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Belief in "lethal" techniques

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    Belief in "lethal" techniques

    The other day, I was working with a semi-regular student who has a long history in the "internal" styles of MA. We were working a drill that was very light contact and he stopped me, admonishing me to be careful with a certain technique. At first, I started to get pissed off, feeling offended by his implication that I was being reckless, overly agressive, or whatever. I quickly got over it after listening to him talk some more and remembering things I had heard him say in the past. This guy truly believes that many techniques can easily kill you, and I can understand that if you have this kind of perspective, you are going to be overly cautious. The irony is that these beliefs also contribute to his reluctance to spar with any realistic level of contact (someone could die!), which would quickly disprove some of his erronious assumptions if he did it on a regular basis.

    Sounds more like a sissy boy making excuses.


      I say you really kill him.


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        Well, I can think of one technique that requires a grand total of about 2.5 OUNCES of force to be lethal. Costs about $2k to get it and about $10k to perfect it. Very specialized. Not more than a few thousand people world wide up to that level. Freestyle pistol.

        In empty hand fighting, it takes a "little" more than light contact to be lethal.


          WT Dude...I hope you Pak Sau'd the shit out of him. I'm talking crashed the shin and the whole 9 yards.


            I always believe the contact level should be set bythe person getting hit, but this guy seems to have unrealistic expectations of what might happen if he were hit.

            How does he explain other people sparring and training at higher contacts, that aren't dropping dead?

            Still, if he doesn't want to be hit, he shouldn't have to be. That doesn't mean you should be forced to train with him, though.


              Lethal techniques are some kind of myth?

              I know plenty of basic, lethal techniques, from seemingly harmless Judo.


                Yeah, but all of those could be fatal, which is why they are done in a controlled manner. Any tech can be fatal if it can knock the person over. People that think if they get hit in a certain "secret death spot" need to cut down on the kung fu movies.
                And that's when I figured out that tears couldn't make somebody who was dead alive again. There's another thing to learn about tears, they can't make somebody who doesn't love you any more love you again. It's the same with prayers. I wonder how much of their lives people waste crying and praying to God. If you ask me, the devil makes more sense than God does. I can at least see why people would want him around. It's good to have somebody to blame for the bad stuff they do. Maybe God's there because people get scared of all the bad stuff they do. They figure that God and the Devil are always playing this game of tug-of-war game with them. And they never know which side they're gonna wind up on. I guess that tug-of-war idea explains how sometimes, even when people try to do something good, it still turns out bad.


                  The human body is a lot tougher than many people think. Look at the amount of punishment a boxer takes.

                  The "I'm too deadly" excuse is the lamest one going.

                  Put up or STFU!

                  Even if deadly touches did work (which they don't), when would it ever be required to kill the other guy ? If it did ever come to be that serious, which I hope it never does in my life, I'm sure it's not too nice to have killed someone, I would use a choke, which would be more effective and efficient.

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                    May I recommend the " CARDIO KICKBOXING " class,
                    Oh wait people have had heart attacks when pushing their heartrate up .....damn

                    To follow the SENSEI withthout question is like walking down the train tracks with eyes closed and earplugs....its gonna get you killed.
                    After reading Jekyll's threads I bring back an old sig.......

                    Do you really train or just bore people on message boards and parties talking about it.


                      As far as I know, the only technique that will cause death (nopt counting choking them) is a hard strike to the throat and crushing it, causing the person to choke to death.

                      Sure, a hard strike to the temple MIGHT work, but I'm not sure (and really don't want to experiment to find out) if a fist/elbow can strike hard enough to kill someone.

                      A hard kick to the kidney or spleen can kill eventually I supopose, but not immediately.

                      I don't deal with "killing" techniques much. Disabling, yes.

                      I'm waiting for somebody to tell me now that a upward strike to the nose will won't folks, sorry. It's a "Hollywood thing". Well, maybe it the striking surface is a bullet..yeah, guess that would kill! lol

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                        yes you can kill someone with a punch to the chest, but it would more due to coincidence than skill. At boston University a kid dies after being checked (not even that hard) in the chest...i guess he got hit in the impossible nano second of the heart beating a certain way, it just stopped his heart...freak accident...if it happened while sparring you would be a god.

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                          I can kill you with my bare hands!!!

                          It true VERY TRUE.

                          But by all means don't take my word for it. Who would like to step up and prove me wrong?
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                            "Well, I can think of one technique that requires a grand total of about 2.5 OUNCES of force to be lethal."
                            that's maybe how much it weighs but the amount of force generated if much higher....

                            cyrijl-Yeap. Called commotio cordis.

                            Remember guys: All the wins in Pride and UFC come from tapout due to death!

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                              "Well, I can think of one technique that requires a grand total of about 2.5 OUNCES of force to be lethal."
                              that's maybe how much it weighs but the amount of force generated if much higher....
                              Oh, no the gun weighs a couple of pounds, the trigger takes 2.5 oz of force to release. The "deadly tech" idiot is worried about light touches, well, 2.5 oz is pretty light touch. The lead impact device is MUCH less than 2.5 oz, IIRC, maybe 1/100 oz



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