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Tim Ferriss, does anyone know him?

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    Originally posted by Samuel Browning

    This is how he claims to have gained 34 pounds of muscle in four weeks. Its relevant because he provides his high school weight and a later weight this gives a rough idea of what weight class he may have fought at professionally. I am pretty surprised however that he would have gotten into muscle building AFTER he left competitive fighting.
    34lbs in four weeks seems like an incredible feat. The program he followed seems sound (1 set to failure, multi-joint exercises, 5/5 cadence.) I'm not sure if it's 34lbs of lean muscle as opposed to 34lbs of weight (which would be lean muscle and body fat, however lean it may be).

    I could imagine someone getting those gains in 8 weeks, but in 4 weeks? I don't think it could be ruled out. But it should be pretty difficult to make those gains in 4 weeks.




        Originally posted by Cracky McSlugHoot
        Ok, but you realize that there are gyms that have cages and former champs that train at'em. He could've tapped out 4 former champions in sparring. That would be almost impossible to falsify, unless you speak Japanese or somebody at the gym speaks English, and you can find a phone #, and feel like spending hours on the phone to Japan.
        We have a few people who can make Phone calls in Japan, if given the proper information.


          Since he told one blogger he was a "world champion cage fighter" he's asserting that he's done competition in the cage, not simply sparring at his school.


            Have you asked the blogger to make certain that he said "Champion" and not "I beat champions"?


              I will be happy to write him :)


                Dear Mr. Rowse:

                My name is Samuel Browning and I am a member of which is a message board concerning the martial arts community.

                I was reading your blog about Mr. Ferriss and I noticed that you said.

                " he IS a champion kick boxer and world champion cage fighter -"

                I've run a standard computer search on Mr. Ferriss's name through (which reports on Mixed Martial Arts) and Mr. Ferriss does not appear to have a single professional fight recorded. This is quite unusual given the assertion that he is a "world champion cagefighter". By contrast if you search the name Royce Gracie you will find records for at least 16 fights, dating back into the early 1990s.


                My question is whether Mr. Ferriss told you that he a "champion kick boxer and world champion cage fighter" or you assumed he was, based on something else he said to you, such as that he had beaten other world champions.

                Thank you for your attention to this matter and your anticipated efforts to clarify this matter.

                Sincerely yours,

                Samuel Browning


                  Mr. Ferriss's claim that he holds a world record in Tango checks out.

                  "Dear Samuel,

                  Thanks for your email.

                  Please see below the record information requested.

                  Most Tango spins in a minute

                  Tim Ferriss (USA) and Alicia Monti (Argentina) performed 37 tango spins (giros) in one minute on the set of ABC's 'Live With Regis & Kelly' in New York, New York, USA on 15 September 2006. During the attempt Ferriss maintained the tango embrace (abrazo) and Monti maintained the classical ocho stepping.

                  Best wishes,

                  Amarilis Espinoza

                  Communications Officer

                  Guinness World Records

                  184-192 Drummond Street, London, NW1 3HP



                    Originally posted by Samuel Browning
                    Princeton University guest lecturer in High-Tech Entrepreneurship and Electrical Engineering
                    Cage fighter in Japan, vanquisher of four world champions (MMA)
                    First American in history to hold a Guinness World Record in tango (video)
                    Advisor to more than 30 world record holders in professional and Olympic sports
                    National Chinese kickboxing champion (video)


                    Okay, does anyone who follows the fight scene in Japan or China know of this guy?

                    Would he have fought in Pride or K1?
                    I don't think it's possible to be the "National Chinese KickBoxing Champion" unless your Chinese. Although "Chinese KickBoxing" could just mean San Da, which is what the tournament footage is. From the looks of it I think that the tournament was probably held in Taiwan. I couldn't get a clear look at the characters on the banners, but to me they appeared to be Complex (Traditional) Chinese, which would indicate the location as being Taiwan or possibly Hong Kong.

                    You may want to check with the Kuoshu Federation. I think they hold competitions in the U.S. , Vietnam, Brazil and Taiwan rather regularly and the results would not be posted in Sherdog or FC Fighter.


                      How would I contact the Kuoshuo Federation?


                        Here you go;




                          I've asked several friends who are currently living in Japan about cagefighting. They couldn't think of a professional org that uses a cage, but would keep looking.
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                            I had a chat to Darren Rowse this afternoon - he was very helpful.

                            His information came from Ferriss' website (he mentioned the 'about' section - perhaps he was referring to 'biography': He said he had no independent verification of his credentials.

                            Rowse' stress of the 'IS' in 'he IS a champion kick boxer and world champion cage fighter' was for comic effect.
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                              Thank you for making the phone call D.A. :)


                                Originally posted by Samuel Browning
                                Thank you for making the phone call D.A. :)
                                No worries.
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