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Can someone vouch for Crazy Monkey?

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    Can someone vouch for Crazy Monkey?

    I had heard the name before, and thought I'd check out the website. Though I've heard good things about it, its always second hand info.

    Can anyone here straight up vouch for the system, its content and its non-bullshido-ness?
    ...And maybe even clue me a little more on the content.

    I was all for it....then I hit the website and the layout and salesmanship screamed "TRAP!" and shot red flags up everywhere. $1000 bucks a year for "all access" sounds like a bit much, but I'm just not sure til I hear some opinions.


    Not sure where you are getting your prices from but 1 year of the site currently runs about $275 (if you pay up front - it's a little bit more if you pay monthly). I'm guessing you looked at the price to become a trainer maybe?

    There are plenty of free video clips on the site that should give you a really good idea of what the site offers.

    If you have any concerns just e-mail Rodney directly (or any one of the trainers associated with the site and I am sure they would be more than willing to give you as much information as you are looking for - or even better, just post your concerns on the free open forum - all of the trainers and Rodney post there regularly).

    I have trained at an SBG in the past and I can tell you that if you are looking for functional training - CM is great (it encompasses standup, clinch and ground - Rodney is also a BJJ black belt under Chris Haueter and John Will is also part of the program - he is one of the CM trainers).


      I like the crazy monkey guard. Not sure about this supposed system, but the form of covering I find quite useful.


        Got a link to the site?

        What I learned as Crazy Monkey as a defence in MMA stand up was demonstrated to some extent by Spencer Fisher last night on UFN.



          I go to the following when I just want to check the forums (and not be locked into a smaller sized window) - the above link has more information and stuff in general:


            I thought crazy monkey was just a real simple cover up defense. Why the need for all the money? I've learned at my gym, and like it a lot.


              Check out the site - it's a complete system and what you are thinking of (the portion that made it first known) is just a small part of the system.

              If you do check things out specifically look for information on the drivers (and frameworks) of the system, chaos coaching, the fight compass, combination flow theory,...

              Also - Here is a site that has reviewed quite a few of Rodney's DVD's - this should also give you a glimpse into the system:

     (just type crazy monkey in the search at the top since the link won't bring you straight to the search results)
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                Student's links on post 6 are the one's I've checked out.

                What I'm wondering about is the system and network itself. The money is for the "Trainer in Training" thing. I was just wondering if anyone had had any experience with it or with Mr. Rodeny King himself. I'm thinking about joining the program, but its too much money up front to just try it out.

                I did check out the site more thoroughly, so I get a better picture of whats going on style-wise.

                Maybe I'll start with the site membership, then work to the trainer thing later. Might be the way to go.

                Any input welcome!



                  Killbot - Rodney is very accessible so I would recommend you shoot him an e-mail or call him on Skype (or at least talk to any of the trainers already in the system). If you read any of the posts by the current trainers it sounds like they are all in awe of the whole trainers program saying it far exceeds anything they have ever done or what they were expecting.


                    1000$, dude i heard you can just send an email to those guys and get an instructorship.


                      Saneape - not quite - You do pay money to join their Trainers In Training program but that is your status - a Trainer in Training - there is more you need to do to become a certified instructor (it's like college - you pay money to take the courses, then get your degree, not the other way around).

                      If you want to learn more check out:

             (this goes over what's included in the yearly fees)

             (minimum requirements to be in the program)

                      I'd love to see the name of any current trainer listed on the site who only sent an e-mail to Rodney and became a certified trainer (that would be major Bullshido so this is the place to call them out if you are correct). Now, I do believe you could send an e-mail and Rodney would probably let you start the Trainers in Training program (maybe even before sending some money) but again your status is not a certified trainer, just someone who is starting the process of learning to become one.
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                        Rampage used crazy monkey against Silva in their rematch. It worked really well until Rampage ate some knees. Im sure the whole "starving myself for 3 days" thing didn't help his performance either.


                          I've seen Rodney King's tapes from the SBGi series and it's really good...he offers really good rationale for doing things the CM's non-attribute based (which is the whole underlying thing behind SBGi's methods) and attempts to provide trainees with a good foundation for defense without reliance on strength, speed, or athleticism...

                          As for the whole $1000.00 a year thing on the Crazy Monkey website, I have no experience with that.

                          I've tried integrating it into my Muay Thai training, with some decent success; I still use traditonal parries and checks and stuff; I've also kinda modified my stance to resemble Rodney's "hunchback stance" and I've noticed vast improvement, in terms of not getting punched directly on the jaw...and taking punches either right over my head or on my forehead...

                          The defense is really good for when you're up close and somebody's flurrying at you (as someone said, Page used it very well against Wandy)...


                            I'm a Trainer in Training under Rodney King and can vouch for the site, defense and entire program. Answers to a couple of misconceptions.

                            First, you can join the TinT program for $1000 per year. After an initial interview with Rodney about why you're joining the program, it gives you entry into the program, not certified instructor.

                            Just because you get accepted into Harvard doesn't mean you have a Harvard Degree. Just email Rodney and see if you can buy a certificate for $1K and see how far you get.

                            I can also vouch for the fact that it is not an easy program. It is the only coaching program I know of that is as much about how to coach (physical, mental and performance coaching) as it is about technical knowledge of the system. The week of the yearly trainers conference (wrapped up 2 weeks ago) is worth the membership alone as it was one of the most best weeks of training I've experienced with a great group of professionals in a truly productive and ego-free environment.

                            Second, the membership site is $30 a month and gives you access to all the forums, training material, articles and program for adding CM to your existing game or training CM exclusive. It's a comprehensive site and has a wealth of material which is expanded regularly.

                            Third, the CM program is a whole lot more than the defensive guard and has really been expanded from the SBGI days. It is a comprehensive MMA program in all three ranges including an integrated boxing program, Muay Thai (sponsored by Fairtex under Ajarn Apejai [I know I spelled that wrong], greco-roman wrestling and BJJ. In addition the CM defense is a lot more than the guard position, and involves five phases of defensive tactics and strategies based upon your intention and the strategy of your opponent.

                            The program is flexible enough to be used for many different games and coaching styles. Adam in Thailand is a CM coach and MT champion. Radek in Eastern Europe uses the program to exclusively train military personnel. Phil in the UK uses the program as a self-betterment and fitness tool. Jerry in LA incorporates it seamlessly into his JKD and BJJ program, as well as his Red Zone knife program. I'm using it as an expansion of personal training, recreation and functional self defense (

                            Also the new Champion Series DVD is one of the best instructionals I've seen and everyone who buys the DVD gets access to the "DVD Club" which is a bunch of extra features, forums and discussions online.

                            For more information:

                            Crazy Monkey Defense Program =
                            Trainers Program - Click the button on the homepage.
                            Membership site and Free forum - (I believe the membership site is being expanded and moved under the umbrella over the next couple of months)
                            DVD Club -

                            You can email Rodney, myself or any of the other trainers or trainers in training directly. We're all very accessible.

                            -Phillip Eckman


                              Don't forget to give mention to trainers-in-training BJJ black belts Chris Hauter and John Will, and MMA guest expert Adam Singer, as well as wrestling/clinch guest expert Rich Salamone.

                              All of these guys post great video clips on the members site (well, Adam has just joined as one of the guest experts but promises MMA training videos to come ASAP).



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