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    Maurice Travis

    Does anyone know anything about this guy? I have searched him out on sherdog and on fcfighter and he is only showing 4 fights with a 2-2 record but this is his website...

    Does anyone know anything about this guy? I have searched him out on xxxx and on fcfighter and he is only showing x fights with a x-x record but this is his website...

    Why are you asking?
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      because I have a friend who just moved into his area and has started taking muay thai from him and his website says that he is an international mixed martial arts champion and he has only had 4 mma fights with a 2-2 record like I said. Just being concerned for a friend who may be taking lessons from someone who isn't being completely honest.

      From what I can tell by huis videos though his Muay thai seems legit.


        I know this dude. If you look at his bio you will see that he fought a Sanda match in Yantai, China in 2002. That event was organized and held by a friend of mine who owns a large Wushu school in that region. I was there for the event as a translator and even have VCD of all the fights from that event.

        These are my impressions from meeting and interacting with Maruice Travis over that 4 day period. Maurice Travis is a very personable and respectful MAist.

        Two days before his fight the promoters asked him to have a sparring session with his opponent. The promoters had learned that Mr. Travis was a title holder of some kind in CA at the time and were worried about their fighter getting embarrassed during the competition. The Chinese fighter was no slouch, was very skilled and experienced. After the sparring session the promoters changed Maurice Travis' fight to an exhibition, they had determined that their fighter would not be able to handle Travis in a full on match.

        Although I have never trained with Mr. Travis personally, from what I've seen and from my experiences speaking with him I feel that he is skilled and knowledgeable. If you are interested in his gym, go and check it out and see if you like what they're doing. But I can say, regarding his kickboxing, with some degree of confidence that he is definitely not bullshido.

        I cannot comment on his MMA experience. It is possible that his MMA Championship title is from an amateur event. If asked about it I am sure that he would answer any questions your friend may have.
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          Sherdog's a decent guide, but smaller promotions and some international stuff can be easily missed. The alternative is that he's inflating titles or something, but without you thoroughly checking, it's unfair to assume he's bullshitting.

          Best thing you can do is get your friend to ask the guy who his titles are with... or ask him yourself.

          Also, I don't think he meant for his website to be so close to mcdojo. That's quite amusing.
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            Cool thanks guys. appreciate it.



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