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Is Daniel Matraca a BJJ Black Belt?

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    I live in Sutton Buffman.


      Yeah, from reading this thread there just does not seem to be enough to go on. Can't someone just email him this thread? I think alot of people are jumping the gun.
      There is no cheating, there is only jiu-jitsu.


        sbg is in the grange road industrial estate... a mere cycle away from you. Worth having a look at their BJJ.

        (Plus the Muay Thai coach is excellent)


          Go along and ask him. There's no proof at the moment that he has lied, or has ever claimed dishonest qualifications. All there is to go on is one forum post by a guy who isn't the instructor in question. He could be lying or just be retarded. Don't be swayed one way or another before getting any actual first hand proof.
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            Hi, my name is Rafael and i am a Gracie-Barra purple belt currently living in central Dublin due to studies. I've got my belts on the mat from the best and am affiliated to both Gracie Barra and Gracie Barra Miami. You may check their website and .
            I'll soon be opening a mat around here and am already organizing private and group all ages and genders classes and taking note of the people interested in joining in the gentle-art.
            Feel free to ring me on 087 675 4356, i'll be pleased to help.



              You may want to try calling Mario Neto at Wolfslair MMA gym in Liverpool. He's from Brazil and a legitimate BJJ Black belt. He may be able to confirm Matraca's status. Number is 0701 700 2407



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