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Bullshido oldie but a goodie.

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    Bullshido oldie but a goodie.

    Nothing compares to these guys...nothing!

    This is at the bottom of the first page.

    Take Yellow Bamboo *only* from trainers authorized by the official
    Yellow Bamboo Association.
    There are some people out there
    claiming to teach Yellow Bamboo who have not been certified by us. Please
    contact us if you are approached by anyone claiming to teach Yellow Bamboo
    and we will verify their certification."

    God forbid a fake yellow fraudboo instructor. That is f'n priceless man.


      We can never allow this page to be forgotten!

      We should have a half of fame for Mcdojo websites.


        if yeallow bamboo can make you a billionaire then why aren't there 30,000 billionaires out there promoting their "yellow bamboo on wall street" methods. and wait there's more. what do we have for them johnnie? the power to be like a fighter on mortal combat. you can knock people down from ten feet away...and even stop bullets. just send in a check for $9.95 and you too can be on the top of the world



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