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Jorge Balarin, BJJ Instructor Vienna, Austria

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    Jorge Balarin, BJJ Instructor Vienna, Austria


    first of all, I have to say that I don't think that the person I search information about is a fraud. It's just that I haven't been able to find satisfying information yet and made me a little bit cautious (paranoid?).

    The person's name is Jorge Balarin and he's an instructor at the Fox Gym in Vienna. On Fox Gym, it says that Balarin prepared two fighters (Dorian Pridal and Philip Schranz) successfully for an UFC-like competition in Germany called Bushido Free Fight Championship. Couldn't find about that much either (the BFFC-site is under construction) but the claim seems to be valid. Balarin's profile is there:

    Here's a rough translation:

    Jeorge Balarin was born on may, 18th 1961 in Lima, Peru.

    He is trained as an Instructor in the following: Full Contact, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Free Fight, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu - and Submission Wrestling. In addition to his function as an executive member of the Peruvian boxing association, he is founder and first president of the Peruvian association for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and organizer of numerous international Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu workshops. (e.g. Eduardo Manno, Renzo Gracie).

    He was course instructor for "weaponless self-defense" in the military academy (Escuela de Comandos) of the Peruvian army and is representative of the "Renzo Gracie Academy" of New York in Peru.

    With Jorge, for the first time we are able to offer you the possiblity to learn original Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from a South American Instructor.

    I haven't found him in the, but the database seems to very incomplete anyway. I neither found him on, nor wikipedia (tried different languages). To post a question in the forum on would be an idea, but for some reason, I get an error message when I try to register. On Google, most of the related links are from Vienna or in Spanish which I can't read. On
    there is an article with a photo that might me him. In the Austrian edition of the German newspaper "Die Zeit", there's an short article about him, in which he talks about inferior social standards in Peru and his occupation as a martial arts commentator for Peruvian television. He claims that "To date, my name is still a synonym for kickboxing in Peru."

    Maybe somebody has information on him or even knows him in person?
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    I just trained with these guys last week. It's a good gym. Jorge is teaching a solid blend of wrestling and no-gi BJJ, alongside Muay Thai and boxing (multiple coaches), to a bunch of competitive vale tudo fighters in Vienna. Almost everyone with whom I worked had a decent MMA fight record, the others had competed well in local grappling tournaments. Also, they're not mercenary: they invited me to train for free as a courtesy because I was only in town for a week.

    Should I write a short review of the school in the "dojo review" section?
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