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Help Capture Glenn R. Premru, Black Belt Hall of Fame Member

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    Originally posted by It is Fake
    What attention do you want? He is wanted, other websites have called him into question, why rehash what has already been proven?
    I'm just saying we've seen much more response to fraud accusations in the past, I was curious why this one didn't receive much attention. Seems legit enough of an accusation, having seen the FBU site.


      Originally posted by glambman View Post
      You put his selling of worthless certificates, your personal experience, his arrest and fleeing, and tie them in together.

      Even the wanted page said he was in a scheme that defrauded area investors. With the 10mill price tag, I don't think it was for selling worthless certificates (at least not martial arts ones).
      Glenn was not arrested for selling fake certificates, as a matter a fact it had nothing to do with the O.K.F. at all! It happened to be someone else whom had the brain storm and he the capital to make it happen. Things spun out and everyone dropped dime on him. Fraud is Fraud and I know he knew what he was getting in to from the beginning........
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        I think the difference with Kim and Porter is that they have a "board of examiners" with people from different backgrounds that will "certify" whatever rank they need to do. Since rank is an arbitrary thing it would be very hard to prove mail fraud by those organizations.


          OPs first link indicates a reward is available for information leading to the arrest. Why would anyone send such information to the OP and not the AZ Marshals Service directly?



            I know this Karateka... from about 1976 or so... he is the real deal and he is a thief.... he ripped off a club and my sensei for about $10,000... he is a real piece of work, Shorin Ryu... I was just thinking of him, thought I would look him up... good to hear he is an officially wanted man.


              Yup,,, thats Premru... on the Tonight so or something...we (my friend was his student)thought he was a stand up guy...he is not...



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