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Is Viani's Martial Arts in Canada a mcdojo?

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    Is Viani's Martial Arts in Canada a mcdojo?

    website says its under construction but doesn't look good...
    school is part of CMAF (Canadian Martial Arts Federation)

    The head instructors credentials...
    6th Dan Black Belt
    Taekwondo (CMAF/United Jidokwan)
    5th Dan Black Belt
    (CMA-MMA/Taekwondo Jidokwan-Korea/Taekwondo Kukkiwon)

    4th Degree Black Belt
    Tukkong Mu Sool - Special Forces Martial Arts
    (Korea Teuk-Gong Moo Sul Association)

    They teach the Jhoon Rhee forms but apparently have previously taught the Taegeuk forms.

    They teach taekwondo, teuk-gong moo sul (to students in the leadership program and are planning a seperate class for it, they have a seperate belt and test for it already) and various weapons.

    any opinions?

    I think the Executive Warrior program looks good.

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      + SD aspect ranked lowest out of five training benefits
      - Introductory offer with "official uniform included" - wtf?
      - "Special forces martial art" shows a jumpkick, yeah right
      - Image 1/3 down on front page shows two women being RNC'd by two guys. And smiling!
      - Quote: "Martial Arts without philosophy is merely street fighting". So that's bad, mmkay?

      Seems to be hard focused on training for children. This could be a good thing as long as the SD propaganda is in relation to the actual usefulness.

      As an adult, I'd be wary to start training there, but I'd have to check it out myself first. There are some warning signals (see above).


        All post pertaining to MA philosophy have been branched off into a new thread:
        Calm down, it's only ones and zeros.
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          Do they spar? Under what kind of ruleset?
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            The Tukkong thing is a warning sign. Which Tukkong Musul org is he associated with? The two in the US are bogus scams not linked to the two real orgs in Korea. We has a self proclaimed Tukkong master posting here for a while before Oldman34 liberally raped his cyber ass.
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            Originally Posted by chuey
            ...Well fuck if that isn't the most anti-Mr. Miyagi shit I have heard in ages.

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            Three rights make a left.


              they do spar, with gear and contact but not full power.

              he is associated with Korean Teuk-Gong Moo Sul Association
              He actually went to Korea to learn so i'm guessing this may be one of the two real organizations you talked about?


                When they spar, what do they do with their hands? Do they compete, in what kind of events?
                combat sports hobbyist


                  They punch (hooks, uppercuts, jabs...), they are taught to block with them if they can't get out of the way and to keep them up by their face.

                  They also do go in/host tournaments I know one that is supposedly big that they go in is the tiger balm internationals


                    That is good to hear, do you know what sparring categories? Are you interested in competing yourself?
                    combat sports hobbyist


                      I'm not sure what categories but I want to try competing once I get good.


                        How is their pricing set up?
                        combat sports hobbyist


                          what i find strange is he says at the top karate and kick boxing/jujitsu but at the bottom he says its tkd. and one of the head instructors looks like a teenager.


                            Yeah the head instructors looked like a teenager and his middle aged and the executive program? So a BB is the most prized achievement of all martial artists? I am no expert, but my bullshit alarm went off several times when I looked at their page.


                              Oh.. They're hiring by the way too, if anyone is interested.
                              Vianis Martial Arts is looking for energetic individuals who are looking for a career in martial arts.
                              Positions available:

                              * Head Instructors
                              * Part-time Instructors
                              * Program Directors

                              Certain restrictions apply.

                              Qualities we are looking for are:

                              * Must love martial arts
                              * Over 16 years old
                              * Must have good appearance. (clean, good hygiene, well groomed)
                              * Must have a citizenship attitude. (Have a sense of community)
                              * Believe in our Vianis Program
                              * No Drama, No Negativity, Positive Attitude only
                              * High level of communication
                              * Reliable Transportation
                              * Have family support
                              * Good Social Skills
                              Seems like a style over substance approach... So the only martial-arts related requirment is that I "love" them?



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