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3 1/2 years to BJJ black belt

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    "He, Lloyd somethingorother, actually got his legitimate BJJ blackbelt in 3.5 years, and he describes how he did it. Aparently, he can not compete anymore due to an injury, but when he did compete, he did well. His current students that compete perform well."

    ok, so therefore his "program" isn't realistic for most people who have to work or study for a living?

    Hard Work, Patience, Dedication

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      Not feeling the love man.


        No it's not.

        He's very open about it.

        If you ask him, personally, he will tell you chat most people would not be able to follow it to the letter, and thus their result won't be quite as spectacular.

        He gives two reasons for this. One - the way he proposes people train is a lot more boring than the convention. I believe it involves insane repetitions of technique drills. You would literaly be doing the same thing for hours and days.
        And secondly, he doubts most people will have the dedication to stick to the program.

        However, he thinks that most people interested in grappling would benefit from it to some extent, depending on their goals, time availiable, etc.

        But in any case, I am not a spokesperson for this guy. If you're interested, talk to him directly. He's very approachable (at least was a couple of months ago) and takes the time to explain things in an intelligent manner.
        You say what about my rice?


          I'm waiting for my first newsletter.

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          Originally posted by Sifu Rudy Abel
          "Just what makes a pure grappler think he can survive with an experienced striker. Especially if that striker isn't following any particular rule set and is well aware of what the grapplers strategies are".


            does anyone here want ot be just like lloyd?


              his team just took 4rth place in NAGA BATTLE AT THE BEACH IV. Can't be that bad


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                Lloyd Irvin
                Grappling Coach
                Nice of him.

                "I'm waiting for my first newsletter."
                shall we use this thread as discussion?

                Ok he goes into Psychology in the first lesson.
                Nothing wrong with it, he seems to say, look at your mistakes and correct them

                "Have you ever had to grapple someone that made you feel
                like youhave claustrophobia?"

                Did anyone see the pic Phrosty posted in the MMA forum? lmao!

                Hard Work, Patience, Dedication

                Fighting Multiples -
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