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    Jitsu, jutsu

    I can see the concern over Jutsu being a traditional Japanese way of pronunciation, and as a Ninjutsu practitioner, I agree. My problem is that this site is comprised of BJJers and if I am not mistaken, it is Jitsu and not Jutsu? So what seems to be the big deal with Saito Sensei's Jitsu?


      Originally posted by eyebeams View Post
      Relevant quote:

      "I met Mark Saito about 15 years ago, when I was a grad student in
      California. He's a very impressive guy and a clearly talented martial
      artist. At the time, he told me that he used the name "ninjitsu" only as a
      kind of marketing tool (this was the height of the Stephen Hayes-led ninja
      boom), but that the art he taught had nothing to do with ninja; it was just
      a defensive art for Japanese peasants. This is somewhat different from
      what the web page now claims."
      In no way am I an expert in this topic and in no way claim to be. This is just one opinion and should be taken with a grain of salt, not concrete truth.
      Good point when it comes to the topic of "ninja" the original name for them were along the lines of Shinobi(one who goes behind castle walls and opens up for his buddies) what I've gotten so far,given the location leads to a few differences in spelling. Its only a more modern occurence of calling the style ninjutsu. Not to say that discounts an art going by that name, over time names do change,get catagorized and thats no problem. When it comes to peasants arts not being Shinobi arts thats not entirely true and false at the same time. Its somewhat of a merky subject that comes up in Japanese history and I in no way am master in the subject, ameteur at best. During the "waring states" period of Japan(not to be confused with the warring states period in China) basically anyone could become a Samurai. The lines between Peasants/Samurai/ I would guess Shinobi as well, would be blurred and connected. That being the case wouldn't alot of arts appearing around that time have a peasant influence? Samurai occasionally would preform "ninja" like missions, black-ops if you will in infiltrating enemy strong holds,gaining information and so forth.A more modern but loosely based model were the Shinsingumi or Miburo which comes to mind. There are references to defeated Samurai hiding in the hills and becoming the base templete for these Shinobi clans. These Samurai would teach their knowelege of combat to peasants and these groups would form clans to preform"the dirty work for the Samurai"so to speak. As you've noticed this subject is rather blurry at best and can get complicated in an instance. Thats why only with the briefiest knowelege and my opinion, I do not claim any mastery in the historic subject. Rather a casual observation by a passer by and if in anyway my input is in the wrong or offensive to any parties, I give full permission to the mod. to have this post removed.



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