

        OK, a few good things I'll give them a little credit for:

        * Posting their prices on their Web site. -1 McDojo factor.
        * Use of Stegosaurus as a mascot for their kids program. I like dinosaurs.
        * Decent site design. Not great, but several grades better than the average Web crap we see courtesy of Mullet Town.

        On the other hand: Jesus. -100000 points.
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          No discernible links to the Bujinkan (as in it barely mentions it, and doesn't even link to teh Hombu). However, there is a bunch of stuff that could quickly be grabbed from a few books, and listed incorrectly. Recommends reading of Stephen K. Hayes books, yet nothing about Hatsumi's writings.



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